Chad and Jen…and Joy

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Jennifer’s cell phone rang – it was her sister, Joy. “Hey, Joy. What’s up?”

“I got an interview with the company I told you about last week. I’m so excited! Is it OK with you guys if I come and stay for a couple days?”

“Of course, silly; you know you don’t need to ask. When’s the interview?”

“It’s on Monday,” Joy replied. “I thought I’d drive out this weekend so I’m relaxed for the interview, then I can dive back Monday afternoon.”

“Great. Sounds like a plan,” her sister answered. “I’m glad to hear a little enthusiasm in your voice. How’s the depression been doing?” Joy had suffered with depression since she had a hysterectomy a year before. It had been pretty bad. Her marriage had already been on the rocks and her husband filed for divorce, which plummeted her even deeper into it.

“Well, the prospect of a better job and being able to move closer to you guys has definitely been a boost. Before that, though, it was pretty bad. The usual meds didn’t seem to be doing much. A couple weeks ago I saw a different GYN, and mentioned it to her. She gave me some hormone cream to try out. It got estrogen and testosterone and something in it. By the second or third day I started to notice an improvement in my mood. That’s when I connected with this company and sent my resume. I feel more energy, and I am sleeping better, I feel more like doing things, and my head is more clear. It really is helping!”

“Wow, sounds terrific! I’m so glad you’re improving, sis!” replied Jennifer.

“Well, there is a downside, though. It makes me horny and wet all the time!”

Jennifer laughed.

“No, really, it’s a problem, Jen. A couple of days I have had to wear panty liners because I’m so wet down there.”

“Really?” Jennifer asked.

“No kidding! And I’m so hot-to-trot that I have to masturbate at least a couple times a day – one day four times. I actually bought one of those mini-vibrators that looks like a tube of lipstick, to carry in my purse.”

“Oh, you’re kidding me!”

“I kid you not. I’m very grateful that it has helped my mood so much. But, dang, I had to sneak to the restroom at work twice last week and use my new ‘little buddy’ on myself.”

Jennifer giggled. “O…K…well I guess you’ll have a hard time not rubbing one out while you’re driving here.”

“You’re probably right,” Joy giggled. “Gotta go for now – see you guys Saturday.”

Joy and Jennifer were born less than two years apart; Jennifer first They looked very much alike, and as girls had enjoyed getting mistaken for one another at family gatherings. They still looked quite similar as adults – except mostly for hair color. Jennifer was blonde and Joy was brunette. And Joy’s complexion was darker than Jen’s, but they both had blue eyes. Their figures were similar enough that they could wear one another’s clothing.

Neither of them had children – Joy because she never could, and Jennifer because she and Chad had been so career-minded. Jennifer was 37, and knew she didn’t have long if they decided to try; but not this year.

“You did your hair!” Jennifer squealed when she opened the door to Joy. “When?”

“Just about a month ago. While I was still feeling so depressed, I went and got my hair cut and dyed. I wanted to find out if blondes really do have more fun!”

“I love it! C’mon, sit your stuff down. I made us an appointment at the day spa. I figured we’d have a girls’ outing. I scheduled us each for mani-pedi, facials, and waxing. We need to get going to make the appointment.” Looking over her shoulder, she called, “Bye Chad. We’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

The sisters got into Jennifer’s SUV, and started the short drive to the salon. “So, how was the drive?” Jennifer asked with a silly grin. “Did you make it without having to use your little friend.”

“Just barely,” Joy answered. “I figured I could ‘jill off’ once I got to your house, but you made this appointment. This thing with the hormone cream is taking some getting used to. It really has helped the depression, and I’m sleeping better, but I feel as horny as I did when I was 19. The doc said to just put up with being wet all the time for now, and she might adjust the dosage again if that doesn’t settle down. Meanwhile, I don’t dare go to a bar or anything – I’m SO in need of a big, hot, stiff cock that I’m afraid I’d go home with just about any guy. It’s so bad that I am looking at guys crotches all the time.”

As they pulled into the salon parking lot, Jennifer said, “I think it’s kind of funny. And you’re right that this is definitely not the time to think about hooking up with a guy or guys. But I’m so glad the depression is lifting. OK, today’s my treat. So it’s all paid for. We’re getting manicures, pedicures, facials, and everything waxed.”


“Yeah, eyebrows, underarms, legs, and bikini. You have enough growth for the waxing to work, or did you shave this week?”

As they walked into the spa, Joy answered, “No, I’m good. I haven’t had a bikini wax for a long time, though.”

“I get the Brazilian wax. Chad loves it. I think it’s pretty cool, too,” Kars Escort said Jennifer, waving to a friend in the waiting room.

“Really? I never was that extreme. Maybe I’ll try it once and see how I like it,” Joy replied.

Four hours later, the sisters left the spa feeling totally pampered.

“How’d you like the Brazilian waxing?” Jennifer asked.

“Oh, I love it. My coochie hasn’t been smooth all over like that since before I started my period. I just about came when the esthetician was trimming me short enough to wax, then putting the wax on me.” The sisters both giggled.

“Wanna stop anywhere before we pick up groceries for the weekend?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah,” Joy said with a sparkle in her eye. “Let’s go by Victoria’s Secret. I want to try out their skimpiest V-strings and thongs now that I’m totally hairless down there.”

“You probably just want to jill off in the dressing room.” Jennifer teased.

“Great idea,” Joy answered. “I’m so ready for an orgasm! But I’ll try to resist”

The two had great fun browsing and trying. Joy decided on 4 new pairs of the skimpiest panties she had ever worn. Jennifer browsed the lingerie. All her sister’s talk about feeling horny turned her thoughts toward the erotic also. Joy decided she’d look for some lingerie, too. They tried on a number of revealing items, and each bought a few.

Next it was on to the grocery. While they were in the store, Joy kept eyeing the good looking guys. Just as she had confessed, she was looking at crotches and butts – especially on guys who were wearing tight-fitting jeans. At first, Jennifer teased her about being like a horny college student, but after a while, she played along, and they had fun leering at guys, commenting on what they liked best about their appearance, and guessing what it would be like to see them undressed, how big they were, or what it would be like to have sex with them.

They bought steaks, fresh produce, and a case of assorted wines – wine was on sale, after all.

Chad had hardly noticed that the girls were gone. He had brought work home with him, and had been focused on that. He looked up from his laptop. “Hello ladies. Any money left in the account?” he jested. There was plenty of money in their several accounts. Chad had always been successful. He was had been a popular ‘jock’ in high school, as well as making top grades in his classes. He was handsome, well-built, and a good conversationalist – so he never lacked for dates. He hadn’t met Jennifer until after college. After dating a couple years, they married. Their relationship was very good. And even though the frequency of sex had slowed down considerably, when they had it, it was still very good for each of them. Each of them focused so much on their work that once in awhile Jen would buy something special as a reminder to Chad that it had been too long.

“There are groceries and a case of wine in the car. Wine was on mixed cases, so I got some different kinds to try. Would you mind carrying those in please? It looks like you need to stretch your legs, anyway. I bet you didn’t get up from your desk once the whole time we were gone.”

“Yeah I did…I think”, he said with a grin.

“Hey, Joy, you’re looking well. I like your hair that way,” he said, giving her a hug. He gave Jennifer a longer hug and a kiss, then went to unload groceries.

Joy and Jen brought in Joy’s luggage and got her settled in the guest room, then started fixing dinner, and opened the first bottle of wine of the evening. Chad took the steaks out onto the patio to grill. By the time dinner was ready, the three of them had had a few glasses of wine, and were each feeling very relaxed..

During the meal, they ‘caught up’ on Joy’s life, her prospect of the new job, etc. Chad commented on her mood seeming much brighter than the last time he had seen her. Joy said the combination of a new job, moving close, and the increased hormone dosage were all helping. Then she added that the estrogen and testosterone were making her feel wet and horny all the time. Jen rolled her eyes at the faint look of surprise on Chad’s face. He changed the subject, and asked how they had spent the afternoon and they told him about doing some shopping, but not what they bought.

It was dark by the time dinner was cleaned up. Each of them had had another glass of wine during the meal, and each was feeling more than a little relaxed and uninhibited. Each took another glass with them into the living room, planning to watch a movie together later.

“Hey, Jen,” Chad said, “you didn’t tell me what you bought this afternoon.”

Joy giggled, and said “I wanted to go to Victoria’s Secret, and we got some things there.”

“Cool!” Then turning his head toward his wife, he said, “You can model whatever you got for me later on.” Jen smiled and said “Oh, I will.”

“So will I,” Joy blurted out. Chad and Jennifer looked at her in surprise. “Well, we can both model, can’t we? He’s seen me in my swimsuit lots of times.”

Chad stood up and said, “Why don’t you to ‘models’ pick out a movie. I’m going Kars Escort Bayan to go shower and put on my pajamas.”

The sisters decided what movie they wanted to watch, then decided they’d take showers, too. As they got to the top of the stairs, their steps a little wobbly from the wine, Joy asked, “Can I borrow a robe from you – I didn’t remember to pack one.” Then she suggested, “After we shower, we can show Chad what we bought today.”

Jennifer giggled and said, “I hope I can count on you to take care of yourself in the shower – this horniness thing is getting out of control. Use the detachable shower head on yourself. I remember when I told you about it when we were kids,” Jen giggled.

They went to the respective bathrooms. Chad was just stepping out of the shower as Jen went into the bathroom. “We decided to shower, too. We’ll be back downstairs in a few, then we can watch the movie.”

Joy admired herself in the bathroom mirror. She very much liked the effect of having had the Brazilian waxing. There was no hair down there at all. It looked very sexy to her.

The warm water felt good. She soaped herself all over, lingering her slippery fingers over her breasts and her smooth pubic area. She trembled as she pressed on her clitoris. After she rinsed off, she detached the shower head, and adjusted it so the water pulsed. She teased her breasts with the pulsing jets of water, then aimed it between her thighs. God, it felt good! She spread her thighs a little, held the head so that it was almost touching her, and aimed the little jets of water right at her clit. “Oh, my God!” she said aloud. “Oh, my God!” Within several seconds Joy could feel her tingling body crescendo toward orgasm, then felt the waves of ograsmic spasms in her pelvis. Her knees weakened and bent, and she grabbed hold of the bar on the wall to steady herself. Once all the waves had subsided, she felt very relaxed and relieved of her horniness – at least for now.

Once thoroughly dried, Joy put on the ensemble she had bought. The fabric felt cool on her skin. Tiny crystals were sewn in among the embroidered designs. The white bra was sheer in the center, with the sparkling embroidery on the sides of the cups, so her dark nipples were easily visible. The thong panties also had glimmering crystals on either side, with the crotch also sheer. It was easy to see the cleft between her thighs. Then she put on the garter belt. It was more substantial, and was more heavily embroidered. She sat as she put on the matching stockings, and fastened them to the garters. As she admired herself in the mirror, she knew she looked totally sexy. She had never had an outfit like this before, with the garter belt and all. She liked it. And she was certain Chad would like it, too. She slipped on the borrowed silk gown, and stepped into the hallway.

Jennifer had selected a red teddy. The stretch fabric had flowers woven in, but it was mostly sheer. The neckline plunged deeply, the sides were cut out, and the thong bottom barely covered her newly-waxed coochie. She rolled her eyes as she thought “I just paid $70 for as much total fabric as is in about one and a half handkerchiefs!” She pinned up her hair, slipped on her print satin robe, and went to the hallway. They had agreed that they would wait for each other before going downstairs.



Down the stairs and into the living room they went. Chad was waiting in a cotton t-shirt and pajama bottoms. “You ladies ready to start the movie?” he asked, taking another sip of wine.

“Don’t you want to see what Jen bought this afternoon?” Joy asked.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot about that. What’d you buy, hon?”

Jennifer unbelted her robe and took it off.

“Wow!” Chad exclaimed. Jennifer began to strut like a model, though a little wobbly. She turned slowly for Chad. “Very nice, Jen. Nice ass! I definitely like it. It makes you look very hot!”

“Why, thank you, kind sir,” she teased, as she put on her robe and sat next to Chad on the sofa.

“Now my turn,” Joy said, with a hint of a slur in her speech. She slowly and seductively took of the robe. Revealing herself to Chad like this was making her feel horny again. Just as her sister had, she posed and moved like a model. She was enjoying the feeling of being a sexy woman, and could see from Chad’s expression he thought she looked very hot, too. When she picked the robe up off the floor, she deliberately bent over with her bottom aimed right at Chad. As she wrapped the robe back around herself, she could see a bulge in the groin of Chad’s pajama, which made her even more horny. With all the stresses of getting divorced, having the hysterectomy, and battling depression, it had been a long, long time since Joy had felt attractive or sexy.

She had not re-tied the sash to the robe, and it gapped a little as she settled into a chair. She was hoping Chad would notice. He definitely did. She was hoping to get a glimpse of the outline of his erection again. But at the moment, he was pointing the remote at the TV. As the movie began, Jen leaned her head on Chad’s Escort Kars shoulder and snuggled against his arm.

Joy gulped down her wine, and got up to return to the kitchen to refill her glass. “Anyone else want more wine?” she asked, a more evident slurring in her speech. “I’m good,” Chad said. “And Jen’s just about asleep I think.”

As Joy walked toward the kitchen, Chad noticed that the gown fluttered around her hips as if it had not been tied in the front. When she returned with her glass, he could plainly see that she definitely had not closed the robe. He had a clear view of the tops of her stockings, her crotch, and the garter belt. Why do men think a garter belt and stockings are sexy?, he wondered to himself. He felt himself getting very hard, and shifted position so it wasn’t poking so obviously against the fabric. This was the first time, since he had met Jen, that he had seen another woman, in person, in this sexy way.

Joy had no sooner settled in the chair again, robe askew, when there was a flash of lightning, shortly followed by thunder. “Oh, crap,” she exclaimed as she bounded out of the chair and sat next to Chad. Joy had never gotten over her terror of thunder and lightning. She had seen a psychotherapist and a hypnotist years ago with no real success. Everyone in the family knew about her unreasonable fear, so Chad was not surprised by her actions. “It’ll be alright,” he said in a comforting voice. “You’re safe; we’re both right here with you.” Jennifer mumbled some words of encouragement that only she could understand, and began to doze again. Joy leaned against Chad, and tried to keep her mind on the movie and not the storm.

After several minutes, the lightning flashed and thunder rumbled again – this time closer. Joy flinched, and asked Chad to put his arm around her. As he positioned his arm around Joy’s shoulders, the fabric of the robe was moved so that very little still covered her. Chad noticed, but was too inebriated to be chivalrous in helping his sister-in-law cover back up. He continued to watch the movie, while occasionally glancing down at Joy’s body. He was semi-hard, and kept telling himself that Joy was his wife’s sister. He felt like a perv, though he couldn’t resist looking at her titties and cunny through the sheer fabric of her new lingerie. She looked very fuckable!

Jennifer mumbled something again. It sounded as though it might have been, “Let’s go to bed.” By now her head had become uncomfortable on Chad’s shoulder. “Honey, let’s get you into bed,” he said as he leaned forward on the sofa and encouraged his wife to wake up long enough to get her to bed. His partial erection was obvious through his pajamas.

“You’re not going to leave me down here alone,” Joy asserted, her words slurred. “I’m coming with you!”

“Listen,” Chad began, “you know you’re safe here. Besides I’ve had enough to drink that it’ll be hard enough for me to get your sister up the stairs and into bed. I’m afraid she won’t be much help. When you came back from the kitchen, I could see you are wobbly, too. I can’t steady us all.”

“I’ll make it; I’ll hold on to the railing tightly. Just don’t leave me down here alone.” Joy stood up, and helped Chad wake her sister enough to walk. He couldn’t help but look at Joy’s exposed and semi-exposed flesh. And she couldn’t help but look at the bulge in his pajamas. Together they got Jennifer to her feet.

Chad paused the movie. The three of them made their unsteady way up the stairs, and into the master bedroom. Joy turned down the covers, while Chad navigated Jennifer toward the edge of the bed, sat her down, and took off her robe.

“Can you help me get her undressed?” Chad asked joy. Getting the robe off was easy; it was more of a challenge to get her out of the teddy. Chad was fumbling with it when Joy offered, “Here, I can do it. You go ahead back downstairs.” Chad used the bathroom first. When he came out, he saw Joy pulling the sheets up over Jen’s nude body. Joy was obviously having to concentrate to maintain her balance.

“Hey, Joy, I looked out the bathroom window, and it looks like the storm is passing. Need me to help you to your room?”

“It’s passed? Oh good! I’m OK; I can make it,” she said as she stood up straight, feeling the room spin.

“Oh, c’mon,” Chad invited, his own speech beginning to slur. “I’ll help you across the hall,” he said as he took her by the arm. They unsteadily crossed the hall, and Chad helped her to the bed. “Will you be able to get undressed OK?”

“Of course,” she slurred, as she began to unfasten the stockings from the garters in the front. She was slowly successful, but was wobbly when she stood to unfasten the ones in the back. Chad steadied her while she managed to undo the fasteners. She let the robe slide to the floor before she sat back on the edge of the bed to take off the stockings. Chad once again admired his sister-in-law’s body and felt himself getting erect again before saying, “OK, it looks like you can make it on your own now, since you don’t have to stand to get the other stuff off. I’ll turn the light out as I leave the room…while I can still be a gentleman….” With that, Joy reached behind her and began to undo the garter belt, and Chad went back downstairs. After Joy managed to get her belt and bra off, she lay back on the bed, wiggled out of her panties, and got under the sheet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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