Destroyed by text.

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John 9:05am: ‘Hi Pam. I’ve left a couple of messages for you on your office number. I’m sorry to bother you, but I really need the money back from the expenses I paid for when we went on that training together. Thanks, John.’

Pam 10:34am: ‘Why?’

John 10:35am: ‘Hi Pam, thank God I finally got through to you! I’ve on my last £150 and its still 2 weeks until payday. I’m really desperate, Pam. If you could claim back my expenses for me it’d be a huge help. Thanks, John.’

John 11:45am: ‘Hello?’

Pam 1:30pm: ‘Hello yourself!’

John 1:32pm ‘LOL! Hi Pam. Can you put my expenses through, please?’

Pam 2:45pm: ‘I’m busy.’

John 2:47pm: ‘Hi Pam, I appreciate that. Could you let me know when you’ll be able to process my receipts? I could come to the office and do it with one of your deputies? Thanks, John.’

Pam 3:30pm: ‘I’ve instructed my deputies not to pay you if you come to the office.’

John 3:35pm: ‘Oh, okay. Do you need to process the receipts yourself?’

Pam 4:45pm: ‘No.’

John 4:46pm: ‘Then why can’t I get one of your deputies to process my receipts?’

Pam 4:55pm: ‘it’s nearly 5. We’re going home.’


John 9:05am: ‘Hi Pam, sorry to keep pestering you, but could I pop into the office sometime today and claim back my expenses please?’

John 10:00am: ‘Hello, Pam?’

Pam 11:15am: ‘Wot?’

John 11:17am: ‘Can I pop into the office sometime today and claim back my expenses please?’

Pam 12:01pm: ‘I’m on my dinner break. Stop pestering me, twat badger!’

John 1:30pm: ‘Hi Pam, I’m assuming you’re back from your dinner break. Please, please could you try and find time to process my receipts this afternoon?’

Pam 2:15pm: ‘Save your breath; you’ll need it to blow up your date!’

John 2:17pm: ‘LOL! But what about the receipts?’

Pam: 3:45pm: ‘Call at the office 5:30pm.’

John 3:48pm: ‘Thank you, Pam! I really appreciate it! I owe you one! Sorry for being a pest; I just really need my money.’

Tuesday evening:

John 5:35pm: ‘Hi Pam, I’m at the office, but it’s all locked up. Are you inside? Could you let me in please?’

Pam 5:40pm: ‘Hang on a tic.’

John 5:41pm: ‘No problem. Thanks, Pam.’

John 6:00pm: ‘Hi Pam. Will you be here soon?’

Pam 6:05pm: ‘Can you hang on until 7?’

John 6:07pm: ‘Yeah, sure. No problem.’

John 7:15pm: ‘Hi Pam, are you going to be here soon?’

John 7:30pm: ‘Hello, Pam?’

Pam 7:45pm: ‘Wot?’

John 7:46pm: ‘Are you going to be here soon?’

Pam 7:55pm: ‘Where?’

John 7:56pm: Ümraniye Fetiş Escort ‘The office; to process my receipts!!!’

Pam 8:10pm: ‘I’m not at work after 5, fuck-knuckle!’

John 8:12pm: ‘But you said to call at the office at 5:30?’

Pam 8:25pm: ‘Mhm.’

John 8:26pm: ‘Sorry Pam, I don’t understand?’

Pam 8:33pm: ‘I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain it to you.’

John 8:35pm: ‘Fine, but I’m going to come in to the office first thing and claim my expenses.’

Pam 8:40pm: ‘Can you wait there at the office until 9pm?’

John 8:41pm: ‘Sure. Why?’

Pam 8:45pm: ‘Just ‘cos.’

John 9:00pm: ‘Okay. That was weird. I’ve waited until 9. What now?’

Pam 9:05pm: ‘How you feelin’? Cold, hungry?’

John 9:10pm: ‘I’m starving! I haven’t eaten since lunch time, and yeah; it’s pretty cold standing around outside the office building for hours! Why?’

Pam: 9:15pm: ‘Promise to keep this to yourself?’

John 9:16pm: ‘Of course.’

Pam 9:18pm: ‘I’m texting one-handed.’

John 9:20pm: ‘What do you mean?’

Pam 9:25pm: ‘I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you; I’ve got my hand down my panties, fuck-buckle!’

John 9:25pm: ‘?’

Pam 9:30pm: ‘You wanna hear more?’

John 9:31pm: ‘Yes please, Pam.’

Pam 9:35pm: ‘Bless your heart! Then, miss your bus and stay outside the office.’

John 9:40pm: ‘I’m so confused! LOL. Outside the office now.’

Pam 9:42pm: ‘I wanna play a little game. I want you to obey me while I touch myself. Okay, fuggnut?’

John 9:43pm: ‘Sure. Sounds like fun!’

Pam 9:45pm: ‘Go put your coat in the bin on the corner & then we’ll begin.’

John 9:47pm: ‘Okay, I’ve done that.’

Pam 9:50pm: ‘Didn’t I mention I want proof; send me a pic.’

John: 9:52pm: *picture of John in T-shirt beside the bin with his coat stuffed in it*

Pam 9:55pm: ‘Yay! It’s so hot having you suffer for my pleasure!’

John 9:57pm: ‘I had no idea you had this side to you, Pam!’

Pam 10:00pm: ‘Shut up you, sad sack of shit & put your shirt in the bin too.’

John 10:08pm: *Picture of John stripped to the waist next to the bin with his shirt crumpled on top of his coat*

Pam 10:12pm: ‘LOL! You’re so skinny you look like you wipe your ass with floss! Now the shoes, socks and trousers!’

John 10:15pm: ‘But what if security see me?’

Pam 10:17pm; ‘Why are you the way that you are? I hate so much about the things you choose to be. I told you; it’s hot seeing you suffer; the more you suffer the more pleasure Ümraniye Gecelik Escort you give me… & you do wanna give me pleasure, right, you spineless fuck?’

John 10:20pm: ‘I guess so. This is all a bit sudden though! LOL! I mean you’re my boss, I’ve never seen this side to you. Where does it go from here?’

Pam 10:21pm: ‘Fine. Fuck off then, goat monger! I hope your day is as pleasant as you are. You’ll never EVER get an opportunity like this again, you cock-less excuse.’

John 10:25pm: ‘Okay. I’ve done it. Sorry I upset you. *Picture of John shivering in his briefs beside the bin*

Pam: 10:30pm: ‘OMG! Are you hard?’

John 10:31pm: ‘Yeah. LOL!’

Pam 10:37pm: ‘You’ve got less meat in your pants than a veggie restaurant! So, let me get this straight; I ignore your pleas for your expenses claim, make you waste your evening standing cold & hungry, insult you & make you strip… & that turns you on? 100+ on the freak-o-meter!’

John 10:38pm: ‘I thought you were enjoying it too?’

Pam 10:40pm: ‘Shut up, pie boy & lose the pants!’

John 10:45pm: *Picture of John naked, covering his genitals beside the bin*.

Pam 10:50pm: ‘I’m so wet… gonna cum soon… & I wanna cum as one of two things happen… either you agree to stay naked while I call security & get arrested for indecent exposure or something… or you go find the dog poo bin… get out all the little bags & lay ’em on the ground & then roll in ’em until they burst & you’re covered in dog poo like the turd you are!’

John 11:10pm: *Picture of John naked, his body splattered with brown stains*.

John 11:20pm: ‘Pam?’


John 9:05am: ‘Morning Pam, can we talk, please?’

John 10:00am: ‘Hello, Pam?’

Pam 10:15am: ‘Wot?’

John 10:17am: ‘Hi Pam. Can we talk about last night, please?’

Pam 10:30am: ‘Um… you stripped naked outside the office & rolled in dog shit. I’ve got the proof. What’s there to talk about, dwanky?’

John 10:35am: ‘I don’t understand what’s happening, Pam?’

Pam 11:00am: ‘Confused suits you, ass-chimp!’

John 11:05am: ‘Okay, forget about last night; can I pop in and claim my expenses, please?’

Pam 11:55am: ‘Sorry, lunch break, dufus!’

John 12:10am: ‘After that, then?’

John 1:15pm: ‘Hi Pam, are you back yet?’

Pam 1:30pm: ‘Mhm.’

John 1:33pm: ‘Can I process my receipts this afternoon, please?’

Pam 1:45pm: ‘Nope.’

John 1:46pm: ‘Why not? I really need the money!!!’

Pam 2:00pm: ‘All the more reason not to give it to you.’

John 2:01pm: Ümraniye Genç Escort ‘I don’t understand?’

Pam 2:10pm: ‘I told you; you suffering gives me pleasure. That’s how I want our relationship to be; you suffer – I enjoy; you humiliate yourself rolling in shit and I orgasm. It’s not rocket science, num nut!’

John 2:13pm: ‘Pam, I really need this money just to eat!’

Pam 2:25pm: ‘Okay, I’m gonna spell this out for you once, and once only. Like I’ve said before; I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you! What has happened up until now is that you do as I say ‘cos I’m your boss… but outside of work you have no life, no purpose; people just tolerate you at best, & probably despise you really. So, while I have a decent wage, a fab hubby, friends & fun you’re just a sad loser with no life or purpose. These are just the facts, arse-fodder.

So, what I’m generously offering you suits us both; I despise you shit-for-brains. I’m not gonna ask you to do this; you have to want it… in fact you’re gonna have to beg me to destroy you… we both know that’s what a sad 100+ on the freak-o-meter creep-a-vert like you really craves.

Hey, maybe I’m wrong; maybe a freak-a-zoid who happily rolls in dog shit ‘cos a woman tells him too is totally normal! LOL! You’ve got until 5pm to let me know; either we begin a new relationship of you being devoted to me while I destroy you, or we go back to the boring boss-grunt relationship of yester-year! Your choice, shit-roll… just bare in mind I got the pics! LOL!’

John 4:30pm: ‘Hi Pam. Please destroy me, I beg you.’

Pam 4:40pm: ‘Why should I?’

John 4:41pm: ‘I’ll do my best to please you; to give you everything you want.’

Pam 4:43pm: ‘No; you will give me everything.’

John 4:44pm: ‘Okay. I’ll give you everything.’

Pam 4:50pm: ‘Well, I’ve got your expenses claim in front of me; £346.52. That’s more than you earn in a week. LOL! Beg me to keep it.’

John 4:55pm: ‘But I’ve not even got the money to eat properly!’

Pam 4:56pm: ‘Mhm. All the more reason for me to take it. 4 mins to decide, loser-boy!’

John 4:57pm: ‘You really will destroy me, won’t you?’

Pam 4:58pm: ‘Yup. Decide. NOW!’

John 4:59pm: ‘Please destroy me Pam, please take my expenses money.’

Pam 5:00pm: ‘Bless your heart. Don’t spend a penny of that £150 in your account. I’ll drain that tomorrow too. LOL!’

John 5:02pm: ‘How will I survive?!?!’

Pam 5:05pm: ‘Who cares? Don’t contact me unless I text you. I treasure the time I don’t hear from you. In the mean-time whilst I’m out for a romantic meal with hubby, I want you to spend the night knowing I’m going to take your last £150 off you tomorrow and write me a report on why that excites you so much… as I’m sure it does you fucked up creep-a-zoid! And another report on how it felt obeying me last night. See ya; wouldn’t wanna be ya!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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