Did It Really Happen? Pt. 03

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Big Tits

“Slut, stick out your tongue,” Mistress commanded.

Now I must face the forbidden action that I had both abhorred and desired at the same time. Now I had to face the question of how much control Mistress really had. Based on my reading, many subs play acted about giving up control, but this was the real things. This was crossing a Rubicon. There was no going back.

Would I reach the point of no return and go beyond it? Or would I back off, scream for mercy, choke out a safe word? The cock stared me in the face. a half inch from my lips. I am thinking I am straight and I cannot do it. Mistress had teased me about sucking cock and I had gotten aroused at the teasing suggestions of bringing another male slave, or visiting a glory hole, or whoring me out in a gay bar. Did I think she would ever really do it? Did I believe it was just teasing? Or was it preparation for completing a task I never thought I would even consider. I wanted so much to please her. Now I am faced with it. She did want me to suck a cock. Right now. I realized then that I was hard as I could be. I was shaking and nervous but aroused. Mistress stroked the back of my head.

“Stick out your tongue,” she commanded again. “Don’t make me tell you a third time.”

I slowly stuck out my tongue.

“That’s a boy. Now lick the head. Taste it. Smell it.” Mistress cooed.

I licked the underside. It was a little salty and the smell was musky.

“Circle your tongue around the head,” Mistress said.

So I did, slow and wet, I circled the head, almost lovingly. I used my tongue in the manner I would on a clit. I made the effort to make sure my tongue was wet. The Second Mistress mover closer. The head of her cock was on my lips and my tongue was underneath.

“Now open,” Mistress commanded.

My lips parted and the cock was slowly thrust in. I kept my lips soft, and my teeth off and I had been trained.

“Mmmmm,” the Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort second Mistress hummed, “this one has a nice mouth.”

Mistress responded, “Oh yes, I knew this one would be a good cocksucker. I could feel it. Now watch.” “Slut,” she commanded, “suck on that cock like you have seen women suck on yours. Suck on that cock like we practiced. Move your head. Take it in deep.”

I started to move my head so the cock went in and out of my mouth. I tried to make sure my mouth was wet and my tongue slid under each time. After a few minutes, the second Mistress groaned and grabbed the back of my head. She was moving my head to the rhythm she liked. My hands were released. Without thinking I cupped her balls with my hand. The Second Mistress began to move her hips, timed with the motion of my head. She thrust her cock into my mouth a little farther each time. I looked up, and she was staring down at me, with a soft gaze. I reached for my own cock. It was rock hard.I started to stroke myself to the rhythm and Mistress let me. Normally, there was no touching without her command.

The thrusting started hitting the back of my throat. It was faster. I gagged a little. I tried to remember what to do to open up more and take the whole cock into my throat. Instead of resisting, I was actively trying to please the Second Mistress and by proxy, my Mistress.

Suddenly she pulled out. “Not yet, slut,” the second mistress said, “Let’s prolong things a little.”

I looked up and was greeted with a sharp slap

“Don’t forget who the slave is here.” she said.

The second Mistress pulled me to my feet by yanking on the nipple clamps. I grunted. She bent me over my Mistress spanking bench, My hands and feet were quickly locked in. Soon my ass was being flogged with a leather whip. while that was going on my Mistress stationed her gorgeous ass, right in my face.

“Worship Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort my ass,” she commanded.

So I began to kiss as each lash thrust me forward. After a time, she turned around.

“I don’t want my friend here to have all the fun. Lick my pussy”, she said.

This was a rare treat, usually a reward for being exceptionally good. Maybe, I thought, Mistress was hot from the scene that she created and the line she had me cross. I licked as I had been taught. Mistress was wet. Yes, the scene had affected her. She was getting off on her power. She was getting off on her ability to command a previously straight dude to suck a cock. I licked for all I was worth, remembering not to go too fast but just like Mistress liked it.

Mistress moved to a low chair. I was pulled off the bench and onto my knees.

“Continue, slut”, was the command.

I lapped at my Mistress pussy. I put everything into it. She started to move with the motion of my head and tongue. She groaned a little.

“That’s it, slut, just like you were taught”, she whispered. “Mmmmm, nice and slow. That’s the spot.”

I continued to work hard. Mistress rhythm grew stronger. She groaned louder. She began to rub herself on my face. Then she stiffened for a few seconds and let go.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, Yes, Yes, Don’t stop!, Yes”, Mistress said as her wet pussy surrounded me.

It was awesome. I was so happy I had helped generate that for her.

After a minute the Second Mistress commanded, “you are not done, slut.”

She motioned me onto my back. A pillow was placed behind my head. The Second Mistress squatted over me and placed her cock on my lips.

“Suck”, she said.

I opened my mouth and the head and hard shaft were thrust in. I could taste the salty pre-cum, the first time I had tasted any but my own. She grabbed me by the hair and timed her thrusts Ümraniye Vip Escort while pulling my head forward. The thrusts were slow and deep into my throat. She would hesitate a little when in deep, just to hear the gagging sounds, I think, and feel my throat close around her.

Then I felt my own cock being stroked. Lube was dribbled on and I was stroked more. I almost could not stand the wild various new sensations. Second Mistress started thrusting faster.

“Oh, that’s it, slut, nice and wet, Oh oh oh,” she said, “I am almost ready.”

Was she going to come in my mouth? Should I resist? I did not. I accepted what was happening. Beyond that, I felt eager to please. “Yes, come in my mouth,” I thought. I was almost ready to come myself from the steady stroking below. Obviously my Mistress was down there.

Just then, the Second Mistress pulled out and stroked herself in front of me. “Aaaahhhh,” she let out in a loud moan and shot her cum on my face and chest.

At the same time, I was about to cum, and Mistress let my cock go and I had a ruined orgasm as my cock jerked and spouted my own cum on me. Ruined, yes, but still an orgasm that had me shaking.

The Second Mistress rolled off me, absorbing her ecstasy. I lay shaking, covered in cum, too absorbed in the moment to move. I don’t know how much time went by before my Mistress broke form for a moment and wiped my face and chest and cock with a wet towel. I must have performed well to earn that.

“Well done my little slut boy,” she cooed, “I knew you were a cocksucker.”

“You taught him quite well,” the Second Mistress chimed in, “he not only sucked a cock but he wanted it and liked it.”

“I love watching my reluctant straight slaves take a cock deep in their mouth at my command”, Mistress responded.

She turned to me, “You learned you lessons well. Obey Mistress. Submit to Mistress. If you continue to do so, I will open you up to new experiences. Who knows what it might be. Tell me slut where can we go from here?”

I did not know what to say. I had already gone as far as I could possibly go I thought.

“I don’t know Mistress, what could be more?” I said.

Mistress smiled, “There can be much more, slut, much more.”

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