Dinner Time Ch. 02

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In Dinner Time Ch. 01 Lexy was pushed beyond her limits by her Master. However, in her heated desire, she forgot the rules…


I almost fell asleep in Karl’s arms on the floor. He always knew just how to push me. He knew me so well. Even when I said no, he could push me past my limits and help me reach new heights. I honestly believe I wouldn’t be the person I was today without him in my life. He has helped me to become so strong.

I was feeling so elated, and still intoxicated from that whole experience. I was ready now to please him. To reciprocate the undulating passion he provided me. I was ready to give him anything he could possibly desire…

I wriggled myself just loose enough from his arms to turn over and face him. I pulled my arms up and around his neck. I had to pause and just gaze into his beautiful brown eyes for a moment. They were filled with love and quiet confidence. His lips formed a sensual smile as he gazed back at me.

I rested my head on his chest for a couple of minutes as I began to undo the buttons on his shirt. Once it was open all the way, exposing his smooth chest, I released a soft sigh as I enjoyed his beauty. He was such an incredibly good looking and sexy man, there have been so many times when I just couldn’t believe we were together. I was so overjoyed to belong to him. I slid his shirt over his shoulder and he helped to shrug it off. I caressed his shoulder taking great pleasure in the smoothness of his skin. I let my hand trail down and across his chest pausing briefly on his nipple, as I took it between by thumb and finger and rolled it gently while planting a soft kiss in the hollow of his neck. He let out a soft moan.

I slid my hand just under his arm and let the backs of my fingers trail down his side slowly as I took his nipple in my mouth and sucked ever so gently. I could feel the slight vibration in his chest as a pleasure sound came up from deep in is throat.

My hand found its way to his belt and swiftly unbuckled it. I slipped the button open and shimmied myself down until I had my teeth on his zipper. I raised my eyes to watch his face as I eased his zipper down with my teeth and released his cock which was growing and seemed to me happy to be freed from confinement.

Without removing his trousers, I looked up to him, letting him watch me lick my lips enthusiastically before they opened and covered the head of his cock. Then, I gently closed my lips over it and tasted him with the tip of my tongue. I continued in this manner for a minute and then pulled away.

I reached up and pulled the cushion out from under his head and tossed it on the couch and then did the same with mine. I got up onto my knees and while still licking my lips I asked him if he would prefer to sit on the couch to be more comfortable.

Karl smiled Ümraniye Sınırsız Escort mischievously as he pulled himself up, letting his trousers fall to his ankles and stepped out of them. He then settled comfortably into the soft cushion of the couch. I remained on my knees before him, waiting anxiously to service him.

On my knees still, I made my way closer to him and settled in between his legs and began to caress his body with both of my hands. I reached around caressing his sides up and down; I could see the goose flesh rising on his skin. I let my hands travel across his chest again and down to his waist as I leaned forward and reached in to tongue his belly button. I could feel my warm breasts almost cradling his cock, so I made a point of pushing my chest further into him and feeling his hardness against the softness of my breasts made my sex contract. I squeezed my thighs together a little to settle myself, feeling a slight shudder as I let out a quiet moan.

I slid my hands down to his hips and then further stroking up and down the backs of his legs, I began planting soft kisses on his inner thighs; all the way down to the backs of his knees, one and then the other, neglecting no area of this sensitive skin. I hooked my arms behind his knees and in one strong and smooth motion, I pulled him toward me so he was laid all the way back with his tail bone resting just at the edge of the couch cushion, in this position his legs fell open wider on their own. He let out a pleasurable little sound of surprise which made me feel somewhat triumphant at my boldness. I continued with the soft kisses on his thighs until I reached the highest part of his inner thigh and I began to lick his satiny skin just on the outside of his scrotum.

I then cradled his balls in one hand and gently lifted them up, exposing the sensitive strip of skin behind them that leads to his back exit. I felt him shudder as I ran my tongue up and down along this strip.

I gently squeezed his buttocks letting my finger seem to accidently poke gently in to his little hole. I could tell that he enjoyed that as he lifted his hips to allow me easier access. At that, I lifted his balls up again and continued tonguing him. I let my tongue trail all the way back till it just touched his hole, and then forward sliding up the front of his sac and taking one ball into my mouth sucking gently for a moment before heading back the other way again, this time circling his hole with my tongue. He reacted so agreeably to this; I just had to thrust my tongue into him to see if it would please him. It certainly seemed to as he let out a deep groan and wrapped his hands around the back of my head pulling me toward him. I thrusted my tongue in deeper, while cradling his balls gently. I continued this for a minute, and swiped Ümraniye Suriyeli Escort the whole strip with my tongue again, as I took hold of his cock.

I slipped the tip of his cock back into my eager and hungry mouth as I let the length of it rest on my tongue. I then placed one hand on his balls and the other closed over the base of the shaft of his cock and I began taking him into my mouth and then pulling back… just slightly.

As I brought my head forward, I pushed more of his shaft between my lips and began to move my tongue around and over the head of his cock. It was growing and getting harder as I slid my mouth up and down his shaft, allowing my saliva to lubricate him, making the slurping noises I knew he enjoyed.

With both hands he quickly entwined his fingers into my hair and pulled my head forward making me take half of his cock in that one move and I gagged just a little.

Using his two fisted grip on my hair, he pushed my head back just a little, then he pulled my head down tight against his groin. He continued pushing until the tip of his cock touched the back of my throat. I felt my throat open up for him as I held all of his cock in my mouth and it felt like he was hardening even more. He was guiding my head and pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I reached one hand up to cradle his balls and with the other I slid a finger into his ass.

Having a good hold of my hair, still moving my head back and forth, the movements started getting harder and faster and his breaths were getting shorter and shorter. I pushed my finger deep into his ass, suddenly I felt his cock begin to throb and just as he groaned deep in his chest, I felt the first shot of hot liquid hit the back of my throat. He had such a tight hold of my hair, and he pulled my head forward again. By doing this, it pushed his cock all the way against the back of my throat.

“Yes, that’s it… swallow it love;” He groaned low and long as the hot liquid spilled down my throat.

I slowly released his now softening cock from my mouth, cleaning it as I pulled away. When I pulled the head from between my lips, I let my tongue take one last swipe across the slit on the tip, catching the last droplet of liquid that rested there.

I rested my head on his thigh and caressed his hips as his breathing slowly returned to normal. I actually enjoyed being enslaved by his hands and made to take his cock in my mouth on his terms. I was grateful for it, because I learned another way to please him.

“When did you get so strong and forceful?” He asked playfully as he stroked the back of my head gently.

“I really don’t know Love… but you seemed to enjoy my being so adventurous.” I looked up at him with a mischievous grin as I remained on my knees before him. Then I asked, “Was Ümraniye İranlı Escort that ok?”

“Of course it was ok, it was wonderful love,” He squeezed the back of my neck. “I don’t want you to ever hold back; ok,” he said as he went back to stroking the back of my head. He raised my chin with his finger so I was looking directly at him and I nodded in agreement.

“Now, we must discuss the little matter of your pleasure earlier.” His tone of voice still sounded loving, but his expression made him look slightly displeased as he continued, “You do understand you are to cum only when I permit it?” I nodded looking up at him as innocently as I could.

“This is not something new for you, something perhaps you are unclear about?”

“No Master,” I said as I lowered my head and quickly rewound in my mind to just a little earlier this evening, and remembered asking for permission to cum only once, but couldn’t recall if a reply ever came.

Karl pushed my chin back up forcing me to look at him in spite of my shame for my disobedience. “Do you recall how many times you came this evening?”

Closing my eyes and reliving the intensity of that experience, made me begin to squirm around a bit. I counted three; yes three very intense mind blowing orgasms.

“How many?” Karl asked in a more commanding tone now.

“Three,” I answered cautiously.

“Yes… Three … That is correct… So, I think that is the number of days in which you will not be permitted to cum under any circumstances. I can assure you this is not going to be easy, but you will learn self control. I hope you remember in future what is expected of you in these situations.”

“Yes Master… Thank You”

“Ok … It’s done … Come here,” and he patted the spot on the couch beside him. I pulled myself up to the couch and settled in close to him, leaning my naked skin next to his and resting my head on his chest as he slipped his arms around me. I felt so contented and so secure. I could have stayed here in his arms forever.

After several minutes like this I remembered dinner. “Are you hungry Love?” I asked.

“Yes… I most certainly am,” he said, and suddenly had a very fierce look in his eyes. He stood up and retrieved his trousers from the floor and pulled his keys out of his pocket. At the same time I stood to head back into the kitchen to turn on the oven. He swiftly took a firm hold of my wrists and led me in the direction of the spare room. I had a huge chill travel my entire body and my heart skipped several beats as I gasped out loud.

The spare room is where Karl keeps his many toys and objects of pleasure, pain and punishment, along with a few things he has rigged up and constructed on his own. He hasn’t taken me to that room in over three weeks since he had been doing some renovations in there, and had been very secretive as to what exactly he was doing. The hairs on the back of my neck stood tingling from fear, as the juice from my pussy started to accumulate again.

Oh I was in trouble, especially already being aware that I wasn’t going to be permitted to cum… Oh, I was in big trouble…

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