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I am a submissive to my husband of 20 years. And I love my submissive disciplined life. Sometimes I share my thoughts with Sir and now I’ll share them with you too.

I got a text from you… it says, “Come home for lunch”. And of course, I do just that. When I get home, you have lunch prepared for both of us, but you have work to do too so you go to eat at your desk in the home office.

You tell me that there is a task to be completed before I can eat my lunch. And you instruct me to take MY shirt off so you can see YOUR boobs. (They are yours, of course, as we both know!)

I comply and I start to sit in the living room and prepare to eat. You laugh and are surprised that I think my “task” was simply to undress.

You tell me I need to follow you to the office. When we get there, you tell me to get on my knees and under your desk. You drop your pants and tell me you’ll eat food while I eat cock.

I get on my knees and take my place under the desk. I take your cock in my mouth and start sucking it, while I hear you eating your lunch. And then I hear you complete your lunch and announce, “if you want to eat food, Ümraniye Olgun Escort you have to get me off first! So you best be a bit more fervent in your actions. The first thing you will ‘eat’ today is my cum”.

So I suck hard and intently. I want to get you off because I’m hungry, but really, I want your cum!

I lick and suck on your cock head. You respond. I move my hands to stroke your cock up and down. And I hear you groan. I know I’m making you happy. I can feel your cock responding to my touch and flex in my mouth.

You grab the back of my head and push deep into my throat. I gag. You laugh and do it again! Then I feel you move your hands down between your legs where you grab my titties. That’s when you pull those nipples hard up and down, forcing me even more up and down on your cock. While my nipples start to hurt, you continue and I can tell you are about to cum as you move faster and harder.

I feel your cock is about to explode in my mouth. And I’m rewarded! You cum deep into my throat. And I swallow as much as I can, but then you pull out of my mouth and spew the remainder of your cum Ümraniye Sarışın Escort all over my tits. And you smile at your handy work.

You say, “you need to lick my cock completely clean.” And so I do.

That’s when you say, “that’s my good girl! Now I want you to eat your lunch, no top on, while my cum dries on your tits. You are not to clean yourself … at all! Do you understand?”

I respond, “yes Sir, I do”. And I really do, so I follow directions.

When I’m done eating, I tell you, “Sir, I need to go back to the office now.”

And you say, “ok, but before you do, I want you to remember who you belong to. So go to the bathroom, give yourself an enema and clean out that back hole. Then bring me a butt plug and lube.”

When I go back to you, with the plug and lube in hand, you tell me to drop my pants and bend over your desk with my arms stretched out forward. So now I am completely naked stretched out over your desk as I’m told.

You push the plug up to my ass hole. I pray you have used the lube but I’m (mentally) prepared if you haven’t too. Luckily, I’m rewarded when Ümraniye Şişman Escort I can feel the tip of the plug against me and press in.

You lean over me pressing the plug inward while lying on my back, which smashes me between you and the desk. And you lean towards my ear and you say in a very seductive voice, “you are MY very G-O-O-D girl!” And as you say “good”, you shove hard against the plug and you ram it into my ass.

I flinch but because you are laying on top of me, pressing me against the desk, there’s no way for me to move at all. You laugh a bit and keep pushing.

The plug moves past my sphincter muscle and I feel instant relief. It is all the way in and I start to relax.

That’s when you stand up and slap my ass hard several times, telling me again and again how very G-O-O-D I am. And it hurts, but I’m proud that I’ve accept your leadership willingly.

That’s when you pull me up and turn me around so we are facing. You reach between my legs and find YOUR pussy is very wet. Your fingers probe further as you lean in and kiss me with intensity.

And suddenly you pull your fingers out of YOUR pussy and say, “NOW eat quickly, dress, and go back to work. Do NOT move that plug from its spot and do NOT cum! Off you go and I’ll see you tonight.”

And just like that, you send me back to work.

When I get back to work, I’m asked, “how was lunch?” My response, “my lunch tasted great! Loved it”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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