Fantasies Part 1

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The car slowly came to a stop and Alison Silver looked curiously over at her husband Todd. They had been married for almost ten years and they still liked to surprise each other with little getaways and dates. It was one of the many things she loved about him. Expecting to be going on a nice date with her husband she had worn her hair down just the way he liked, her jean skirt and button up shirt were far from new, but Alison knew they highlighted all of Todd’s favorite features. A nice amount of cleavage was visible, and the blessing of good genes meant she rarely had to wear a bra with her 36D’s. Tonight Todd had requested, ordered really, that she forgo panties as well, which wasn’t much of a surprise considering he loved to grope her in public. She still loved the fact that even after all these years their sex life was still hot.

“Where are we?” she asked, not recognizing the small white farmhouse they were currently parked in front of. It was about three miles outside of the city limits, and as far as Alison knew, no one they were friends with lived out here. She wasn’t even sure she’d been to this part of town before. The small white house looked inviting enough, but none of the lights were on, and given the fact that it was already dark out made her wonder at their location. Off to the distance she noticed a large barn, but otherwise there was nothing around but trees and fields.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I’ve set this all up just for you, all you have to do is remember your safe word and enjoy this experience.” Todd said, failing to hide the grin that was forming at her confusion. He always was one for the surprise. But what could he have up his sleeve now?

“Safe word? What the heck does that have to do with anything?” but before her husband had a chance to answer, the passenger door flew open and Alison could feel the small strong hands as they grasped her long dark brown hair.

“Bitch, get out of the car now and maybe we’ll go easy on you.” The husky female voice breathed into her ear. Shocked coursed through Alison’s body as she tried to process what was going on, she felt her body automatically tense with fear at the pain of the hands threaded in her hair. She looked over at her husband, and was surprised to see him smiling over at her.

“W-what?” was all she could utter before she felt the hard rubber of a gag being pulled tightly into her mouth. More hands grabbed her around the waist; these were larger and stronger hands that pulled her firmly out of her seat. Slowly, comprehension worked through her brain, safe word…he set this up…enjoy. Had Todd really done this? For her? Allison moaned as the light female hands once again pulled sharply on her hair, this time pulling her face closer and She smiled into her face. Her long blonde hair spilled casually onto her shoulders framing her face, she had piercing blue eyes and full red lips that mesmerized Allison. Excitement shown in Her eyes as She slapped Allison across the face, it wasn’t hard to enough to hurt exactly, but she felt the sting. For years Allison and Todd had talked about the many different fantasies they both had, one that had truly gotten them both hot and bothered was the idea of a rape/kidnap fantasy. It never failed to arouse them both whenever Allison would start describing different scenes from her imagination. They had never taken the fantasy beyond words before, but now Todd had given her the opportunity to live out this particular fantasy, and Allison already felt wet just imagining what the night held in store for her.

“You’re mine bitch. You might as well just get used to it and be a good little girl, and maybe you’ll even like it.” Allison struggled against her captors, trying to run but they were to quick and strong. Before Allison could even get a few feet from the car he caught her from behind and pinned her arms to her sides, effectively halting any attempt at escape. He was a large man; about 6′ with short dark hair and dark eyes, his strong arms and chest spoke of hours of time at the gym, or working. Even though he had caught her Allison didn’t give up her struggle, squirming and thrashing as he pulled her back to the car where She waited hands on Her hips.

“Such a pretty little girl. So sweet and innocent.” She taunted as She caressed Allison’s face, pushing the hair back from her eyes. “I’d bet no man, or woman, has ever touched you like this have they?” She punctuated her words by running Her hands across her body, squeezing and evaluating each part as though Allison were an animal up for sale. She hefted each of her breasts and ran her fingers across the nipples that were already beginning to stiffen. Allison’s moans made her captor laugh cruelly. “No screaming now and I’ll take the gag out. Do you understand?”

“Mmhmm.” Allison nodded, and stretched her jaw as the gag was removed, trying to relieve the slight ache that had started to form from the to-tight gag. “P-please, let me go. I swear I won’t tell anyone.” She begged as the woman pushed her up against the car. She had a good three inches over her and the strength of her hands was mirrored xslot in the rest of her muscled, toned body. The cool, smooth metal of the car caused goosebumps to form on her sensitized skin. Even though the summer air was warm and humid Allison shivered.

“Oh, I know you won’t tell sweetie, you wouldn’t want everyone to know what a slut you are…meeting me out here…taking all your clothes off…begging me to let you lick my pussy. Now take that silly shirt off before I rip it off.”

“Please don’t make me do this,” Allison said even as she slowly raised her hands to unbutton her shirt. Her fingers shook slightly as the adrenaline continued to pulse through her body making it difficult to grip the small buttons.

“Faster.” She said as She gripped both sides of the button up shirt and ripped it open, buttons flying everywhere. She grabbed Allison’s left arm as he grabbed her right and she heard the snick of a lock clicking the leather cuffs into place. “When I tell you do to do something, I expect you to obey quickly. If not there will be consequences.” She punctuated Her words by pushing Allison on her knees, and used her long brunette hair to pull her closer. She lifted Her boot enclad foot and rested it on the fender effectively pinning her in. “Come here, be a good girl and give me a little lick.” And with that, She pulled up Her skirt revealing Her smooth glistening pussy. The smell of Her arousal rose to Allison’s nose and from her place on her knees Allison was just inches from her pussy. Involuntarily she licked her lips.

“Thatta girl, you know you’re dying to taste me, aren’t you? Tell me how badly you want this, how badly you want to be my personal pussylicker.”

“No. Please. I’m not like this. Please just let me go. I’m a good girl.” But She barely gave Allison a chance to breathe before pulling her face directly onto Her pussy. She could feel the wetness gathered there, She swiveled Her hips and rubbed Her pussy up and down over Allison’s face, covering it in Her juices.

“Come on, one little lick. If you do a good job, maybe I’ll let you go.” Allison shook her head, refusing to open her mouth, tempted to see what consequences would follow her disobedience. And she wasn’t disappointed when She quickly pulled her hair back and slapped her face again, this time harder. “Bitch, apparently you aren’t a good girl after all. If you don’t want to cooperate than I guess you forfeit your rewards.”

Again She pulled Allison closer and rubbed Her pussy on her face. Pulling her in so close that Allison couldn’t quite breathe. After a moment she started to struggle as her body fought for oxygen. Laughter floated down from above as She enjoyed watching Her little captive struggle.

“Give me a good lick and you’ll get a breath.” Tentatively, Allison let her tongue dart out between her lips and gave the barest graze of Her clit. The sweet, musky flavor caused her pussy to flex in need. It had been so long since Allison had enjoyed the taste of another woman, enjoyed the feel of a woman’s soft curves held against her, felt the rush as she made another woman orgasm with just her lips and tongue. It was a heady feeling, one she thoroughly enjoyed, even now. But Allison was not going to give up the fight that easily, even as her brain and body responded to the blatant sexuality of her captor.

“Mmm, that’s the spot little one. Come on, enjoy it.” She said, enjoying the look of the petite blond kneeling before Her. It had seemed like a dream when Todd Silver had approached Lauren and Mike through some mutual friends. They had meticulously planned the whole night and she was very much looking forward to a long friendship with this sexy couple.

“Please, you said you’d let me go! I just want to go home.” She cried, but Lauren took no mercy on her captive, and pulled her closer, enjoying the fact that Allison’s mouth was open, giving her good access.

“I said I might let you go, but you refused to cooperate, now you’ll have to work even harder to please me.” And as Lauren continued to rub her pussy on Allison’s face, Allison could feel other hands groping her breasts and pushing up her skirt. It was hard to tell how many pairs of hands there were, her exposed skin felt electric as hands roamed across her chest, her stomach, and her own wet pussy.

“Wow, this little cunt is just drenched.” A rough male voice laughed as he skimmed her pussy with his fingers, grazing the little nub of her clit. “I think she likes you babe.” Allison moaned as Mike roughly shoved one of his thick fingers deep inside her, with her hands behind her back and her body trapped between the car and Lauren’s body there was nothing she could do but take it.

“Come on, show us what a good little whore you are, ride his hand. If you beg for it, maybe we’ll even let you come. But only if you get me off first.” With that Lauren pulled Allison’s face back so she could look her in the eyes. The hands at Allison’s breasts twisted and pulled at her nipples. It felt like lightening straight to her pussy, her breasts had always been sensitive her husband xslot Giriş always knew it was a guaranteed way to get her over the edge. The steady pumping of fingers into her pussy stopped and Allison cried out having come so close to completion. Her captors merely laughed, knowing exactly how much she was theirs. “That’s right whore, beg us for it. Be a good girl and show us how slutty you really are.” Lauren said, her own pussy flexing at the sight of this girl with her face red from a combination of need and exertion, her light little body trying to find a way to grind on the hand in her pussy.

“Please, please.” Allison sobbed, as she tried to struggle. Whether to get away, or get closer it was hard to tell. But Mike held tight, one arm wrapped securely around her waist and pulled her tight into his chest.

“Please what? Look at the camera bitch and tell us exactly what you want.” Mike said and Allison looked up to see her husband standing a few feet away with a small digital camera trained right on her face. The humiliation coursed through her, embarrassingly increasing her arousal. “Hah, the little slut likes performing for a camera, bet we could make plenty of money selling this video.” Mike laughed because he had first hand knowledge of exactly how aroused Allison became once she knew the camera was watching her.

“Please let me come, I’ll do anything you want, just please keep fucking my pussy.” The fingers started to move, but this time they were tantalizingly slow, keeping her right at the brink. Any time Allison tried to move the hand would stop and Mike would hold her tightly in place until she could feel the tears of need coursing down her face.

“Mmm, that’s right you little cunt, you’ll do anything I want won’t you?” Lauren said with almost an evil laugh, she bent closer so only Allison could hear, “maybe I’ll never let you leave, I might keep you tied up out here as my own personal little slut.” As Allison moaned from desire Lauren pulled back and said in a louder voice “Tell the camera what a worthless slut you are. How you’ll do anything to come, how you want me to come on your face and smother you with my beautiful pussy.” Lauren laughed again at the look of confusion and desperation that crossed Allison’s face. Hearing those words had always been such a turn on for her, but could she really same them out loud? About herself? In front of a camera? In the end her overwhelming need to come was to great, Allison was desperate. She was a slut, and saying it out loud would be liberating. Allison reached inside herself and let the words free her.

“Please. Please let me make you come, please smother your worthless slut with your delicious pussy, I’ll do anything you want, just please let me come.” Allison stretched out her face, trying to reach Lauren’s sweet pussy. She laughed, knowing they had their little captive exactly where they wanted. The pleasure of watching her struggle to get closer, struggle to submit further coursed through her body increasing Lauren’s arousal.

“Good girl, I knew you had it in you to tell the truth. Now, you’ll get to come just as soon as I do.” And with that Lauren ground her pussy back onto Allison’s face, and this time it wasn’t timid licks that she gave, but a full force assault on Lauren’s pussy. Allison dove into licking like a drowning woman, alternating long hard licks that went the entire length of her slit, with deep probes into her channel with her tongue.

“Mmm yes, there you go, my little pussylicker, mmm right there.” And with one last deep probe of her tongue Allison felt Lauren clench and was pulled in deeper as she came, riding her face and tongue until Allison was covered in her come. As Allison greedily lapped up the remaining juices she felt the hands resume their pistoning action. In her desire to make Lauren come she had almost forgotten the hands at her own throbbing pussy. But they returned with their insistent strength and she felt the force of her own orgasm coming hard and fast.

“Yes, that’s a good girl. You did such a good job, now it’s your turn. Doesn’t that feel nice? See how you’re rewarded for being a good girl?” Lauren grasped her chin and forced her face up into her own. “Look at me, I want your eyes on me so you know exactly who controls your slutty little body now.” Lauren placed her hands on either side of Allison’s face, tilting it so she could only look at Her. The look of pure dominance in her captor’s eyes made Allison’s orgasm all the more amazing.

As Allison rode out the last tremors of her orgasm awareness came back to her, and embarrassment surged through her again as she realized they were out in plain view of the road and Allison was the only one close to being naked. Lauren settled her own skirt back down her hips as she pulled Allison up to her feet.

“Oh now, no getting shy, embrace you’re true self whore. You should get used to it. We all know that whores love to show off their bodies, now take off that silly skirt, I want you naked in my presence.” Lauren said in her demanding voice, with a look that showed she expected xslot Güncel Giriş to be obeyed. Allison twisted, trying to pull her skirt down while her hands were still cuffed behind her back. Again her captors laughed as she struggled.

“Come on slut, you know you can do it.” They all took turns encouraging her in a similar fashion until finally she did succeed in getting her skirt off. Allison felt a strange rush of pride at being able to accomplish her odd task.

“Good girl, now you get a present.” Lauren said, as Mike lifted Allison’s hair up off her neck while she placed a wide black collar around her neck. Allison felt her heart beat faster as it was locked into place. “Now don’t you look pretty.” She crooned as she attached a short leash to the front and began walking Allison towards the barn. Allison followed demurely, transfixed by the sway of her captor’s hips.

“Please what are you going to do with me?” Allison asked as Todd watched in amazement at his strong, independent beautiful wife following Lauren so obediently. This fantasy had always been one of his favorites, but living it out in reality was so much hotter than he’d ever imagined. For what felt like the millionth time that night Todd had to adjust his pants to try and relieve some of the excruciating pressure. Todd hated the fact that he’d miss out on the next few minutes, but it was time now to get ready for his part in this little tale.

It had been sheer luck that Todd had met Lauren and Mike, one evening he’d been talking to their friend Melissa about fantasies and she had been quick to give him Lauren’s contact information knowing the couple also had an abduction fantasy. When he’d finally met up with them to work out the details Todd had been impressed with their thoroughness in regards to both details and safety. The new element to this fantasy, which was sure to surprise Allison, was his own participation in this fantasy not as a captor, but as a captive. Recently Todd had begun to feel a pull towards many of the things Allison enjoyed, his curiosity seemed to grow each time they played. The look of pure pleasure on Allison’s face when she was being flogged, or hit with the riding crop caused something in him to shift. Wanting to know that feeling personally had led to him being included in the scene. The anticipation was so intense that he almost wished the scene would hurry, but he was also glad that Lauren and Mike were maintaining the focus on Allison. He loved her more than life itself and being able to give her this opportunity meant the world to him.

“Please, what are you going to do to me? I just want to go home!” Allison shivered at the lie, loving every moment of this experience, but also not wanting to make it to easy for her captors. The sheer power and beauty of the female had her mesmerized, and the strength and size of the male left her a little bit intimidated. Allison looked more closely at her surroundings, they had walked a couple hundred feet from her car through the grass before coming up to a small barn door. Lauren pushed it open and the bright lights inside caused Allison to squint, as she was pulled in through the door it took a few minutes for her eyes to fully adjust. When she looked around Allison was both impressed and aroused by the set-up. In the center of the main room was a large bed with ties coming from each of the four corners and hanging off to the left about ten feet away was a black metal bar, with carabineers attached at either end, that was screwed into a support beam. Not far away was a long table set up against the wall, it held a variety of toys and implements and from her quick assessment she noticed her favorite suede flogger and the bright pink riding crop that Todd had surprised her with a few weeks ago after a particularly hard week at work. As Mike closed and locked the door behind him Allison realized that Todd was no longer with them. She barely had a moment to wonder where he was before Lauren and Mike surrounded her and blocked out any other thoughts.

“That my dear slut is not for you to worry about.” Mike said as he unclipped the leash from her collar and took her left arm, while Lauren grabbed the right. They both double checked her cuffs to make sure they weren’t to tight, then they lifted her arms and clipped the cuffs to the carabineers hanging above Allison’s head. When she was securely attached they knelt down to add cuffs to her ankles and strung ropes from the cuffs to the wooden pillars on either side of the bar. This left Allison spread-eagle under the bright lights with her whole body left open to the mercies of her captors who stepped back to admire their handiwork.

Now that he was no longer having to hold her down Mike was able to freely roam his hands over Allison and he enjoyed the feeling of her smooth skin. He enjoyed the pale color of her skin, but was quite looking forward to the rosy hue it would shortly be taking, this fantasy was turning out so much better than he had hoped. Lauren and Mike had taken turns over the years ‘capturing’ each other, but as they both preferred to be the captors rather than the captive it wasn’t quite as satisfying. Being able to share in the experience together was making him so hot. He reached across Allison and caressed Lauren’s face, the look in her eyes reflecting the desire he felt and he knew she felt the same way.

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