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“You look beat. Are you sure you’re OK to be here?” asked the night manager.

Veronica didn’t even look up as she started logging on to her computer. “Oh, I’m fine, really. Just a little tired, that’s all.” When she saw the night manger giving her a concerned look, she added, “I’m just a little run down, I’ll be OK.”

“Well, it’s your call, but if you’re not feeling well later, give me a call and I’ll come back in and cover for you.”

“That’d be great, thanks.” she answered with a forced smile. With that, the night manger left, and Veronica sighed as her work shift began. It wasn’t the late hour that was getting to her, although it had threatened to. No, she knew that with the shift differential, working late nights was the way to go, even if it did mean she became a zombie half the time. Lately, however, it had been worse. She hadn’t been feeling well for over a week, yet she was not sick, just worn out. Tonight when she woke up for work, she did feel a little queasy, and it wasn’t the first time. A couple of ‘helpful’ coworkers swore she was pregnant, but Veronica refused to believe them. Besides, the unsettled feeling in her stomach passed soon enough. Their suspicions did have merit, but Veronica was pretty sure that she’d been careful. If not, it didn’t matter, for while she wasn’t planning on it anytime soon, Veronica was quite open to the idea of motherhood. Surprisingly, that thought brought a bit of a smile to the young brunette’s face, but it disappeared as soon as the manager left. Once she was alone, Veronica took a look around the lobby before she settled in behind her console.

Even though it was a couple of hours before midnight, the hotel lobby was deserted. Veronica was used to that, in fact she enjoyed it because it meant she could spend most of the evening in peace, either reading a book or surfing the Internet. Customer requests at this late hour were rare, and while the nearby interstate brought in its share of traffic, most people way out here at this time of night usually chose to press on for the city, which was still at least an hour away. About the only people Veronica saw come in were those who were staying, and finishing dinner at the restaurant next door, or it would be one of the restaurant staffers coming in to stock up the complimentary snack bar that the hotel maintained. Either way, she felt confident enough that she’d be able to get some ‘working rest’ without too many distractions. Tonight seemed to be especially quiet, and after sitting behind the desk checking to see if there were any late arrivals scheduled (there weren’t), Veronica decided to take a little walk around the lobby. As always, it was meticulously clean, not even the brochure rack needed any straightening up. She did pause to retrieve the remote for the TV in the lounge, with no one else around she could watch anything she wanted to. Another stop to get a couple of cookies and some juice, and she was all set. Here too Veronica saw that she’d have little company that night, the cookie tray was all full, the restaurant people must have gotten it done early. No matter, she thought as she returned to the desk to enjoy her snack.

The hours of the night ticked by slowly, and as the hands on the clock approached midnight, Veronica had checked in only one family that had been out on the road. She was feeling better than she had at the beginning of her shift, so at least she could look forward to the rest of an uneventful night without feeling like she was going to pass out. With nothing else going on, she decided that it was time for another cookie. It wasn’t that long of a walk over to the snack counter, and while she mused over the choices, Veronica was startled by a hotel guest coming down the stairs with the same idea.

“Oh! Excuse me!” she said as she jumped back, then laughed. “I’m sorry, I’m just not used to anyone coming down this late. Can I help you?”

“No, I’m good,” replied the man as he surreptitiously looked Veronica over. “I guess we both had the same idea, a little midnight snack.”

“Just one of the perks we like to offer our guests.”

“Well, I travel a lot, and you don’t see stuff like this anymore. This is my first stay here, but I don’t think it’ll be my last.”

“That’s good to hear,” replied Veronica as she looked her companion over. He was rather easy on the eyes, she suspected he was an up and coming business type. She couldn’t tell by his demeanor though, for it was quite friendly, even sincere. He just looked the part. On closer examination, Veronica guessed that he might spend a little time in front of the mirror each day, but not too much. His short sleeved shirt belied fairly well developed arms, this athletic looking fellow probably spent some decent hours at the gym. Normally she wouldn’t spend so much time chatting up a guest, but neither of them had anything better to do with their time, and they ended up sitting and talking in the lounge for quite some time. The TV provided its distraction, but the front desk phone was mercifully silent as she got to know her midnight visitor a little better. Most importantly, he wasn’t too forward or pushy, one of the reasons she stayed a little aloof when running the front desk was that guys usually made unwelcome advances. This one was flirty, to be sure, but not overly so, and Veronica was a little sad when he got up to leave. She understood, of course, a traveling businessman needed his sleep, but he did say that he’d try to keep in touch. His territory, she learned, brought him out her way every few months, and when it did he might pass her hotel several times. She’d also learned that his name was Howard, and as soon as he made his way up the stairs to his room, she checked the reservation system. Sure enough, he was in there, scheduled to arrive again late the following week. With that in mind, Veronica returned to her lonely vigil, keeping watch over the lobby until the morning broke.

Howard wasn’t far from her thoughts, which was odd considering the fact that Veronica was ‘attached.’ She shrugged it off to the after affects of her not feeling well, and probably wouldn’t have let her longing for him last more than a couple of days if a bouquet of flowers hadn’t arrived. It was a simple arrangement of seasonal blooms, not the kind of thing that had any hidden meaning in it, and as she guessed, it had come from Howard. Veronica endured the good natured teasing from her coworkers about it, fortunately the flowers were tasteful and simple enough that she could display it on the hotel’s front desk. The unexpected gift certainly lightened her spirits, for she was still feeling a little run down. Veronica made a mental note to finally give in and call her doctor about it, but her thoughts were dwelling more and more on Howard. As the days went on until his next visit, Veronica wondered exactly what it was she felt about him, and often wondered what he was thinking of her.

If Veronica ever knew what he really did think of her, it wouldn’t have come as a shock. Howard was quite taken by her, and rightfully so. Sure her looks had done their part, Howard could hardly close his eyes before seeing a vision of the raven haired beauty in front of him. Veronica’s dark complexion belied her Latina heritage, and her deep brown eyes burned with a passion. Her smile radiated warmth whenever Howard had been blessed enough to glimpse it, and then those same eyes became quite mirthful. At this time Howard could only imagine Veronica’s petal soft lips gracing his, oh how he longed for that day! Her smooth skin looked silky and elegant to the touch that night as it lay just beyond his reach. A part of him wanted to reach out to her as they sat in such close proximity on the couch, but from Veronica’s mannerisms, Howard knew the slow approach to be the one. It took a lot of self control for him to come to this conclusion. Veronica presented as stunning figure, although that night she had been wearing a modest blouse, her Capri pants hinted at something else. They accentuated the curves of her lower body quite well, leaving Howard to imagine how good those firm buns would feel in his hands. Veronica’s breasts were well concealed by her modest top, however it would have been impossible to hide the swell that defined her upper body. Catching a glimpse of them, or better yet allowing his tongue to trace across her obviously firm bosom became a mission for Howard. He had done rather extensive traveling throughout his career, and knew that some desk clerks he’d met could be quite easy, other’s took a gentler touch. It was a challenge he would not shy away from.

The days until Howard’s next stay at the hotel passed quickly, but not nearly fast enough for his tastes. Once again, a bouquet of flowers arrived to beautify Veronica’s desk, they also served to announce his arrival to her. Howard had no way of knowing that he needn’t have bothered. She had been checking the reservation system on a daily basis to ensure that he was still booked. The sight of the blooms sitting in their vase on the desktop warmed Veronica’s heart when she stepped through the door that evening, not even a recurring bout of nausea could dampen her spirits. The night manager jokingly offered to stay and keep her company, but smiled and laughed when she saw the shocked look on Veronica’s face. As soon as she delivered her parting joke and left, Veronica hurriedly checked out the lobby area that was her responsibility. Howard or no Howard, she still had a job to do. Her luck was holding though, no major work needed to be done, and the restaurant staff had already come by and left. She toyed briefly with the idea of dropping by his room, but decided that doing so might send him the wrong message. Instead, she contented herself with waiting to see if he’d come down for a snack like she hoped he would. She didn’t have long to wait.

Howard came bounding down the stairs not long after Veronica was done with her nightly routine. He seemed more than happy to see her, and even went so far as to greet her with an unexpected peck on istanbul escort the cheek. That made Veronica blush, but it didn’t put a damper on their night together. As they had done before, the two of them settled down on the couch to watch some late night television. It didn’t take them nearly as long to snuggle together, and Veronica noticed Howard’s hand wandering down from her shoulder as he draped it across her back. She initially resisted this advance, more out of habit than anything else. Howard was persistent, and Veronica found her defenses crumbling. With Howard nuzzling her neck, she relented, allowing his hand to caress her breasts softly through her blouse. That encouraged him to do more, and in moments their lips were pressed together and their tongues vigorously darting between them. Howard moved quickly as Veronica melted in his arms. Another hand snaked its way up her thigh, seeking the hem of her modest skirt. She intercepted him, but not for long, letting his hand come to rest on her inner thigh. Only a few more inches and he’d be caressing her pussy through her panties, but Veronica adamantly refused to allow him to go that far. She didn’t mind being flirty, but things were quickly getting out of hand. When he started fiddling with the buttons on her blouse, Veronica made a halfhearted attempt to shy away, but she was drawn to him and couldn’t make him stop. One by one they became unfastened, she even found herself helping him push her blouse back and out of the way. Her bra was next, and although it had a front closure, Howard’s strong hands eased the cups down instead, letting Veronica’s gorgeous tits spill free.

As soon as she felt her bra slipping away, Veronica’s eyes closed, as if she was in a trance. The feel of Howard’s hands caressing her breasts was exhilarating. He was squeezing those gorgeous mounds together in his hands while pinching her nipples between his fingers. She arched her back, thrusting her breasts out towards him as she implored him to do more. With those perky breasts shoved in his face, Howard couldn’t resist. He lowered his head down to her and flicked a tongue out onto a brown nipple. Veronica moaned as the rest of his mouth followed. Howard sucked all of one breast into his mouth, letting her nipple slide along his tongue before releasing her, only to repeat the process on the other side. He kept squeezing her breasts while he sucked, although he tweaked her nipples harder as he went along. Soon his teeth were involved too, scraping gently across Veronica’s hard brown nipples before he kissed them. Her arms were drawn up to the back of his head, pulling Howard onto her tits while her soft moans echoed through the empty lobby. Again he tried to sneak a hand up her skirt, but Veronica shied away. Sure what they were doing felt wonderful, but she just couldn’t let this go where he was leading it. Just as Howard’s fingers started to touch the damp crotch of her panties, he felt her jump.

A pained look was on her face as Veronica stammered her excuses to him. “I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m so sorry,” she pleaded. He stroked her face lovingly while she did, despite his disappointment. Veronica seemed to be on the verge of crying as he reassured her that everything was all right, that he’d be willing to do anything she wanted. That drew a pause from her, and she looked long and deep into his eyes. Her dark eyes sparkled as she came to a realization that this man was special, that he’d give her all the time she needed, and Veronica made up her mind as to what to do next. One more look into Howard’s eyes and her internal conflict ended. Veronica knew that she wasn’t going to be able to give him everything he wanted, at least not tonight, but there was still something else she could do for him.

In a flash she was down on the carpeted floor in front of Howard as he sat on the couch. He spread his legs apart instinctively as Veronica’s hands found his zipper and gave it a tug. In a moment she had his cock freed, it was mostly hard from their make out session, and a quick suck from her hot mouth got it all the way there. Veronica’s actions were unexpected after her pause before, but Howard understood that she still needed more time. He was rather open to her idea of what she could do for him in the meantime, even though she hadn’t discussed it with him. Big brown eyes looked into his as Veronica’s head bobbed up and down on Howard’s hard shaft. Her saliva coated his cock as she sucked him deep into her mouth and eased his cock down her throat. Howard fought the urge to grab Veronica by the back of the head while she sucked him, instead allowing her to blow him the way she wanted to. She was more of a cock sucker than stroker, using short bobbing motions of her head while she swallowed as much of his cock as she could. Periodically she’d stop, pulling Howard’s cock out of her mouth before going down on him again. Her head bobbed up and down on him a little more now, moving faster and faster as she maintained a tight suction on Howard’s cock. Veronica’s hands had come to rest on his thighs as she sucked him, letting her mouth do all of the work. Howard gave in to the urge to reach down and fondle Veronica’s breasts while she sucked him, but when she shook him off they finally came to rest on the back of her head. He ran her luxurious black hair through his fingers before he started directing her, pumping her head up and down faster and faster on his ramrod stiff cock. “Oh God, oh yes!” he murmured as she purred her delight. The little vibration it caused in the back of her throat while she hummed drove Howard absolutely wild. As Veronica sucked down hard on him one more time, he gasped and came, unable to suppress his feelings any longer.

Big gobs of cum shot into Veronica’s throat, she swallowed as much of it down as she could before letting the rest dribble over her soft lips and back onto Howard’s erect shaft. His cream filled her mouth and tasted so good as she sucked the last few drops out of his spurting cock. Howard’s hands came free off the back of Veronica’s head, but she stayed in place, on her knees in front of him, sucking even harder. His gasps soon quieted as she finally took his cock in her hands and used her tongue and lips to clean him off. She chased down every last drop of his cum that she missed, lapping it up hungrily before giving his cock one last long suck. A quick kiss on the tip of his prick ended it as the Latina beauty rose up to meet Howard’s embrace. The hour was late and she knew that he’d be getting back to his room while she straightened herself up. Fortunately he had cum while inside her mouth, so there was no mess in her hair, and a glance in the mirror showed her where some of Howard’s jizz still lingered on her face. A finger scraped that off quickly, and she sucked it down as well, savoring the man’s taste. She bade him a good evening, knowing that he’d dream of that blow job for months to come as she buttoned her blouse and took up her position behind the desk once again.

The expected floral arrangements from Howard followed in the next couple of weeks, along with a personal note thanking her for such a wonderful evening together. That made Veronica smile, she felt as if she’d gotten just as much out of it as he had. Unfortunately, Howard also revealed that it would be some time before he’d be in her area again, leaving Veronica to pine away for him on her own. Still, he made a new reservation quickly, and she longed to see him again. In the meantime, her lingering feeling of being unwell finally led her to the doctor’s office, where a new development awaited her. Veronica was pregnant, nearly two months so by the time she found out. Howard surely wasn’t responsible, but Veronica knew who was. He took the news in stride, leaving any decision to be made up to her. By this time, Veronica had warmed up to the idea, and despite his reluctance to take any part in her life, she made up her mind. It was a weighty decision, but one Veronica had arrived at freely, and she willingly accepted the consequences of her actions. As the days until Howard’s next visit passed, she wondered how he would take the news. It would take a strong character to accept her the way she was, but she had a feeling that if his feelings for her hadn’t changed, everything between them would be fine. Besides, now that the threat of her getting pregnant was gone, and she knew which direction her previous relationship was going, Veronica felt she could be a lot freer when Howard arrived.

What Veronica didn’t factor in to all of her thinking was cold feet. When Howard finally came back, she greeted him very warmly, despite the presence of a couple of her coworkers. They shared a knowing look as she embraced him, but to their credit they went about their normal duties. He was a little late checking in, so as soon as he had gotten himself settled in his room, Howard made up his mind to go visit Veronica immediately. She was nervously anticipating him, but said nothing revealing as they made their way to the couch together. It had been a long three months for both of them, and not much was really said between them before they found themselves in each other’s arms. Now that there was some history between them, Veronica and Howard found themselves tearing through the preliminary steps rather quickly. She was more sure of herself and her intentions this time, pausing at nothing and allowing Howard’s hands to wander freely. In the back of her mind, Veronica wondered if he’d notice the slight bulge forming at her midsection, and she decided to explain things to him if and only if he did. Howard didn’t seem to notice as he eased Veronica’s top out of the way, but perhaps he was too intent on getting at her breasts again. They were slightly larger than he remembered them, mostly due to her condition, but he certainly didn’t mind. Soon his mouth and hands were fully involved, and Veronica was pressing his head down into her tits. She was moaning as he sucked on them, and all he noticed that was different was that Veronica was much less inhibited this night. During his ride to the hotel, Howard had considered how to approach her, figuring on taking the slow route again, but her reactions forced him to change tactics. As Howard’s mouth greedily suckled on her breasts, he snaked a hand down toward her previously forbidden thighs.

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