Miss Bradshaw

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Beach Hairy

Miss Bradshaw was a very independent and capable woman who had her own small village grocery store. She had run this store with the help of two part time serving ladies for twenty years, and was a well-known figure in Little Piddlington. Miss Bradshaw was a stocky broad shouldered brunette who had a deep voice and a throaty laugh. She walked with a large purposeful stride and looked you straight in the eye as if to say, I’m in charge, I give the orders around here. Once a week on a Thursday the delivery lorry pulled in at the store, Miss Bradshaw checked in the goods, helped unload and sort them. She had her matronly eye on a new young driver called, Joe, a handsome, firm-limbed young man, and she suspected he was just the type that she could have an exciting relationship with.

Let it be said at this point in the story Miss Bradshaw had a taste for handsome young submissive males who suited her temperament and gave her scope to experiment with. She was experienced and enjoyed the lifestyle but she kept her activities between herself and those she chose to practise on. As yet she was uncertain of Joe’s orientation, but she was almost convinced he was inclined that way. She sensed this from his servile attitude and the way he kept calling her ma’am. On his last visit he had said he was glad to be of service, and if she needed anything doing just ask and he would oblige willingly. This time she intended to make advances. He was a fine boy and she wanted him for her plaything.

She unlocked the door of her private backroom in order to prepare herself and check her equipment. This was her sex parlour, and it was here that she enjoyed the exquisite pleasure of using her willing victims. She pulled on her white corset, attached the hanging suspenders to dark stocking tops, followed by a cloak which looked like a dress but could easily be opened out to reveal her underwear. Miss Bradshaw knew the merit of shock, and at the right moment she would shock the boy onto his knees. She also put on a pair of patent leather platform shoes, and then sat down with a cup of tea to await Joe’s arrival. She felt quite excited at the thought of having him under her power and planned her complete mastery; he would be putty in her capable hands. This delivery boy would be her slave to serve her sexually and to make her life easier and more pleasant. He was young and green, but she could train him just as she wished. Once he had tasted the pleasures of service he would crave subjection… ah, what a lovely thought.

For his part Joe had mersin escort been dreaming of Miss Bradshaw and lay in bed masturbating while imagining he was her sex slave. He was twenty, still living with his parents, and very inexperienced when it came to sexual matters. He was a good-natured boy who had always been shy of girls and he had a submissive character. Bullied by other boys when he was at school, he left at fifteen and had various jobs but settled in his present delivery job. He sensed a difference in Miss Bradshaw from other women and he’d willingly become her complete slave. It was not her looks or age, but her sense of command that slew him; he felt weak and his stomach turned over when she pierced him with her commanding eye.

“You’re a little late, boy,” said Miss Bradshaw as he climbed from the cab.

“Yes, I’m sorry, ma’am, the traffic has been awful.”

“Get it all unloaded and come and have some tea.”

He looked at her retreating hips the back of her shoes and ankles as she went back into the shop. He thought: “God, she’s lovely. What a fine woman, I’d do anything to serve her; I’d kiss the very floor she walked on.”

Miss Bradshaw sat opposite him in an armchair with her long stockinged legs crossed. Joe stared at her shoes and legs, mesmerized. He could hardly take his eyes off of them.

“Are you fond of shoes, young man?” she asked, staring straight into his eyes without flinching.

Joe did not know what to say. He coloured and looked at the carpet. She raised her voice.

“Look at me,’ she said. “You silly boy, are you afraid of me? Now answer my question. I have no time for fools.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am, I’m just a little nervous.” He looked up into her face. Her eyes pierced into him and he had to look away. He felt the pit of his stomach turn over. He rubbed his hands together, feeling sheepish and uncomfortable.

“Get down on your knees,” she spoke in a sharp commanding voice. Joe obeyed instinctively and knelt.

“You will obey me, do you understand?”

Joe did not look up. His heart turned over; he was trembling. “Yes, ma’am,” he stammered.

“Get down and kiss both my shoes, boy. Go on, grovel.” Joe did exactly as he was told and she watched him with a smile on her face, for at that moment she knew the boy was hers. Her heart skipped a beat; hers, all hers, and she would mould him as she desired.

Miss Bradshaw stood up, leaving Joe on his knees at her feet and opened her cloak standing in front of him with her mersinescort.asia feet slightly apart, looking down on him. Joe looked slowly up to see her long firm stocking clad legs ending in suspenders, which held the dark stocking tops tightly over her ample white thighs. His stunned gaze travelled up to see her white corset and a triangle of red lace encasing her private parts. It was sight he would never forget; a strong woman looking down on him as he waited for her orders.

“You!” said Miss Bradshaw. “Will be my slave. Follow me now on all fours, boy.” She turned on her heel and led him along, unlocking her private backroom. Joe watched her stocky, firm buttocks swing as she opened the door and locked it behind them both. “This is my training room where I will train you to serve my every need, and punish you for my amusement and pleasure. Do you understand me, boy?” she glared at him.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Now, firstly to show you I’m in charge, lie down on the floor face upwards.” When he had done this she placed a firm thick cushion under his head, squatted down, and sat on his face, placing her whole weight and large buttocks on him. She moved around a little to get a comfortable seat. “Keep still boy, that’s better. I can see you need to have your face sat on until you learn how to accommodate my bottom properly.”

How lovely it felt to have a man’s face once again under her bottom. She flexed her buttocks and wriggled on his squashed face. “Ah,” she sighed with delight. “That feels so good.” Now Miss Bradshaw weighed in at eleven and a half stone and most of this was on poor Joe’s upturned face so he could just about draw breath through his nose. He raised his hands towards her corseted thighs, and at this gesture she lifted her buttocks and spoke very severely to him.

“Put those hands down, don’t you dare touch me, slave.” She angrily stood up, her feet each side of his head, and he gazed up into her crotch. He could see pubic hair, dark and curly, under and around the slit of her labia. She removed her panties while standing over him, stepping out of the red nylon lacy briefs. He could now see her womanhood in all its glory; lots of curly dark hair and the big, firm outer lips of her vagina pouting towards his face. She turned around and knelt over him, pinning his arms to the floor under her knees. As she knelt, her corset stretched and he was looking right at her full blown cunt. What a sight! He licked his lips involuntary. She held the panties in front of his face, “Open your mouth wide slave, boy,” and she pushed the panties into his mouth bit by bit, until his gaping mouth was full of her panties and his cheeks blown out to their fullest extent.

Then she gripped his nose with her right hand and shook his head, slapping his face with her left.”Now understand this clearly,” she said in a raised voice,” You are my slave and I will do whatever I like with you.” At this she laughed out loud. She pulled out the panties and he gasped in some air.

“Yes ma’am,” gasped Joe.” And it’s a real honour for me to serve you.”

“Good. Well now, we will see what pleasure your tongue can give me,” she said and squatted right onto his mouth, rubbing her hairy, moist pussy over his nose and open mouth. “Lick it boy, lick it well. I want my cunt serviced so get on with it.”

Joe was in heaven as the cunt lips rubbed on his face and the juices ran over his mouth and nose. He just lapped and lapped at the tasty fluids. He could feel the hard knob of her clit as it pressed into his tongue and he licked it until his tongue ached. Her motion was speeding up now and her bum cheeks were slapping into him as she wriggled. She swivelled and ground her large buttocks against his face. Her warm vaginal liquid began to ooze freely over Joes face wetting his mouth lips and nose, a sweet, musky slime.”Ah lovely,” she began to moan as she dragged her pussy back and forward across his face. Joe was engulfed in the soft flesh of her inner lips. She began to thrash around as she approached orgasm and he felt her buttocks clench and tighten as she came with a low wail, almost wolf-like in its intensity.

Miss Bradshaw sat exhausted by the effort on Joe’s pounded face, and then she lifted herself up and looked down at her slave. What a sight, his face was covered in her slimy juices, pubic hair was sticking to his lips and nose, and he even had pubes caught in his teeth. She burst into laughter. “What a disgusting state, you need a damn good wash.” She raised her bottom above him and began to piss over his face, letting her urine flow out, freely splashing it over his nose mouth and lips. She then handed him her dirty panties and said, “Now wipe your face boy and get this mess cleared up at once,” and she walked out, locking him in.

This was the start of Joe’s willing enslavement to Miss Bradshaw, and many filthy sessions followed this introduction. Slowly but surely his own individuality and will slipped away in her presence and she ruled him completely. He fell deeply in love with this Goddess, and her bodily service became his continuing obsessive desire. It was also the trigger to Joe’s lifelong fetish, which was to become his sought after lifestyle, as in so many similar cases.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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