Miss James’s Lesson Ch. 05

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Her hand moved instinctively to her stinging wet bum and gently massaged it. He had unbound her before going back inside, and she had sat there panting and shaking as her mind returned from its orgasmic prison. Now she stood, looking out over the balcony, luxuriating in the pulsing glow that spread through her body, and thinking of the woman she had been denying all this time. A movement from below her gaze caught her, and she looked over the water to one of the houses. In the window stood the silhouette of a man. She watched, and could make out a sound that went with his movements. He was clapping, slowly applauding her, the star of the show. Miss James paused a moment not knowing how to react. Then she pulled off her wig letting her golden mane fall to her shoulders and pulled off the mask, dropping them both at her feet. She nodded her head and curtsied to the man over the water. Then she turned and walked into the flat.

Inside he was standing in front of the armchair packing his bag with the last of the toys. He had finished packing his cameras away and the floodlights had been switched off. Four mini-tapes sat on one of the silver camera cases. He turned as he heard her heels clicking on the floor. He was still naked, and his eyes still had that dark spellbinding look. She was going to enjoy this.

“I want more.”

Her voice was calm, even, and quietly insistent. His eyebrow rose in surprise; a minute ago she could barely stand.

“Not tonight,” he said, “but Ill let you know next time I’m free.”

Slowly Miss James slid her fingertip up the length of his sticky member, and trailed it up over his tummy. His cock had already started to react to her as it had when she first walked in. She was going to get what she wanted.

“Now,” she ordered. As she spoke her hand reached his shoulder and she pushed him hard. The back of his leg was too close to the chair, and he fell caught off guard by what was happening. Quickly she straddled him on the armchair just as she had done to her husband earlier. She pushed her naked pussy into the boys face and commanded him to lick. His hands came up to her ass and squeezed, and he opened his mouth on her, his tongue burying itself between the folds of her pussy.

“You’ve been a very naughty boy and a very bad student,” sighed Miss James. “You’re going to have to make it up to me now or face the consequences.”

His tongue lapped at the length of her quim and he dug his fingers into the soft firm flesh of her ass.

“This slut is absolutely insatiable,” he thought. “An absolute nympho-fucking-maniac.”

It was a thought he really enjoyed and his mind began playing out the different ways he would fuck her and make her a slave to his cock. As she ground her pussy into his face he could feel himself getting stiffer and stiffer. If this bitch wanted to get her brains fucked out by a young hung stud… Well, who was he to argue? He closed his mouth over her clit and began lashing it with his tongue. It wasn’t going to take much for such a whore to end up begging for his cum.

She felt his lips on her clit and smiled inwardly.

“I nevşehir escort know what you’re up to,” she thought. An involuntary spasm caught her as he started licking her button. What a talented boy he was. She lifted her hips so his mouth was once again locked to her pussy and pulled his head tighter to her.

“Mmmm good boy,” she said as she felt him gasping against her cunt, and she humped harder, feeling the stirrings of an orgasm as his face rubbed against her.

“I think it’s time to start your lecture.”

She slid down his body, and took the head of his cock in her mouth. He was so thick, she loved the way it felt in her mouth as she slid her tongue around him.

“God this bitch can suck!”

He could’ve easily let himself unload in his teacher’s mouth, but after smothering him like that he wanted to hear her scream, just like she had on the balcony. He was breathless, but glowing and as he felt her start to stroke him, his look changed back to the same intense glare he’d had before. Her eyes locked with his as she worked her mouth on him. Her hand came up from the floor, her red silk scarf held loosely in her fingers, and she began stroking his thighs and balls with the soft fabric. He closed his eyes as he felt the softness of the scarf on his balls. He groaned in appreciation of her creativity, feeling her lips move and slide over his swollen cock-head. Sexy older women always had a few tricks up their sleeves, and he loved to take advantage of their knowledge. Delicately she wound the scarf around his cock, sliding it softly across the base of his shaft. The fabric trailed over his burning member, her stroking becoming the melody to her mouth’s slurping rhythm. Not until too late did he realise what she planned, and his big cock began to stretch and grow even more as Miss James’s knot restricted the blood flow.

The tightness was sudden. Where his cock had been supported it was now being squeezed, and he opened his eyes to see his manhood bulging, the veins almost bursting under the pressure. Miss James’s mouth still consumed the end of his meat, and her soft sweet lips and slippery tongue quickly cooled his indignation. He moaned again as she used the long strip of fabric that hung from the knot to tease his balls.

“So what if she wanted him harder for even longer,” he thought. “She doesn’t know what she’s in for.”

They were on the floor. She had lifted her mouth from his cock and asked in that seductive voice if he would 69 with her. She had moved off him, and lain on the floor, telling him he wanted to feel him using her mouth; fucking it like a deep wet cunt. The moment her body hit the floor he was in her mouth again. She swallowed his massive cock, taking nearly half his meat in one go, then relaxing as he began a slow rhythmic pumping. He held her thighs wide and continued to lap at her pussy, drawing his tongue in long strokes from her clit to her anus and back.

Miss James lay back on the hard wooden floor letting her pussy get eaten and her mouth get used.

“Oh yes,” she thought as his massive cock probed her throat, “definitely nevsehirescort.net a talented boy!”

She grabbed her young students behind to steady his thrusting. His tongue hit her clit and she moaned through the meat in her throat, digging her nails into his ass. She was going to cum very soon, but not before she’d finished giving him her lesson. Miss James took the end of her scarf, and drew it between her young lovers cheeks. Instantly his hips jerked upwards in surprise, freeing her mouth of his cock. He froze, as his virgin ring was touched for the first time. She grinned as she realised she’d been right, and that now it was her turn to play. Calmly Miss James continued and slowly he relaxed (still keeping his body raised), letting himself get used to the new and pleasant sensations that passed from his anus to his balls and cock. He panted quietly as she stroked his ring with her silk covered fingers, and she could see his cock visibly straining as his arousal grew. A drop of pre-cum was forming on the tip, and she licked it off eagerly. She loved the paralysing effect she was having on him, but she wasn’t done yet. Her other hand reached for the bag of toys that lay next to them on the floor, and she pulled out the sticky twelve-inch dildo that had earlier been forced between her splayed thighs.

His whole body was on edge from his aching straining cock, to his hard little nipples. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t think, he just held his position feeling her fingers probing his ass. He hadn’t noticed when she shifted her body beneath him, but when her tongue slipped between his cheeks and flicked against his ring he nearly came then and there. He moaned incoherently, his senses totally dumbstruck by her actions. He felt his cock beginning to leak pre-cum in a steady flow and knew he would cum like nothing he’d ever known. He could feel her saliva running down from his ass to his balls and he wished desperately that his cock were free to explode. He was moaning and gasping continuously now, “like a bitch getting fucked,” he thought; but his body was no longer under his control.

Then it happened. The sensations came over him as if in slow motion, each taking a lifetime to run its course. First the soft silk of the scarf parted his ass cheeks in replacement of her tongue, but this time there was more, like she was sheathing all her fingers at once. Then it hit his now very wet anus, probing it, penetrating him just so slightly and sending shockwaves of erotic fire through his body. Then the pain hit and he screamed in shock and fear, as his virgin ass was torn open by the silk clad phallus.

“OH MY GOD YOU BITCH!!!” he cried and tried to scramble forward on all fours. As he did her long supple legs came up and wrapped around his midriff squeezing him tight and halting his escape. He cried out again enraged and tried to free himself, only to be stung by a slap to his balls.

“Now, now you naughty boy” came his teachers stern voice, “You’re going to learn to take your punishment like a man.” She pushed some more and slid another two inches of the big thick dildo into his ass. He groaned and struggled again, but stopped when her hand closed tightly around his scrotum. Steadily, Miss James pumped the dildo back and forth in the boy’s ass. She had around half of the thick twelve-incher buried inside him now. A small tuft of fabric stuck out from his behind as she worked the black monster cock in and out of him.

The pain was subsiding now and the burning lust that had hold of him before was gradually taking him again. His ass was so full and stretched and it felt so good. His cock ached for release so badly. His massive member now swollen beyond his wildest imaginings twitched beneath him as this slutty whore of a woman fucked him in the ass with a dildo. Without realising, he started rocking back on the cock in his ass, letting it go deeper. The feeling was so good he couldn’t take it.

“I’m going to cum! Fuck, Miss I’m going to cum…”

Miss James sat up behind him and pumped faster, fucking him hard now with her big cock.

“Come on you little bastard, cum for me!”

He felt his balls contracting and his cock start to spasm. He cried out incoherently as his orgasm hit like a bomb in his belly. His arms gave way and he shook moaning louder and longer than he had breath to, and he felt a shooting pain through is cock that seemed only to heighten the experience. Miss James slapped his backside and stuffed more of the big black dildo into him making him cry out again and again. His orgasm seemed to last forever, his big cock twitching endlessly, but not a drop of his cum issued forth from it. As his orgasm began to fade, the pain in his groin lingered on as his body tried in vain to discharge his boiling load.

“My god Miss James, what have you done to me?” he moaned.

“I taught you the lesson you tried to teach me,” she replied. Then grasping his balls firmly in her hand again she said with a smile, “And don’t forget, it’s Mistress James to you.”


The birds were already singing, though the sun was not quite ready to get up yet. Miss James walked to her car in her long coat. The chill of the morning was counteracted by the warm glow that radiated from her body. Her thighs were slick with cum, both his and her own. She had rolled him onto his back and ridden his big cock for so long, using the dildo to bring his arousal up and down as she wanted, and only untying him after she’d cum three more times that night. She giggled as she remembered his face when she’d pulled the scarf out of his ass during his last orgasm. She had never felt such a torrent of cum in her pussy before and it had set off her own little tidal wave in her pussy. She’d always heard men could be multi-orgasmic, but shed never really believed it until now.

The smile on her face lasted all the way to her home, where she washed briefly and went to her bed. Her husband lay fast asleep still, totally unaware of his wife’s adventure. She kissed him softly on the cheek and lay down next to him, her eyes closing almost instantly. Tomorrow was Saturday, and she could unwind at last, but strangely her mind wandered to Monday. It was the start of another long and boring week at the college with unruly students and pompous arrogant colleagues. Miss James drifted off into a deep peaceful slumber, thinking about Monday. Odd though it was, she just couldn’t wait for it to come.

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