Mistress Valeria Pt. 02

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Big Dicks

First of all, thanks to everyone for the views and ratings and favorites. It’s greatly appreciated to know others liked the story as much as myself and Mistress Valeria did when reading it. I hope everyone keeps up as the story continues.

Follow Up from part 1- I saw Mistress Valeria for an extremely hot evening of domination but this was just the beginning as I knew I had to see her again that same weekend before she was gone. Part 2 is also about 90% accurate based on my memory of this even from a few months ago.

Chapter 4 Stuck in My Head

I wake up Friday morning completely refreshed from the amazing orgasm the night before with my new found Mistress or at least I saw Valeria as my future mistress. I didn’t know yet at this point but it would definitely come to be true in my future. I would completely submit to her in ways I never thought I could but I am getting ahead of myself. Anyway, I get myself out of bed and off to work all the while replaying the moment I got to see her glorious cock. It was just such a sight to see. All other transwomen before her I just saw as part of my fetish but Mistress Valeria had changed it from kinky sex into more. I had become truly hooked on her cock and it had to be her fat, long cock not just any cock.

I was in a trance at work all day trying to focus but all the while going back to her ad to just see her enticing pictures. I even texted her a few times to say how amazing the night before was and that I couldn’t get her cock out of my head. All in the while hoping just to hear back something from her enjoying the evening as well.

Mistress responds, “Your so sweet, glad you enjoyed yourself. I had fun too.” Now for me I didn’t care if that was her just being polite instead of honest, it only made me want her more. I knew I had to see her again to get more of that cock and give a more lasting impression. I wanted to take her whole cock inside my tight ass and let her thoroughly pound me.

After work I took some time to consider my options and said “Fuck it, I must see her.” So Friday night I asked, “When are you free again because I have to see that cock again?” I was left waiting a few hours and they felt like some of the most painstakingly long hours I have ever witness. I texted a few more times to show my true devotion to her cock and hopefully entice her into not being able to say no. Again, clearly she was already more the Mistress to me then she had any idea about. Finally Pendik escort bayan around midnight, while I was watching some Netflix, I heard my phone buzz. I quickly turned to look and pick up my phone and on the front I could see it was her number with a message. “Sure baby, I’m free Sunday afternoon before I leave town.” Fuck yes, I was in for round 2 and I couldn’t be more excited.

Chapter 5 Give it to me Mistress

Saturday was a flash of constant day dreaming for Mistress Valeria so I will just hop on to Sunday. I am anxious all morning to see Mistress and trying so hard not to masturbate before hand so that I have a huge load for her. Quickly it becomes afternoon and I have texted her that I was getting ready to head over. I shower and thoroughly make sure I am clean everywhere and smelling my best before I head out. I drive the 20 mins to see her trying so hard not to speed but I am weaving in and out of traffic, moving along as quick and safe as one can be when they are on the way to get hot sex. I arrive outside her hotel and for the first time I consider just testing something.

I text her saying, “I am here Mistress, on my way up to be all yours.” Now I had not really let on to her at all that I wanted or saw her as a mistress yet. I had just said I felt addicted to her cock but her first impression had been I was a top just trying to sub. This however was a small cry out to being her sub and I wasn’t sure how it would go. However, my god did it go exactly as I could have wished for.

I made my way up to her room and knocked with the same amazing anticipation as the first time I saw her. She let me in and immediately pulled me in for a kiss. Her velvety lips instantly made my knees weak as I grabbed a hand full of her ass. When we had finally finished saying a form of hello, I took a step back and she was wearing this super hot tight top but not pants, panties or anything. Her fat, glorious cock was just out, semi hard and begging me to kneel. I was instantly hard as a rock.

Mistress pulled me over to the bed and sat down and said, “Time to suck my cock baby and do as Mistress tells you.” I had been staring at her cock but these words made me stop and look her in the eyes. A small smirk across her face showed she knew exactly what I wanted when I texted Mistress to her. She could tell I wanted to be used and told how to please her. It was like she reached into my thoughts. If it was possible I was definitely Escort Pendik more hooked on her now than before. I immediately got on my knees, grabbed her cock and stuffed it in my mouth. I forced it down my throat to gag and drool on it so that it was wet for me to play with. I then took my time toying with her going from stroking her cock to licking the sides and her balls. Just letting her know I wanted the whole process to last. Mistress was talking dirty the whole time, telling me to suck slowly on the head and then her balls.

My only response was moaning on her cock and whispering, “Yes, Mistress.”

I kept on her cock like I was dying of thirst and that if I sucked enough I would receive water. I bobbed up and down, I sucked just the head, and I forced my throat down as much as I could on it. Never able to take more then half of her fat, thick cock down my throat but I was getting so much satisfaction of just getting her cock back in my mouth, ass if I hadn’t had it for months or years.

Finally after maybe 15 mins of just taking that cock in my mouth, Mistress said, “Its time to get another look at that sweet ass.” Mistress pulled me up, we kissed again as she pushed me onto the bed on my chest, my ass leaning over the side. Mistress slapped my ass a few times, spread my cheeks and rubbed her finger on my rosebud. Mistress moans, “Yes still so tight, I love it.” Mistress grabs a condom, lubes herself then shoves a finger in my ass to lube me up.

I moan into the covers and beg, “Please give me your whole cock, I want it all this time.”

I feel her lean into me, her cock rubbing my ass, her tits on my back and she whispers, “I was hoping you would say that.”

Mistress pulls her finger out, and leans in as she stuffs her cock in me. I am so tight, my ass is either unwilling to give room for all her cock or it is not prepared to take such a massive cock that is just is in pain. It felt like a pressure build up but the pain was mixed with pleasure that had me moaning loudly as she starts pumping into me with my ass hanging off the bed.

Now, as anyone who has tried anal, it either takes a lot of time to slowly work an ass open for a good fucking or you have to train the ass before hand so that over time it can take a cock relatively easy without any pre-work. Neither of these things had been done so I wasn’t truly going to take her cock how I wanted to fully but it did still feel good for me. Pendik Rus Escort After a few minutes of her going at my she pushes me further up on the bed and lays down on top of me so we are both fully on the bed. Mistress thinks this angle she can dig deeper but I still feel the pressure so I am thinking she is getting deep inside me. Regardless I am moaning and whimpering for her fat cock to take me as she keeps saying, “Yea take this cock in that ass.”

We go at it a few more minutes in this position before she decides she wants to see my face as she fucks me to completion. I flip over on my back and Mistress grabs my legs and forcefully pulls me to the end of the bed. Mistress re-lubes myself and her cock and slides back into me, with the pressure lessened and the pleasure higher. She starts going at me while stroking me cock with my legs up on her shoulders. At her pace on my cock and in my ass it doesn’t take long before my balls build up and my cock is ready to explode.

I moan hard and say, “Mistress, I am about to cum everywhere.” She moans and goes slightly faster and cause me to finally explode and boy did I. I shot a few shots all the way up to my face and neck and the rest all over my chest. The orgasm was felt over my whole body, just a huge release of pleasure all at once. I was now numb and exhausted. Mistress went and cleaned up and brought me a wet cloth to clean myself. I laid there a few minutes and we spoke a little on life. Finally I found the energy to get up and showered and cleaned up completely before kissing Mistress one more time and leaving.

I was sad to be walking out the door as the orgasms she gave me were so beyond fantastic. Not to mention I felt I didn’t completely please mistress as I could tell I never truly took her all or allowed her a lot of time to just fuck me senseless. I messaged her later that night that it was amazing again and that I hope she would be back in town soon. Mistress Valeria enjoyed herself too and mentioned to watch her schedule for when she will return but it would be a few months. At that point I was already thinking of the next time but I knew I wanted something different. I wanted to completely submit to Mistress. I needed to be a perfect boy toy and truly take her whole cock. I needed to buy some butt plugs to pre-stretch myself perfectly for Mistress. I was not just hooked on her cock anymore, I was hooked on the fantasy of being a complete butt slut, boy toy, and submissive to her.

The End

Thanks for all the love on part 1 and I hope part 2 is just as good for all of you. I know part 2 was relatively short but it is all about a setup for part 3 as it is when everything truly came together so keep a look out for that going forward.

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