Sensual Sex with my Beautiful Lady

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“Sensual sex with my beautiful lady”.

I feel you longing for my loving comfort, and the sensual caress of my body against yours. And so I stand before you ready for our embrace. How have longed for you, to feel your beautiful hair brush against my cheeks and to savour the scent of your beautiful slit, as I caress the cheeks of your shaven lady with my tongue. Looking into your beautiful eyes, our lips meet and our tongues entwine in a dance of love. Your hand, reaching down, slips into my undies, and I feel the warmth of your fingers against my growing shaft. I reciprocate, sliding my hand down the front of your shorts, to feel the warm wetness of your velvety slit. With my fingers wet, I remove my hand and envelop my glistening, wet fingers between my lips. The beautiful scent of your vagina awakens the lust within me and as my penis enlarges, I lift you into my arms and carry you to the lounge.

Gently, I lay you on the lounge, and as I begin to undress myself, you lift your pelvis and remove, first your shorts, then your nickers, exposing your beautiful flower. Oh how I’ve often gazed upon it. Then you remove your T-shirt, revealing your full mammaries, their areolas swaying gently back and forth in the light. Fully naked, we lay side by side, and showering each other with Niğde Escort kisses, we run our hands down one another’s bodies, as our genitals oozing with desire, long to be together.

Wrapping your thighs around my upper leg and embracing it, I feel the warmth and wetness of your moist slit against my thigh as you rub it and it’s wetness against me. Then reaching downwards your soft hand cradles my balls – oh how beautiful it feels, pulling them downward to enhance the stiffness of my shaft, as it craves it’s inevitable entry into the soft recesses of your slit. Then running my hand downward, I feel for the wetness of your moist cunt, and upon finding it, I insert my fingers inside you, dipping them into your warm cum. Then while we kiss with renewed passion, I begin stroking your engorged clit with my moist fingers . Your sighs of pleasure are sweet music to my ears.

How lovely and soft your labia feel. With two fingers, I caress and massage your slit, seeking out the spongy softness of your clit rubbing back and forth, then in circular motion, all the while watching your eyes as we kiss, for signs of inevitable orgasm. My attention turns to your areola and your now erect nipples, as I see goosebumps on your body, which is tingling with expectation.

How Niğde Escort Bayan my heart beats with love for you, beautiful woman that you are – beautiful in mind, beautiful in body and beautiful in spirit. You are my secret, forbidden love.

I run my tongue around your areola, first the left, then the right, and at the same time, gently massaging your clit. A few moments pass, before I feel your body becoming taut, your back arching, as your hips begin to gyrate, to the rhythm of my stimulating hand. It begins gradually for you, as wave after wave of pure bliss, beginning at your clit and radiating outwards, courses through your loins. The pleasure becomes unbearable for you, so at your beckoning, I back off, allowing you to recover momentarily, then increasing the intensity again, the waves of euphoria return. After several tsunamis of your bliss, my hand is soaking with your cum.

The orgasmic pulsations eventually subside, and lifting yourself atop me, facing my erect shaft, in sixty nine position, you straddle my face, for me to behold your most beautiful wet, glistening labia, dripping with cum onto my waiting tongue. I feel your mouth envelop my cock the softness of your tongue caressing it gently.

As you continue to suck my cock, fresh cum Escort Niğde emanates from your labia dripping downwards into my mouth. As I stimulate your clit, your hip gyrations force my lips hard against your cunt, my tongue extending deep Inside you, seeking your G spot. You launch into wave after wave of new orgasms, as I swallow a constant stream of cum – beautiful, creamy, viscous cum. The smell of sex is in the air.

Sucking me, you feel what seems like little throbs of my knob in your mouth, and the creamy warmth of my precum baptises your tongue. I feel it exit my urethra, but you want my sperm inside your vagina, so alighting from me, you take my place, and laying on your back, legs wide open, you lips tell me: “go inside me – I want your sperm”.

Placing my pelvis between your spread thighs, the head of my stiff shaft finds your vaginas entry, and to your command “push!”, I thrust deep inside you. Oh how fantastic it feels, the warmth of your slippery uterine walls cushioning and hugging my stiffness. Oh what bliss. What heaven!!

How long can I hold back?? Not long I am thinking. My penis is inside you, welcomed by most intimate, private part of your body, As I begin thrusting the base of my penis collides with your clit, causing the most rapturous of sensations within you, and you cry out: “go faster!!”. And this I do, and without warning, my cock begins throbbing as your orgasm bliss returns in an avalanche of pleasure – cumming together, the two of us.

Gradually, everything subsides. And we sleep in each other’s arms

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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