Sissy Hubby Ch. 04

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After picking up and cleaning the house, I prepared one of Stacy’s favorite dishes, eggplant parmesan. She pulled into the driveway just as I finished pouring two glasses of wine. Quickly serving a slice of the eggplant onto her dish, I stood by the door to greet her. Quickly tugging down my tight white muscle shirt with lacey straps, and making sure my new belly chain laid on top of my shorts with the tiny tag pointing away from me. I had just run my hand through my hair when the door opened and my wife stepped inside.

“Well don’t you look good enough to eat!” she praised me as soon as she had looked me over. Reaching out she patted my semi-hard “clitty” harder than she had ever done before. “And you made eggplant for dinner!” wrapping her arms around my waist and pulling me in tight. “You are such a good little slut!”

I moved toward her lips to kiss her, she quickly pulled away and sat in her chair. Without waiting for me to join her, she started to eat. “Did you have good day Stacy?” I asked while taking a seat.

She nodded her head, with a mouthful of food. Gazing at her from across the table, she looked wonderful. Her hair and make-up were perfect, the light tan skirt and jacket fit her perfectly accenting her hips and boobs. The white silk blouse was thin enough to see the outline of the white bra she wore beneath. How did I get so lucky as to marry this woman?

As soon as she had finished eating, she rose from the table and said, “I have another surprise for you… if you are interested?”

“Surprise? I love your surprises!” finding it impossible to remain still, jumping up out of the chair.

“Why don’t you wait in the living room for me, I’ll bring it to you.”

Skipping to the living room, I took a seat on the couch, crossed my legs and played with the tag on my belly chain, trying my best to control my excitement.

Stacy entered the room carrying two bags, one in each hand. She set the first one down on the table right in front of me and held the other behind her. She rocked on her heels as she asked, “Dottie, do you like the clothes I chose for you to wear today?”

Looking down, the white “flats” and schoolgirl socks, the skin tight short-shorts with the heart emblem on the butt, the tight little muscle shirt, this was a “no brainer”. I answered her while cupping imaginary boobs, “Oh yes I do Stacy! I really, really like them! And you know what?”

She raised her eyebrows, indicating that she did not know.

I bashfully went on to say, “I think Kim likes them too.”

“Oh, that’s right, did you have fun with your new friend today?”

Lowering my head, noticing I was still cupping my imaginary boobs, dropping my arms and folding my hands in my lap. Unsure of how much to tell her, “Yes, we did have fun today.” Deciding to answer her question and offer no additional information.

“That’s good Dottie, I’m glad you two had a nice day together.” She answered in way that made me think she knew everything I had done since she left for work. “Go ahead and open your surprise.”

Leaning over and picking up the plastic shopping bag, it wasn’t heavy enough for more toys, and weighed more than clothing would. Placing it between my legs, I opened the bag to find a little black leather purse. Pulling it from the bag, opening it up and examining the pockets, inside was a matching wallet much larger than the back-pocket wallet I had carried for years. Inside the wallet was a coupon from a local tanning salon with 10 tans paid for, I replacing the card in my wallet. Going back to the purse I found a little hot pink cell phone. A smile spread across my face, “They are wonderful Stacy! I love them!”

Stacy urged me on, “There is more in the bag Dottie.”

Reaching back in the bag, I felt a handle connected to what I thought was a small box. As I pulled the box out, I discarded the now empty bag to the floor before me. The box was also black leather, setting it down on my lap, I opened the shiny silver latch and raised the lid to find… make-up! All of it brand new still contained it their individual packaging. I nearly jumped out of my skin with excitement! “All of this is for me?”

Stacy moved to sit beside me and replied, “Yes sweetie, it’s all for you.” She then began pulling out one item after the other, describing the purpose of each. In addition to the make-up, there were fake nails, three different scents of perfume and tooth whitening strips. When all of it had been opened and its purpose described, she asked “Would you like me to teach you how to use all of this now?”

“Of course, I would love for you to teach me how to properly use these things!”

Stacy helped me pack all of the make-up back into my bag, then took my hand and led me to the bathroom. I hopped up on the counter and spread my legs, Stacy stood between my thighs and started with the foundation, Ümraniye Yabancı Escort applying an thin coat over most of my face. She then applied a darker shade of foundation along my cheekbones to emphasize them. As she worked, she stated “Pay close attention Dottie, I won’t show you how to do this again. And from now on, when I come home from work I want your face all pretty for me.”

Holding as still as possible, I simply answered “Okay.” Make-up was the next logical step in my “change”, as Kim had called it. I couldn’t even imagine what would happen to me next! Returning my attention to the manner in which Stacy applied the make-up, she held up a mirror when finished with the foundation, my pores and light freckles were gone. And she was right, my cheekbones stood out with the darker tone of foundation.

Stacy had moved onto the blush, lightly dusting my cheeks with a reddish-pink color. Then the eyeliner, she outlined my eyes with thick black lines. My eyelids were then coated with eyeshadow, a lighter tone was used for my eyebrows after cleaning them with a damp cloth to wash away the foundation. The application of mascara will take some getting used to, Stacy made my lashes outrageously long.

Onto my lips, she first showed me how to apply the dark red lip liner, tracing the shape of my lips and accentuating the peaks under my nose. The medium shade of red lipstick covered my lips, first the lower, transferring it to the upper then touching up the middle of my upper lip. To complete my lips, a clear lip gloss was used to make them shiny.

Lightly dusting my cheeks, forehead, chin and nose with powder eliminated the shine. When she held the mirror up, my lips almost glowed, my eyes looks so slutty and my cheekbones stood out proudly. Gazing into the mirror, I turned my head side to side and wondered, is that really me?

My wife didn’t even pause, she set the mirror down and went back into my make-up kit, withdrawing a set of glamour length fake fingernails. Taking my hand in hers, she broke the nails from their packaging, applied the adhesive and set the nails in place. Quickly moving to my other hand and repeating the process. She chose the darkest of the three shades of red from my case and polished all ten nails. I raised my hands to my face and admired the job she had performed while blowing on them to speed up the drying process.

At this point Stacy paused, staring at me for a moment, then said “Something is still not right.” She tilted her head to the side, then perked up and stated, “Your hair! It’s your hair! We HAVE to do something with your hair.” She had raised her hand while declaring her discovery and ran her fingers through my hair just above my left ear.

I sat on the bathroom counter with my face completely made up, wearing my skin tight shorts, little lacey muscle shirt, belly chain, schoolgirl socks and white flats as my wife brushed out my hair, combed it first to one side then the other. She would shake her head after each try, finally combing it all out straight. She had me get off the counter and turn around for her. When I finished my turn, she stood there nodding her head, “I know just what to do!”

She opened a drawer and pulled out a comb and pair of scissors, “You are going to look so cute!”

I sat down on the toilet as my wife cut my hair. This wasn’t anything new, while she was in school, we often couldn’t afford for me to get my haircut. Off and on for nearly 4 years, I would sit in this same place while my wife made my hair presentable.

This haircut was taking longer than ever before, I started to imagine her cutting each hair individually. Just as I started to get restless, she laid the scissors and comb on the counter. “You’re not done yet, just give me a little more time.” She said, I could tell she was pleased with the job she was doing.

Stacy pulled out her curling iron and blow dryer, plugging them into a nearby outlet. As she waited for the curling iron to heat up, she pulled out her hair spray.

I had become quite anxious to see my hair. The make-up had completely transformed my facial appearance, now my hair, I could hardly wait!

As soon as the curling iron was hot, she explained what she was doing. “In the back, grab as much hair as you can and curl it away from your head. Make sure you get the entire back nice and curly. Do the same thing on both sides.” She kept working, leaning in close at times, her breasts touching my face as she switched from curling iron to comb and back again. “Now the on the top here, I am going to fluff it up and comb your bangs down straight. There, the wave across the top looks great. And all the waves in the back are just perfect!” She coated my hair with what seemed like half the bottle of hair spray.

She set all of her tools down and offered a hand to help me up. She then covered my eyes with her hand and led me in front of the mirror. “Are you ready Dottie?”

“Yes… yes I am.” I Ümraniye Yeni Escort was quite nervous and very excited at the same time.

She dropped her hand, I opened my eyes and saw a woman. If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn the person in the mirror was a girl! Stacy had done an amazing job with my hair, a truly amazing job. It was a stylish medium length cut women were wearing, a little more fluffy and full when compared to styles I had seen. But nevertheless, it looked incredible!

I stood there speechless, unable to utter a single word as I took in the sight before me. Noticing my neck, it even looked longer than it did an hour ago! My lack of an adams apple had always bothered me up to this point, now I smiled dumbly while thanking whoever was responsible for leaving that out of my genes.

“Dottie, are you okay?” Stacy asked, looking for some kind of response from me.

“Yes… I mean, oh my god, YES! It’s perfect! How can I ever make this up to you?”

“I’ll think of something, don’t worry your pretty little head about that.” She replied in a slightly condescending tone.

That was the second time someone had told me not to worry “my pretty little head.” What did that mean? My thoughts were cut short by her next statement.

“Dottie, we are just getting started tonight. I have made plans for you. Let’s start by opening your next surprise.” She started to lead the way back to the living room.

Following behind her, so happy I felt like I was floating down the hallway.

When Stacy had taken her seat on the couch and I stood before her, she handed me the next bag. I opened it slowly, wanting to make the feeling I had last as long as possible. There were two separate bags inside the first one. I chose one and pulled it from the bag.

“Yes, that’s the one I want you to open first.” She had leaned back on the couch and crossed her legs.

I opened the bag and pulled out a white, spandex sports bra, the straps crossed each other in the back. On the front was a black profile of a rooster, the words “I love cock” were printed below the rooster, I couldn’t help but smile. The next item was a pair of black spandex hot pants, I was shocked at how little material they used to produce the shorts. The final items were a pair of white ankle socks and women’s trainers, tennis shoes. “And these are for…?” I asked curiously.

“Well you haven’t been running since the night I caught you playing. You need to start again, I don’t want you to get fat! So, every morning from now on, I want you to get up, fix your face and hair and then run a few miles.” It was clear that this was definitely a statement, not a request.

“I can do that Stacy.” I responded cheerfully.

“Okay, go ahead and open your next surprise Dottie.” She seemed anxious, almost as if she didn’t know how I would react.

Without responding, I picked up the second bag and opened it, feeling like a kid in a candy store. I pulled out what I thought was a sweater, after flipping it around and finding the top, I found it was a dress. A dress… wow, I knew this would come eventually, and had been looking forward to it, but holding this off-white, knitted sweater dress in my hands made me feel a little uncomfortable.

“There is more in the bag.” She was urging me on.

Laying the dress down neatly on the table, I went back to the bag and found a new pair of tan thigh high stockings. Back into the bag, I pulled out a shoe box. Cautiously I opened the box, laying inside was a pair of black, patent leather heels.

“When a girl wears a dress or skirt, flats just won’t do, heels must always be worn.” She said this with a little smirk.

I found myself becoming excited, my guarded feelings and reservations were fading quickly. I pulled the shoes from the box, under the shoes I found two short leather straps with buckles on them. I picked them up and examined them, having no idea what they were for.

“They go around your ankles, just above the shoes. I think the combination of the shoe and strap will look hot.” She had relaxed a little, knowing for sure by the look on my face that the latest surprise didn’t shock me for long. “Go ahead and get dressed Dottie. I want to see you in your new outfit.”

Wrapping my hands around the stack of clothing, I carried it all into the bedroom.

Stacy almost shouted from the other room, “Make sure the drapes are wide open and the lights are on.”

I thought to myself, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Getting dressed while my neighbor, Kim watched didn’t seem to bother me any longer. Actually the idea of her watching me do naughty things from across our yards had changed from making me feel embarrassed to a huge turn on. I stepped into the room and flipped on the lights. Set the clothing on the dresser, walked across the room and opened the drapes all the way. I stood in the middle of the pane of glass and pulled off my little muscle shirt, tossing it Ümraniye Masaj Salonu to the bed. I then kicked off my flats and bent to take off my little socks. Then standing again, unbuttoning and zipping my shorts was the easy part, I wiggled around and sucked in my tummy and finally slid them down my legs. Standing there in front of the window wearing only my belly chain and a tiny light blue lacy thong, hoping Kim was watching me. I strolled to the dresser, opened the package of stockings and took my time pulling the tags off of everything.

Carrying all of it to the side of the bed closest to the window, I sat down and somehow managed to slide a stocking up my leg with my half inch long fingernails. Standing up I pulled it tight, it ended about an inch below my crotch. The upper four inches of the stocking was a stretchy, sticky lining covered by lacy flowers, it clung to my leg. The color of the stocking hid the hair on my leg. That had been worrying me. Quickly pulling on the other one and loving the feeling of the stocking against my skin.

I set the shoes on the floor and slipped my feet into them, bending down wrapping the straps around my ankles and buckling them tight. Looking down my legs, Stacy was right, the combination of the stockings, shoes and straps looked HOT! Standing up, taking a few steps, it was a little awkward but not difficult.

Picking up the dress, I slid my arms through and very carefully pulled it over my head so as not to disturb my hair and face. My entire back was left exposed, the neckline didn’t plunge but it was deep, and the dress ended just below my stocking tops. It was held in place by two thin shoulder straps and fit me like a second skin.

I turned on my heels and headed toward the living room. Upon entering the room, I found my wife had removed her skirt and was wearing a realistic looking strap-on dildo! She sat on the couch and stroked her “cock” while asking me to turn around so she could get a good look at me. I did what I was told without thinking twice. By the time I faced her again, she was approaching me. She took my hand and led me back to the bedroom.

We stood apart and faced one another right in front of the window facing Kim’s house, as she asked me to raise my dress. I grabbed the hem and raised it above my belly button. She stared at my erection which was jumping out of my thong.

“You need to do something about that. Try tucking it back between your legs.” She had started to stroke her “cock” again as she spoke those words.

I lowered my panties and tried to push my hard “clitty” between my legs, it wouldn’t go.

“Okay, you’ll have to do something else first. Lean your head back, close your eyes and rub that “clitty”, make yourself squirt.” She had headed for the door and was out of the room before she finished the sentence.

I did exactly what I was told. I leaned my head back, closed my eyes, wrapped my finger and thumb around my clitty and began to quickly rub it up and down. Nasty thoughts entered my mind, my mouth opened wide as I imagined a hard cock sliding across my tongue. In time I found myself grinding my hips as my thoughts shifted to being fucked by a big cock.

I didn’t stop for a second when I heard someone enter the room. Whoever it was, approached me, pressed their hand on my back and bent me over at the hips. I couldn’t stand it, I peeked, there were my wife’s shoes, whew! Quickly closing my eyes, she gently kicked my legs apart as I continued to rub my rock hard “clitty”, my juice leaking out, almost ready to drip onto the floor.

She grabbed my free arm and placed a glass in my hand then positioned it right under my dripping “clitty”. Aside from the pleasure I was inflicting upon myself, the next thing I felt was the familiar feeling of lubricant being applied to my “pussy”. Slowly, deliberately she coated my little tight hole with the lube, even slipping a finger inside. She eventually withdrew her finger, I then felt something stiff and smooth being pressed against me. The first thing that came to my mind was the strap on, she is going to fuck me! I felt it penetrate my hole, then a little quicker than I would have liked, inch by inch it entered me.

She was stretching me wider than ever before, I thought my “pussy” was going to rip open. The more uncomfortable it became, the faster I rubbed my “clitty”. It was painful and pleasurable at the same time, I didn’t know which one to concentrate on. The pain was become too intense, I almost screamed out, when my “pussy” sucked it inside and clamped down on a narrow part. The plug! She had stuck the plug in me! Oh god I felt so full, so nasty, so slutty, and I LOVED it!!

I heard her walk toward my head, she stopped right in front of me. I was still bent over at the waist, her “cock” must be within inches of me. Stacy then slipped her hand under my neck, with a single finger under my chin she raised my head to face her. My lips were immediately bumped by what was obviously her strap-on. I opened wide and took her cock between my lips and sucked hard. Loosing my suction as a loud moan came from deep inside me, my back arched, my legs buckled and I heard the first squirt of my juice land in the glass. I licked her cock as the next two shots followed the first.

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