Sergeant Sebastian’s Vacation

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Big Dicks

This story is based on a real life sexual encounter and some fantasy.


Sebastian and Sheronda arrived in the South Pacific to enjoy the beautifully warm weather. This beat the cold fall weather in Washington. When they got to the cottage, Sheronda looked around to see the beauty of the island. There was a mountain touching the clear blue sky. It had a crown of fluffy white clouds around the top. The first day of their vacation was spent settling in, and attending a formal dinner in the main dining area.

Sheronda’s formal dress included a new gold collar which she received several days before leaving on their vacation. Around her waist was a two-inch wide soft leather belt with a mini skirt. It was more of a decoration than a skirt. It had plenty of eighteen-inch long leather strips each having gold stars and hearts on the end. It was very sexy attire, which barely covered her full bush and buttocks. Her large breasts were encased with gold mesh. Interestingly enough there were two large holes in the center for her nipples to show through. Each nipple was pierced with a gold ring with a small gold heart hanging from each ring. She wore a pair of pierced chandelier earrings with gold hearts and stars that touched her shoulder. Her hair was up in a twist with a cascading blonde pony tail. The finishing touch was her gold spiked heels.

To portray their relationship, Sebastian wore a matching leather belt with an attached leather jock strap under the leather stripes. His leather sandals were of a similar style to Sheronda’s.

They walked over to the dining area to enjoy their first evening together at the nudist resort. Their thoughts were difficult to contain while they were considering all of the possibilities of the days ahead of them. The other guests wore similar attire. The outfits were just enough to disguise their intimate parts, but at the same time showcase them. The evening was enjoyable. There was dinner, dancing, a costume contest, and there was plenty of sexual petting.

As a result of the heavy petting and dancing interaction with all the guests, Sheronda’s and Sebastian’s sexual desire was in overdrive. As the party drew to a close, Sebastian and Sheronda were so hot that they made a mad dash back to their cottage. Once inside they ripped off their leather costumes and got cozy with each other.


The next morning, they headed out to the beach; there were only three other couples and a single guy. Everyone was spread out on the beach. Sebastian and Sheronda found the perfect spot immediately. She spread out the beach blanket; looking forward to enjoying a full-body solar exposure, everyone there was stark naked. Sheronda then went about applying the suntan lotion to Sebastian’s back, making playful circles on his shoulders.

While his mischievous playmate was tickling his shoulders, Sebastian pulled her into his lap and began rubbing lotion into her skin. He paid extra special attention to her, playfully applying the lotion to her tummy and her bushy mound. Then he made his way back to her 40DD breasts. By the time he had finished, her nipples were already partially erect. He bent his head to place a lingering kiss on each of her nipples before applying the lotion to them. With the application of the lotion, his playful fingers tickled her, causing her to squirm and moan in enjoyment.

Once he had finished toying with her, Sheronda’s fingers started to work their magic on his arms and pecs. The couple spent almost half an hour applying the lotion to each other, which consisted mostly of fooling around with each others’ bodies, while kissing each other in the process.

Their moans and giggles of pleasure could be heard by several of the nearby couples. They kept looking over to see what the rowdy couple was up to. It did not take Niğde Escort long for those couples that had been watching and listening to join in the fun with their own partners.

When Sheronda and Sebastian looked around the beach again, they saw others doing the same thing they had just been doing. They were happy to see that they had such a wonderful effect on the other couples. They also noticed that several new couples were joining them on the beach. It was enjoyable to watch them each slowly disrobe.

The sun was bright and warm, and a soft breeze kissed their skin. In the distance, the rolling surf made this a paradise for anyone’s dream vacation or honeymoon. As the waves started to roll in a little harder, Sebastian waded out to surf in the buff on the high waves. The others on the beach were also enjoying the tall seasonal waves.

For months, Sheronda had been looking forward to her honeymoon to the South Pacific Islands. This was where the normal bathing suit was one’s birthday suit. Unfortunately, she was not able to get a head start on her full body tan before their vacation. From a distance, it appeared she was wearing a white, two-piece bathing suit, which was very far from the truth. Sheronda lay on the beach, tanning her almost totally bronzed skin after she spent weeks of lakeside tanning. The sensual parts had not seen the sun in the northern latitudes and she was now sunning the ivory white skin patches that were a startling contrast. The milky white triangles on her breasts and bushy mound required much more sunscreen attention to avoid getting nasty burns. She lay on her back, waiting for her lover to take a break from surfing to rub her suntan lotion on her once again.

Sebastian ran up the beach to join his playmate, splashing her with the dripping water from his hair. The water was cooling to her skin, but he had kicked up some sand as well.

“Hey, watch where you’re stepping,” Sheronda said, dusting the sand off her tummy. The coat of lotion caused some of the sand to adhere to her skin.

“Let me get that for you,” he said teasingly as he poured a handful of sand over her full bush.

“Oh, you want to play games, do you,” she responded, sitting up and pushing Sebastian off the blanket and into the sand. Some of which immediately stuck to his wet skin. The black beach sand clung to his erect love pole, which stuck straight out from the white patch on his mostly tanned body.

Sebastian grabbed her in an embrace as they started to roll in the sand. Sheronda was on her back when he started to kiss her passionately. Their tongues clashed together in a playful manner as his lips made little nips around hers. She could feel how much he had fallen in love with her. It electrified her down to her very core, both sexually and emotionally. Now, she could only hope that he could feel how truly in love she was with him. He was her world, her lover and Master.

The couple went down to the water to rinse off in the part of the beach that had been sectioned off for swimmers only. Sheronda walked into the crashing waves and was knocked off her feet unexpectedly. It was a little scary to be lifted off the sand and to be twisted in the undertow of the waves. Somehow, she was able to keep her head above water. Sebastian started to laugh, watching as his playmate fought to regain her footing. Noticing another huge wave coming in, he stepped to her side in order to pull her to back onto shore. When she was safe in his firm grasp, the water receded, leaving Sheronda on her side, trying to catch her breath again. Before the next wave could wash over them, he picked her up and strolled away from the water’s edge. They sat on the sand as he embraced her and tried to make her feel safe and sound again.

Sebastian caressed her back to give her a measure of security. Niğde Escort Bayan She moaned at the relief she was receiving from her lover. It felt fantastic to have the ill feelings rubbed away with his tender, loving fingers.

Sheronda snuggled in her lover’s lap as he cared for her. She started kissing his shoulder. Meanwhile, her fingers started playing with his chest hair. She could feel him getting hard against her bottom. It tickled a little, which caused her to giggle against his shoulder.

He lay back on the sand, taking her with him. She straightened out over his body to enjoy his embrace before she kissed his salty lips. In the midst of the kiss, a huge wave came crashing up the coastline, washing over them. The wave was gentle and it excited their skin at the same time. They both started laughing at the wave that rolled over them when their kiss ended. Full of energy, they went back into the water to play in the waves as if they were teenagers.

After about fours hours of tanning, playing in the surf, and of course, the erotic rub downs, they were both so horny they could not stand it any longer. Waiting to return to the cottage was out of the question. They wanted something more fulfilling than their playful hands. They did not want to perform directly in front of everyone, even thought it would not be a new experience for Sebastian and Sheronda. He decided to move them down the beach about twenty yards, putting just enough distance between them and the other beachgoers. This would still allow them to be in plain sight for everyone to watch, but allow them some level of privacy. Sheronda spread their blanket down near an outcropping of rocks. She then knelt in front of her lover to start washing the lotion off his sex pistol with ocean water.

Oskar, a single guy on the beach, knew what they were up to. He tagged along a few steps behind. When they had turned to lay the blanket back down again, he continued walking on. He walked past the couple to a shady area by the rocks. Then he started to slowly fondle his cock, using long deliberate strokes. Every once in awhile, Oskar would turn to see what the playful couple was up to. As he watched the couple had become more engrossed in their passion, he started stroking his cock a little harder. It was extremely obvious that his cock was exceptionally rigid and his eyes would drift partially closed with each stroke. His solitary entertainment was not hidden from anyone’s view.

Sebastian’s cock was so hard it was standing at attention the whole time. With his playmate lying down on the blanket, her legs spread wide apart, he just drove his cock straight into her pussy with one hard quick thrust. The eroticism of the whole incident had turned her on so much that her pussy was already slippery wet. She let out a muffled moan on the first stroke and shouted, “Take me! Fuck me! Harder, fuck me HARDER!” This was not a time for any foreplay; they had been doing that all day long.

He just rammed his cock into her very hard and extremely fast. Her whole body just shook from the driving force of his pounding cock. Her breasts were bouncing with each demanding thrust. His cock was throbbing and aching for gratification. Each stroke intensified his desire for satisfaction. Each stroke was met with the wonderful feeling of her pussy muscles constricting around his rigid cock. Her moans and wild groans, coupled with her bucking, pushed him over the top. The release of his seed deep within her caused her whole body to shudder violently with her own orgasm. It did not take long for either of them to have their first powerful climax together.

At first, they did not bother to see what the others were doing, nor did they really care. It was so pleasant, just laying there in each other’s arms and enjoying the afterglow. However, a devilish Escort Niğde look in Sebastian’s eyes made her afterglow from their mischievous encounter subside quickly. A few moments later, Sebastian was ready for the next round. He quickly got into the rhythm of pleasuring both of them, and he would occasionally glance over to see the others on the beach.

Every eye on the beach was glued to this sizzling, naughty couple and their animalistic behavior. Sheronda’s moans had turned from soft coos of rapture to grunts from the pounding she was enjoying. Her face had turned a deep beet red from the hard fucking. Several more deep strokes and he could feel his orgasm building at the base of his shaft. Sebastian exploded deep inside of her as they both cried out in pure ecstasy so loudly that everyone on the beach must have heard them as plain as day.

Off in the other direction, Oskar, the solitary guy let out a low moan of enjoyment. Just then, both Sebastian and Sheronda glanced over just in time to see him shooting several squirts of his load across the black sand in front of him. His eyes remained closed for a few seconds and as if coming to after a daydream. His eyes opened and met Sheronda’s. Sheronda gave him a pleasant smile and with that, he turned and walked away down the beach with a big smile on his face.

Sheronda totally enjoyed the attention she was receiving and did not want this moment to end. They lay there, totally naked, with others scrutinizing their every action. The single guy was still butt naked and walking away with his own sense of gratification. Her pussy muscles still contracted around her lover’s semi-soft, spent cock still within her. She could feel their love juices trickling down her crack.

After a short period, he slowly pulled out of her dripping pussy and rolled back over onto the blanket where they continued to cuddle. Sheronda felt wonderful in his arms as she glanced around to see the others gawking, so amazed at their open lovemaking. It made her smile to know that she performed in public with her husband and Master again.

When they both regained their senses, they playfully ran into the ocean to enjoy the surf and beauty all around them. Sheronda was not watching where she was playing when a jellyfish brushed against her and stung her. The pain was unbelievable for Sheronda. Sebastian noticed that his newly collared playmate was going into shock and pulled her out of the water. Quickly, they received some help from others on the beach who had noticed what had happened and called for assistance. He rushed with her to the emergency room to have her injury attended to.


A short time later, Sheronda woke in the emergency room, with her lover at her side. She had been treated for the jellyfish sting and was being released. The next day, she and Sebastian rested at the cottage grateful to stay indoors, with the rain falling over the beautiful mountainside.

Sheronda was staring out the bedroom window, when Sebastian came in with their lunch. She turned to her lover, and . . .

To read the further adventures of this day, come and read Sergeant Sebastian’s Luau.


I hope you have read the Sergeant Sebastian story.

There is more to come for this couple Sergeant Sebastian and Sheronda, not to mention that bastard Master Bryon, and Sabrina.


I would like to thank my friend Tobbarenaked for helping with the beach scene and other little things that he has done to help me with my writing.


I would like to thank all my editors for helping with this story. Having an editor for grammar, plot and other details is great, but having a beta reader editor was wonderful. She has a habit of asking silly questions that make you think twice about one’s story line.

This is the first contest on Literotica that I have entered, I and hope you have enjoyed reading my little story. Please leave your comment below, vote or send me your comments about the story. I will answer those with return email addresses.

Copyright © 2006

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