Sex by Chance

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John looked at her and wondered how she could look so heavenly first thing in the morning. It was especially amazing considering what they’d done the night before. Despite their evening of torrid sex, she stood in front of him wearing his black oxford shirt, her hair perfect. The shirt was unbuttoned revealing the swell of her ample chest, and the leopard print panties she had so eagerly wriggled out of just a few hours ago.

“Get cleaned up and I’ll make you some breakfast,” Carrie offered as she walked out of the bedroom, John realizing that she was wearing three inch heels.

He was up like a shot, thinking that perhaps breakfast was a euphemism for something tawdrier. John quickly showered and located his pants and t-shirt. After a quick brush of his teeth, he dressed and made his way to the kitchen. The aroma of cinnamon rolls that filled the air seemed to put to rest the question of the euphemism.

Undeterred, he slid behind Carrie as she frosted the pastries and, putting his arms around her, kissed her on the cheek. “Good morning,” John whispered in her ear, adding, “you look amazing.”

Carrie couldn’t suppress a smile at his compliment. She’d stole out of bed an hour before John woke to primp and preen. The stiffening cock pressed against her bottom was the reward she had hoped for. As his hands slid up her belly toward her breasts, Carrie lost interest in her task. The knife dropped on the counter and her eyes closed as she let out a moan of arousal. John pulled the shirt off her shoulders baring her chest. His hands cupped her breasts, thumbs sliding across her nipples causing them to stiffen. His lips skimmed across her back and shoulders before moving to her neck.

“I want you,” John hissed lustfully in her ear.

Carrie’s reply was terse. “Then take me.”

John wasted no time in once again peeling the leopard print panties off Carrie with one hand while the other remained at her chest. His pants soon joined Carrie’s underwear on the tiled floor and he pressed the head of his broad cock against her slit.

“Stop teasing and put it in,” Carrie pleaded.

John slid into her wet pussy easily, his cock filling her as he pushed all the way in. Her breasts dangling over the counter, Carrie met each thrust as her new lover pounded away at her. She couldn’t help but be amazed at how a few drinks with her friend’s older brother had turned into this. It was just supposed to be a fun weekend in New York with her old college friends visiting her. By coincidence her friend Tina’s brother was also in the city on a business trip and had met up with them.

The night began innocuously enough at a rooftop bar in Manhattan. They’d had a few rounds before someone suggested heading to a dance club. Carrie had already taken an interest in John and casually flirted with him. He’d responded with some flirting of his own, but it was the elevator ride that provided the impetus for the incredible evening.

The elevator cars weren’t very big and, either by accident or design, John and Carrie found themselves having to wait for the next one as the rest of their group piled into the first one. It was only a few moments before the door opened to another and, after it emptied, the two of them found themselves alone for the trip down. The elevator jerked to a stop about halfway down and they instinctively grabbed each other.

It was only moments before the elevator continued its descent but that was all it took for John and Carrie to begin kissing each other hungrily. The ding of the elevator’s arrival in the lobby caused them to break their lip lock. Their cheeks flushed red from a combination of alcohol, embarrassment and arousal, John and Carrie quickly made their way out to the sidewalk. The rest of the group had already piled into two taxis and again there was no room for the pair.

“Go ahead, we’ll grab the next cab and meet you there,” Carrie offered with John nodding in agreement.

The taxis headed down the avenue as John raised his hand to hail another. It took just a moment to get a cab to stop and John held the door Niğde Escort for Carrie. He couldn’t help but notice her beaming smile. Sliding in the cab behind her, John heard her give an address that wasn’t the club.

“Where are we going?” John asked, settling into the seat, thinking he already knew the answer.

Carrie leaned into him, a hand rubbing his thigh; “I thought we’d skip the club and go back to my place.”

“And do what?” John asked coyly as the cab slid into traffic.

“Whatever you want,” Carrie breathed seductively before sliding her hand to John’s cock and kissing him.

John kissed her back and, as his hand cupped Carrie’s breast, she moaned into his mouth. Carrie took his other hand and placed it on her thigh. John took the hint and slowly slid his hand under her denim skirt. Carrie moaned again as he rubbed his fingers against the satin panties covering her mound. John’s lips trailed from her mouth and down into the cleavage exposed by Carrie’s low-cut blouse. His tongue traveled along the lace edge of her bra as her hands clutched him tightly to her. John continued massaging Carrie’s pussy through her satin panties.

Carrie tossed her head back relishing the sensual touch on her body. It had been nearly six months since she broke up with her boyfriend and felt the touch of a man. She could feel herself soaking her panties and craving the substantial cock she was rubbing through John’s shorts.

“Hey, let’s go,” the cabbie, grumbled as they stopped in front of Carrie’s apartment.

John quickly fished the fare out of his pocket as Carrie pulled him from the taxi and up the stairs. They were soon in another elevator riding up to Carrie’s apartment and continued to hungrily kiss and grope each other. The doors opened and they stumbled into the hallway. John let her go just long enough for Carrie to get out her key.

As she fumbled with the lock, John clutched her hips and ground his rock hard cock against her bottom. The door finally swung open and Carrie pulled John inside, spinning him around until she could press him against the door, closing it with a bang. Carrie gripped his cock through his shorts.

“God, you’re so hard,” she panted. “I can’t wait to feel you inside me.”

“You don’t have to,” John replied putting a hand on her ass.

“Oh, but I do,” Carrie countered as she unzipped his shorts, “because I want to suck you off first.”

John was speechless as Carrie dropped to her knees in front of him. She quickly pulled his jeans and boxers to the floor, John’s cock flopping out and rubbing against her cheek.

“Fuck yeah,” Carrie muttered as she ran the broad head of John’s thick tool across her face and lips.

Carrie looked up at John, her blue eyes sparkling as she parted her ruby red lips and licked John’s big dick from his balls to the tip. She did this a few times before John began to practically beg her to suck him. With a nod, Carrie opened her mouth and worked her way down the first couple inches of his tool. Slowly but steadily Carrie took all of him, her nose buried in his pubic hair, before sliding back up to the head and working her way back down.

“Oh yeah, suck it baby,” John growled, his hands ever so slightly guiding Carrie’s actions.

His fingers tangled in her hair, the incredible sensations of Carrie’s lips and tongue working him toward release. John couldn’t believe how this evening was going. He didn’t get to see his sister that often and had met her and her friends out of a feeling of obligation. Now here he was getting an incredible blowjob from one of those friends. A blowjob that was about to get messy.

“Carrie, I’m gonna come,” he panted, wanting to give ample warning.

“I know,” she purred, still licking his cock. “Just promise me you’ll return the favor,” she added before attacking John cock again.

John mumbled his agreement as he began thrusting his hips at Carrie’s willing mouth. She craved the taste of semen. It had been far too long since that pungent salty flavor had filled her mouth and John did not keep Niğde Escort Bayan her waiting long. With a call of ecstasy he held Carrie to him as his cock pulsed, filling her mouth with his seed.

Carrie swallowed hungrily as John blew his load down her throat. He came and came, Carrie’s deft touch milking him dry. She took him from her mouth and squeezed one last drop onto her tongue. John’s legs were wobbly as Carrie kissed her way up his body, unbuttoning his shirt as she made her way up his chest before nibbling at his nipples. Her hand encircled his slick cock as her lips ventured to his. John tasted himself on her lips, his cock stiffening at the combination of taboo taste and Carrie’s touch.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Carrie suggested, leading John to the back of the apartment by his cock.

The room was small but functional; the brass bed pushed up against the back wall would be more than sufficient for what they had planned. Carrie maneuvered John to an overstuffed chair in the corner where she sat him down.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” he said in playful protest when he realized he was naked and Carrie was still fully clothed.

“I can take care of that,” she replied with a grin as she turned on the radio and began to dance sensually to the music.

John watched, mesmerized by Carrie’s sinuous movements, as she unzipped her denim skirt. The tight skirt needed a few wriggles of her hips to slide off, revealing shiny satin leopard print panties. The shirt quickly followed showing a matching bra trimmed in black lace that held Carrie’s ample chest. Carrie climbed up onto the bed, settling into the soft white down comforter as she entreated John, “Why don’t you come help me with the rest.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice as he shot up from the chair and made his way to the foot of the bed. John climbed onto the bed and began kissing his way up Carrie’s legs. She opened up to him, John’s tongue slithering up her thigh. Carrie let out a gasp and clutched John to her as his tongue slid along her satin covered slit. He probed teasingly along the edges of her panties for only a moment before Carrie lifted her bottom of the bed and peeled her undies over her hips.

John slid them the rest of the way down her legs as he kissed the tufts of hair above her swollen labia. Inhaling the delicious scent of her arousal he fleetingly licked at her pussy. He soon felt Carrie’s legs wrapping around him, her hand on his head.

“Eat my pussy,” she demanded, her body on fire with lust.

John did as she asked, shoving his tongue inside her soaked sex as his hands sought out her chest. He squeezed Carrie’s breasts roughly as his attentions moved to her hard clit. She whimpered in delight as his tongue danced around and across her love button. John had managed to free Carrie’s breasts from their satin prison and was teasing her nipples in unison with his actions at her pussy.

“Oh god yesss,” Carrie moaned as she neared her orgasm. It felt so good to have her pleasure come from something that wasn’t battery operated. She wanted, no needed to feel John inside her as she came. Spreading her legs she reached down and pulled John up her body. He stopped and ran his tongue around her navel until Carrie’s insistent pulling brought them face-to-face.

His cock was nudging against her wet hole and it took only a small thrust for John to bury himself inside her at her insisting, “Fuck me.”

John sat back on his heels and grabbed Carrie’s ankles as he ploughed her wet pussy. Her breasts jiggled with each thrust, moans of delight spilling from her lips. Carrie’s hand snaked between them and she began rubbing her clit as John fucked her.

As her moans became louder, John encouraged Carrie. “That’s it come on my cock, baby. Let your sweet pussy explode.”

“I’m coming,” Carrie screamed as the orgasm tore through her, her pussy clenching at John’s probing cock.

Undeterred by her orgasm, John kept banging away at Carrie, her body limp from pleasure. He pulled out of her just long enough to flip Escort Niğde her over. When he grabbed her hips, Carrie seemed to get a burst of energy and pulled herself onto her hands and knees. John slid into Carrie from behind, her nice round bottom jiggling as he thrust against it.

Carrie couldn’t believe he hadn’t come yet. Her last boyfriend would’ve blown his load a long time ago. Another shiver of pleasure rumbled through her as John lightly but firmly smacked her ass. The next one was a little harder at her request, the sting lingering. A couple more smacks and John switched to kneading her rear. His big strong hands sank into the flesh and Carrie said something in the heat of the moment.

John paused, not sure if he heard what he thought he heard. Any doubts were removed when Carrie reached behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart, baring her puckered asshole.

“Please,” she said, “I just love the feel of cock up my ass.”

That was all the prompting John needed as he wet his fingers in Carrie’s pussy and lubed up her bottom. He first worked a finger in before replacing it with his cock.

“God you’re so tight,” John whispered as Carrie wriggled back against him pushing his cock deeper into her ass. They quickly got into a rhythm both of them groaning with pleasure. It wasn’t long before John could feel the cum building in his loins.

“I’m gonna come,” he called out the incredible sensation driving him to the brink.

Carrie quickly pulled off him and lay beneath her new lover. With a few quick strokes, Carrie masturbated him to completion, John’s thick ropes of come splashing across her face and chest. She scooped his thick cum up with her fingers and licked them clean, moaning all the while about how good he tasted.

Carrie’s reminiscing about last night was quickly brought back to the present as John began to pant loudly and mutter about his impending release.

Carrie wasn’t even close to coming yet and slipped out of John’s grasp. Turning to face him she gave his slick cock a practiced squeeze and stemmed his release. With her other hand she scooped up some of the frosting and smeared it on her breasts. John took the hint and descended on her chest, sucking and licking the sticky icing.

Her breasts now clean, John’s licks drifted lower until he was kneeling at Carrie’s feet. He lapped at her leaky slit for a few moments before getting up and guiding Carrie to the dining room table. She lay back on the polished oak, her long legs dangling off the edge. John resumed his licking as Carrie locked her legs around his head, a hand also holding him tight to her.

John slid first one then another finger inside her as his other hand encircled her soft breast. Carrie came as her new lover’s talented tongue and fingers plied her sex. John licked her a few more times before standing up and pressing his thick cock deep inside Carrie.

“Fuck me baby,” Carrie growled.

John grabbed her legs and spread Carrie wide as she plunged his thick cock in and out of her. Her breasts jiggled with each thrust until she grasped them in her hands. John watched in rapt attention as Carrie kneaded her chest, her mouth open with gasps of pleasure coming from it. He sawed in and out of her for several minutes before Carrie kicked her leg over John’s head and rolled onto her side.

“God you’re so tight this way,” John groaned as he grasped Carrie’s hip.

“I know,” she moaned, “It’s like you’re going to split me in two.

Carrie tucked her knees tighter to her chest, John grunting with each thrust. It seemed to him only moments before he was panting, cum welling up in his balls, aching to spew forth. He looked down at Carrie, her body shimmering with perspiration in the early morning sun, as she nodded her head. The second she did that, John grunted, his cock pulsing inside her. Carrie let out a contented moan as she felt her pussy fill with John’s warm sticky seed.

Pulling from her, John staggered back against the counter his slimy cock dripping onto the floor. Carrie was soon in front of him, dripping from her sex as well. They kissed and embraced tenderly, Carrie finally summoning the courage to speak.

“When does your flight leave?”

“Not until four,” John replied with a smile.

“Excellent,” Carrie replied taking his land and leading him back to the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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