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Storm: A short story for when nature is at her most exciting — comments welcome.


It had been a long, hot night; sultry and heavy with the threat of thunder in the air. Finally at first light she slipped out from beneath the tangled cotton sheet and stood at the open window. The pearly, luminescent glow of the near-dawn outlined her slim, well-formed nudity.

She could see the glimmer of the water in the distance as it lapped against the shore and it called her irresistibly. She slipped a pale cotton sundress on to cover her smooth body, and forsaking any shoes she slipped downstairs, unlatched the door and went out into the expectant air.

As she moved over the grass towards the lake’s shore, her body stroked and sensitised by the soft springy grass and emerging daisies, the silence was eerie. All nature seemed to be holding its breath awaiting the impending storm. Finally she stood on the shoreline, digging her toes into the sand, looking out across the ruffled waters of the lake.

It was then that she saw him: dark, smooth, sleek; he moved powerfully through the water, driven forward by his bunching arm muscles. As she watched his progress through the water there was a mighty flash of lightning, followed by a sharp, deafening crack of thunder and she jumped in response. Even as her shock ebbed away she was aware that the massive electrical discharge had sent a flurry of excitement coursing through her body, coming to rest in places that had nothing to do with fear.

The first heavy drops of rain fell, dancing on the sand around her, rapidly building to an unstoppable deluge. Laughing, she bilecik escort flung her head back, her arms wide, and revelled in every nuance of the rain that was drenching her shift. The water cascaded down her shoulders, between her breasts and over the taut lines of her stomach. After the heat of the night she half expected her skin to sizzle at the unexpected coolness, and it contrasted beautifully with the knot of heat building deep within her.

He was now wading out of the lake and saw her standing silently there for the first time. He stilled, standing naked at the water’s edge, the water from the lake mixing with the rain as it ran down the hard contours of his muscular body. The growing light showed water droplets caught in his sparse body hair highlighting the defined muscles giving him an Adonis look. He stood caught unawares, completely oblivious of his nakedness as he watched her.

Her dress was transformed by the falling rain, melding transparently to her body; her nipples were erect and straining from the cool rain without and the burning feeling within. His eyes lingered as they travelled down her body, taking in the curve of her torso and the slight shadow at the vee of her legs, as she stood arms-wide relishing the rain.

He walked up the beach toward her, some animal magnetism compelling him to touch her. She jumped slightly, but made no sound, nor did she resist his hands as they held her around her waist. She stared intently at him, drinking in the beauty of his body: tall, dark and lithe, each muscle sculpted into his flesh and his growing arousal manisa escort very evident.

Slowly they came together, lips meeting, mouths opening to each other, searching, and tasting each other. Their hands came up to caress the others’ slippery body. The thunder and lightening burst around them but they were oblivious of anything but each other and the powerful, primitive urges coursing through them. Their tongues entwined, he ran his hands over her body. Frustrated by the barrier, he grasped the thin material of her shift in his hands. His muscles bunched and he simply ripped it into two halves revealing her body to his burning gaze.

She stood, chest heaving, legs braced apart, the rain now having free access to run down her flesh, across her flat stomach to disappear between her legs, tickling her already pulsating sex. He bent his head, taking her already erect nipple in his mouth, tugging gently with his teeth. One arm curled around her back supporting her as the other hand cupped her other breast, fondling the nipple with his thumb.

She sank to her knees on the sand, her hands trailing down his body, eyes and fingertips tracing the paths of the rain-drops as they pooled and glistened in his pubic hair. His cock stood proudly erect gently pulsing, and she slipped her hand around him feeling the velvety smoothness of him. Tightening her grip she started to move her hand up and down, the fingertips of her other hand stroking his perineum, cupping his balls and gently rolling them in her hand.

Glancing up at him she dipped her head and touched her tongue to the mersin escort eye of his cock, tasting the salty pre-cum oozing from him. She let her tongue circle the head, lapping and fluttering against as she opened her mouth and fed his cock into the wet warmth waiting there. She continued sucking him, her hands caressing his hard taut thighs and buttocks, clasping him to pull him more tightly to her. His fingers were now meshed in her hair as he fought to keep control.

Gently, he pushed her back so that she was laid on the sand open and ready for him. He dropped to his knees and allowed a hand to slide between the folds of her moist and open sex. She sighed deeply and spread her legs wider, pushing her hips up to meet his hand as he slid one finger up into her, his thumb grazing her clit. She moaned and ground herself against his hand as she pulled his body to her – desperate to feel him inside. He raised himself on to his hands and teasingly ran his cock along her dripping slit.

He could feel the heat emanating from within her and pulling back slightly he thrust deep and buried himself inside her. She gasped and placing her feet firmly in the sand raised her hips to meet every thrust, feeling him sliding deeply, her muscles working him. She grasped his shoulders as his momentum got stronger.

She could feel her orgasm building and she wrapped her legs around his back to draw him in ever closer. His thrusts were getting faster now as he moved closer to his climax. She spasmed beneath him, her muscles fluttering and contracting and releasing as her orgasm ripped through her body, groaning and whimpering. He put his head back and roared as the tight velvet grip of her muscles pushed him to climax, shooting his come deep into her.

Spent, they lay together momentarily, until she raised herself, slipped the shredded remnants of her dress around herself and quickly ran back across the meadow into the rising sun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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