The Corruption of Sue Pt. 06

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Sue had awakened unsure where she was for a moment. When she looked over and saw her lover near her on the bed, a smile crept across her face as she remembered how they had proposed marriage to each other. Her smile got broader as she recollected the sex they had had together in their happiness. She quietly got out of bed and made her way towards the bathroom and then made her way to the kitchen to make some coffee for she and Mel.

Sue had just finished her first cup when Mel strolled out to the kitchen and pulled Sue into a hug and a good morning kiss. “Did you sleep well last night,” Sue asked? “I sure did! You wore me out!”

Mel grinned and replied, “Yeah? Well you wore me out as well. What should we make for breakfast?” The two made breakfast and talked. Mel asked Sue about her weekend with Wade and Sue responded that the dinner party was fun, the BDSM day was pretty disappointing, but the last day was really damn good as she described what Wade and Enrique had done to her. Mel laughed and then said, “Makes me look forward to our New Year’s party with Jamar, Max and company. What do you think about Liz wanting to join in? Do you trust her not to bust us?”

Sue thought for a moment and then said, “Yeah, I do trust her. I like her a lot and was thinking that, maybe, we could invite her over for Christmas. We could give her a primer on what to expect, you know, show her the ropes a little. I wouldn’t mind getting her naked so the two of us could play with her. What do you think?”

Mel laughed and said, “Just like you to think with your pussy. Yeah, I think that would be fun and we can see how serious she was about New Year’s. We should go out today and get her some Christmas presents!”

Sue and Mel, after they had eaten, showered, dressed and were heading out when Sue decided to check their mailbox. She found amongst the bills and junk mail a letter to her from her lawyer’s law office. She quickly opened it and found a check and a note from Bill;


We just got the first payment from your idiot ex from the courts. Apparently, he had been taking money from you for quite a while because he had built up a rather large stock and bond portfolio. Anyway, the court discovered it and garnished it all as well as his condo, car and other possessions. I was very surprised what it a totaled to.

Sue looked at the check and saw that it was for $3.75 million! Sue whistled and then showed it to Mel, who whistled as well. Sue then continued reading the letter.

I have a suspicion that we have, probably, gotten as much as we can out of him, so I suggest we put your friend’s information to use now. What do you think? Give me a call and let me know.

I enjoyed our time together and look forward to the next time I’m in your fair city. Regards, Bill.

Sue reread the letter and then gave it to Mel to read. Once Mel had finished, she said, “I hope you don’t consider me a gold digger?” Sue looked at Mel for a moment and then both burst out in laughter.

They continued out to the parking garage and then Sue stopped and looked at their two cars parked next to one another. Sue then smiled and said, “I think we should go car shopping one of these days! What would be your ideal car?”

As they climbed into Sue’s Honda, Mel replied, “I always liked the Audi TT. What about you?”

Sue thought as she drove and said, “I really liked Margo’s Jaguar, but it just seems to big. Ooh, I know…I want a Porsche of some sort.”

“You would look really good in red Porsche convertible,” Mel exclaimed!

Sue drove to her bank in order to deposit her check. When the teller saw the amount it was made out for, she called the branch manager to speak with Sue. When he introduced himself, Sue asked, “Is there a problem? The check is good; it was made out by the Court of New York.”

The manager replied, “I know the check is good, I just wanted to speak with you about investing a portion of the money.”

Sue smiled and said, “I will be speaking with my financial advisor next week, but thanks for thinking of me. There is one thing you can do for me.”

“What’s that,” the manager enquired?

“I would like to add Mel here to my accounts and make them joint between the two of us. I would like her to get a debit card in her name as well as designate her as my beneficiary. Can you do that for us?”

“I certainly can. Why don’t you ladies join me in my office.”

Sue turned to look at Mel who looked like she had just seen a ghost. “Mel, are you alright?”

Mel stuttered out, “Ah, ah, are you sure you want to do this? It’s a big step.”

Without hesitation, Sue said, “I’m positive. I love you and trust you with my life”

Mel cried out, “Oh my god! I, uh, don’t know, oh my god!” Mel threw her arms around Sue, hugged her and began bawling. Sue smiled and held her lover tight and comforted her until her crying stopped. Mel then whispered in Sue’s ear, “I love you. I’m looking forward to spending our lives together forever!” Mel then turned to the manager and said, “I’d like to close my account and have my money Kartal Escort placed into Sue’s account, please.”

Sue shook her head and said, “Into our account.”

The manager was the model of efficiency and had everything taken care of in 45 minutes. Later the two pulled into their favorite adult store to shop for Liz’s Christmas presents. Mel asked, “So, what do you have in mind for Liz?”

Sue chuckled and said, “Well, I was thinking of butt plugs in various sizes, a really nice vibrator and some nice nipple clamps or something. Let’s look around and see what tickles our fancy. The two strolled through the store and bought a number of things for Liz. Satisfied with their purchases, Sue drove next to a Walgreens and said, “We should buy Liz her own enema kit and a shitload of lube for when Max, Jamar and company join us!” Mel laughed and agreed.

When they got home, they wrapped Liz’s presents and put them under the tree. Sue then called Liz’s cell. When Liz answered, Sue asked, “If you’re doing nothing on Christmas, Mel and I would love for you to spend the day with us. We’ll make Christmas dinner and have a great day. What do you think?”

On her end, Liz broke out into a big smile and said, “I would love to join you. Can I bring anything and what time should I show up?”

“Are you a morning person? If so, show up between 8 and 9am and then we can open presents!”

Liz laughed and said, “Presents? You got me presents?”

“Of course we did. Why don’t you bring a couple of bottles of red wine, we will be having prime rib for dinner.”

After Sue hung-up with Liz, she called Bill. “Hey Bill! I got your letter today. I was surprised by the contents. Thank you again for everything you did for me. Did you adequately pay off your associates for their assistance?”

“Hi Sue. Yes, everyone got paid. I was pretty surprised by the amount of money the creep had. He must have been taking from you for quite a while.”

“Yeah, he must have been. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to my money back then. So, in answer to your question on the second matter, I say go ahead and let the cocksucker rot in prison!”

“Okay! I call your friend Wade and give him the go ahead to drop his bomb. Todd won’t know what hit him!”

“Great! I can’t wait to read about it in the paper. I guess I’ll start having to check the NY Times every morning on my iPad! Have a merry Christmas! I know I will!”

Just moments after Sue hung up, she got a call from Max. “Hello Max! What’s up? You guys still coming for New Year’s?”

“Of course we are. I just called to tell you that I invited Mo to come with us, but he said he wasn’t too sure if he could. When he says that, it usually means no. He did say he would love to be with you again. I think he has a big soft spot for you in his heart like I do.”

“I love you and Mo both. You are two of the nicest people I have ever met. Oh, and before I forget, I won my lawsuit with my ex and got a sizable chunk of money today. I was hoping that you could sit down with me and advise me how to invest some of it.”

“I would love to help you with some advice. Anything else new?”

“Well, keep your eyes on the New York papers, because my ex is going to get another shock. It seems he has a penchant for child porn that one of my clients discovered. He’s going to drop the bomb real soon!”

“Really! He’s into child porn? What on earth did you see in this fucker? I think when he’s out on bail, an enraged citizen is going to have to have a talk with this pervert! Film at eleven!”

Sue laughed and said, “Just don’t get yourself into trouble, okay?”

Max laughed and said, “I’ll be fine because one of the angry citizens is going to be a police friend of mine. He’s also going to be with us at New Year’s.”

“That’s funny, because a police friend of mine wants to meet you, Jamar and Mo, if he shows up. She went to college with you guys and has been a big fan of yours. Perhaps she and your friend can sit around and talk shop if they get bored. She sounds like she wants to party with all of us, but I told her it was your call. Also, Margo can know nothing about her involvement.”

They finished their call and then Sue told Mel about their talk. “I can’t wait for New Year’s Eve,” Mel said. “We are going to have so much fun!”

But first they had to get through Christmas. Mel had contacted one of her clients who owned a catering business for their Christmas dinner. The food was delivered on Christmas eve with instructions for rewarming the contents. Sue and Mel spent a quiet evening together drinking wine and admiring their Christmas tree.

The next morning, their buzzer went off and Sue buzzed Liz up to their apartment. Sue waited by the elevator and greeted her friend with a ‘Merry Christmas’ and a kiss. When Mel saw Liz, she walked over, hugged her, whispered Merry Christmas and gave her a kiss as well. They all grabbed cups of coffee and then Mel cried out, “Let’s open presents!”

After Mel had distributed the presents she sat down and then all three women Pendik Escort began opening their haul. Liz had given Sue and Mel each an envelope and those were the first things they opened. Sue pulled out a Christmas card and on the inside of the card was an orange ‘get out of jail free’ Chance card from Monopoly. Mel had the same thing and as they both looked at Liz she explained, “I’m well aware what both of you do as a profession and it is illegal. Your organization seems to be very seamless so the chances of you getting caught seem very slim. But, you never know what may happen. I like you both very much and will do everything in my power to protect you.”

Sue stood up, walked over to Liz, pulled her up on her feet and hugged her hard. When she released Liz, she said, “Thank you very much. We both like you very much as well.” When Sue returned to her seat, she looked at Liz and said, “Open our gifts to you next! “

When Liz opened her box from Mel, her eyes went wide in shock! In it were several vibrators, nipple clamps and a strap-on dildo. “My god! I don’t know what to say!”

Mel laughed and said, “I’m sure something will come to mind!”

Liz, next, opened the box from Sue, but she now had a look of confusion. “Thank you for the hot water bottle and for the other things…what are they?”

Sue and Mel laughed and then Sue replied, “If you really want to spend a night in our shoes, then you have to be prepared for everything. The hot water bottle, in our line of work, is used to give ourselves enemas, so that we may clean our rectums of fecal matter. You see, we are often called upon to have sex in our backside. The enema protects everyone from dysentery and other maladies. As to those ‘other things’, those are known as butt plugs. They will allow you to stretch your anal ring in preparation of the aforementioned backside love. If you dig further into your box, you should find a large tube of lubricant.”

Liz looked at Sue and Mel and got very red faced with embarrassment. “I, uh, well, I, uh, thank you, very much. I guess I’ll need lessons too, then.”

Sue and Mel smiled and Mel said, “We’ll give you lessons alright!”

Then Sue and Mel opened the gifts they gave each other and both giggled with pleasure. Sue had bought Mel several items from New York design houses, while Mel had bought Sue a cookbook, kitchen tools and an incredible vibrator. They sat and talked for a while until Mel decided it was time to get dinner ready. The caterer had left easy instructions for warming things up and before long the three women sat down to a sumptuous Christmas dinner. Liz had brought a couple of bottles of a nice Cabernet Sauvignon that paired with the meal nicely. After dinner, the three women had a nice buzz going from the wine so there was a lot of teasing going back and forth amongst them all.

Finally, Sue asked Liz, “So, do you want to learn about your new toys?”

Liz blushed and said, “Yeah. I would like that.”

Both Sue and Mel smiled and Sue said, “Okay, but you’re going to have to get naked for us.” With that, the two walked up to Liz and began stripping her. Sue was behind Liz and wrapped her arms around her and began unbuttoning her shirt while whispering in her ear. “Is this making you horny? Are you going to let Mel and I satisfy your needs?” Liz had closed her eyes, was breathing heavily and managed to utter, ‘uh-huh’. When she managed to get her shirt off, Sue unhooked Liz’s bra, pulled it off of her and began to massage Liz’s breasts.

In the meantime, Mel had kneeled down in front of Liz and began undoing her slacks. Once she had the button undone and the zipper down, Mel began pulling the pants down very slowly exposing Liz’s white cotton bikini panties. Once Mel got the pants down and off, she reached up and began pulling down Liz’s panties then pulled them off.

Mel looked at their new friend and admired her body. Liz was about 5’6″ tall, had medium sized breasts with dark, half dollar sized areolae and a very hard nipple in the middle. Her abdomen looked like a washboard with very defined muscles. Her pubic area was covered in classic black Asian hair and her thighs had very defined muscles like her abdomen. Mel whistled and said, “My god, Liz! I love your muscles! You must work out a lot.”

Sue whispered, “Turn around and show me.” Sue stepped back and admired Liz’s body as she turned to face her while Mel took in Liz’s perfect derrière. When Liz was facing her, Sue took her in her arms and kissed her passionately while running her hands up and down Liz’s body.

Liz was feeling a bit shell shocked by the attention she was receiving. Her face was quite red because she was nude in front of these two beautiful women for the first time. Next she felt Mel’s naked breast push up against her back and then Sue made her turn around to face Mel who began to kiss her now. A few moments later she felt Sue’s naked breasts pressing into her back. Sue whispered, “Let’s get you cleaned up and out and then we can have some real fun.”

Mel led Liz into the master bathroom Göztepe Escort while Sue fetched Liz’s Christmas presents. As Mel and Liz waited for the shower to warm up, Mel took Liz in her arms again and began kissing her fervently, their tongues fencing with one another. When Sue got into the room, all three got into the shower and rubbed their bodies on each other. Liz was beginning to experience sensory overload as Sue fingered her pussy while Mel worked her breasts over. Before long, Liz had the first orgasm of the night and the first one that wasn’t self-induced in over a year and a half.

Liz held Sue’s shoulders as she was hit with her climax, shuddering and shaking while her eyes rolled back into her head and she let out a guttural groan of satisfaction. Sue held on to Liz as it looked as though Liz was getting weak in the knees and pulled her into a hug. When Liz stabilized, Sue said, “Okay, now that you are relaxed let’s clean out your rectum!”

While Mel and Liz were making out before the shower, Sue had filled Liz’s brand new hot water bottle and prepared it for Liz’s enema. Sue stepped out of the shower, grabbed the bottle and a tube of lube and returned to the shower and told Liz to spread her legs and bend over slightly. Mel took the lube and smeared some over Liz’s anus and a little on the enema probe. When she was satisfied, Mel nodded to Sue to insert the probe. Sue said, “You’ll feel a bit of pressure as I slide the tip into you. Just push out like you want to poop to make it easier.”

Liz did as instructed and felt the tip gently slide deep into her ass. “Okay,” said Sue, “Now I’ll release the stop and allow the fluid to gently flow into your rectum. We’ll need to do this several times in order to clean the fecal matter out of you. You’re going to need to do this before you come over on Friday for our party.”

When most of the contents of the bottle had been released into Liz, Sue shut off the stop and slowly withdrew the tip from Liz’s ass while she told Liz to keep the contents inside of her. Liz tried to stand, but felt the pressure of all of the water in her bowel and groaned. Sue told her to hold it for a few minutes and then go sit on the toilet to release the contents. They did this three times before the water ran clear out of Liz. Then Mel and Sue scrubbed their friend down nice and clean.

Next, Sue decided they were going to shave Liz’s pussy nice and smooth. They told Liz to sit up on the vanity with her legs spread wide while Mel got out her scissors. The former hair dresser quickly got Liz’s pubic hair down to stubble and then expertly shaved her pussy and anal area clean of hair. Mel told Liz to step into the shower to rinse off and then to return to the vanity. When Liz got back, Mel inspected her work to make sure there were no strays and when she was satisfied, she latched onto Liz’s pussy with her mouth.

Liz had never experienced anything like the sensations she was feeling from Mel’s oral attention. Mel was licking up and into her slit causing Liz to moan loudly as her tongue snaked into her vagina, over her urethra and over her clit. She had been eaten out in college by a couple of guys she dated, but it was nothing compared to what Mel was doing to her. After a few minutes, Mel began concentrating on Liz’s clit and sank a couple of fingers into her sopping wet hole causing Liz to have her second climax of the evening.

Liz writhed and bucked and held Mel’s head tightly against her clit. Mel had no intention of going anywhere and was determined to bring the pretty policewoman several more orgasms before she was done. Finally, after 4 orgasms, Liz couldn’t take anymore and pushed Mel’s head away from her. Liz was breathing heavily and had a sheen of perspiration all over her body as she sat on the bathroom vanity. Mel stood up and turned to Sue and kissed her deeply, sharing Liz’s taste with her lover. When they broke the kiss, Sue said, “Oh, Liz! You taste very nice! I can’t wait to dive between your legs. But, before we get to that, we need to get your first butt plug into that delicious ass of yours to get you ready for the real thing!”

Liz was led to the big bed in the master bedroom by Mel and was followed by Sue. “Liz, I want you to crawl up onto the bed with your feet hanging over the edge,” Sue requested. When Liz was in position, Sue continued, “That’s perfect. Now, Mel and I are going to lubricate your anus and put the smallest plug into your ass. We will take it slow and gently for you, you just need to push out, again, like you are pooping. Try to stay relaxed and concentrate on how nice it will feel instead of possible pain. Okay?”

Liz grunted her assent, though she wasn’t entirely sure how happy she was about this. She felt her ass cheeks get pulled apart and then the cool application of lube. She was caught by surprise as a finger was pushed into her, so she pushed back like Sue directed. After her initial surprise, Liz decided that the finger felt pretty good. A few moments later, an additional finger was added and, again, Liz thought it felt pretty good…good enough to cause her to moan in pleasure. The two fingers were being pumped in and out of her asshole nice and slowly and twisted around a bit. Sue asked Liz how she was doing and Liz replied, “This feels really nice. I had no idea butt stuff could feel so good.”

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