Rahab Bk. 06 Ch. 09: The Healing

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The plan had always depended on Karim being distracted, and on a low estimation of his intelligence. Jacob, rightly, had worried, what if we were wrong? How could he fail to notice that almost parallel with our small party, there was one travelling, with a local guide, through the almost trackless wastes which ran almost parallel on the other side of the dunes? My answer was that with his eyes on my submission, and Tania’s generous ass, and his mind on the glories to come, he would not notice; I was right.

Karim looked shocked.

“Who, what?” He babbled incoherently and lunged towards me, only for Tania to intervene. She grabbed his wrist, turned it sharply, and then hit his jaw, felling him with one blow.

“So much for whipping my ass, you pig!” As she had her foot firmly on him as she spoke, and as Karim was rubbing his jaw, there was not much in the way of a response from him. Through the spy-glass I watched with keen interest what was happening close to the fort.

As he told me later, Jacob had spotted the gates opening and the welcoming party as his opportunity to avoid a siege for which we were in no wise prepared. It was Ana who had suggested dividing their small force into two parts: the Amazons, led by her went straight for the men who were coming to meet us, whilst Jacob and the Guardians headed for the fort.

I could see the dilemma this had posed for those who had left the fort. They had turned, meaning to deal with the force headed towards the open gates, but in so doing had left themselves open to an enfilading attack from Ana and her Amazons, who, after firing a volley of arrows to break the line, got in among them and made short but bloody work of their task.

In the meantime, Jacob’s men reached the fort in time to prevent the gates being closed, and, reinforced by the Amazons, pushed on inside, where I lost sight of them.

“What now?” Tania asked.

Wiping my brow and looking at the prostrate Karim, I replied:

“Time to get him on his feet, and let us go to see what our friends of have of the fort and its defenders.”

As we entered the gates, ten minutes later, it was clear that they had made a thorough job. From the family resemblance, as well as from the haughty manner in which he spoke, I took the tall, rangy, badly-dressed man with the wispy beard to be the Imam Abdullah.

“You spawn of Zhaitan; do you not know who you are dealing with here?”

As he saw our party enter he stopped, and seeing Karim, did a double-take.

“Is this your great gift to Allah my fool of a son? Ah, why did I trust you? You were born a fool and will die one! Your mother was a woman of no brain and you are like her!”

With that he spat in Karim’s direction. I felt almost sorry for him; almost.

“I know who you are,” I told him, “you are the self-appointed judge of my Sultan the Caliph. I am appointed by him to bring judgement to those who dare challenge his authority.”

He spat at me.

“Perverted whore. Your Master is a whore-monger and a heretic, and we shall kill him. As for you, you will not escape. There is a small army heading this way who were expecting your submission, now they will compel it. You have a little time before you die, use it well!”

I ordered him to be taken away with Karim. Putting them in the same cell seemed a just punishment, though who was being punished the most I left to them to decide.

“We still have time to escape, Rahab, we can be back to the port before dark, and by the time this army finds us, we shall have sailed,” Jacob said.

He was right, I replied, but that rather ran counter to the purpose of this mission. Our plan had been to teach the Wahhabis’ a lesson, and we now had the opportunity to do so.

Ana looked at me quizzically.

“You have a plan I think, my darling?”

“I do,” I replied, “but let us discuss it over some food, you must be hungry after your work.”

We ate on the roof of the main barracks as I outlined my plan. I was grateful, as ever, for Ana’s support, as Jacob, for obvious reasons, had his doubts.

“It’s outrageous!” was his response, when I finished.

“Do you not have faith?” I quizzed him.

That was a question which cut to the heart of what we were there to do. I could so understand Jacob’s dilemma. He was charged with protecting the Ark of the Covenant, but the question I was posing was what was it for? If the Ark was simply an historical artefact valuable because it was a direct link with God’s intervention with Moses on the Mountain, then certainly it needed sarıyer escort to be preserved for that reason alone; but was it more than that?

My own deep conviction was that God’s intervention had not finished with His Son, and if this instrument had fallen into my hands, it was for His purpose. The question being posed was whether we had the Faith to trust in Him.

“Jacob, remember, I represent the great Muslim Empire which has covered so much of the world with its power. Remember, too, that these Wahhabis pose a fundamentalist challenge to the Ottoman tradition of tolerating the other “people of the Book. This sect is growing, and I have thwarted them at least twice; the third time will count for all!”

“Cousin, your Faith is infectious. You are correct, we must stop these people.”

I was overjoyed. Ana and Commander Kunt went to prepare the ground.

Tania wanted to talk, and, as there was little I could do before the enemy arrived, I was happy to make myself available to her.

I had always seen what Annie saw in her. Her skin was deepest ebony, and her lips luscious. Her figure was one to die for, and it was combined with a kindness which won one to her side immediately.

“Rahab, I am uneasy.”

She looked concerned, so I smiled, knowing what was coming.

“Ana is your wife, and yet of late I have been with her more than you have; are you really comfortable? Do you not feel any jealousy?”

I fixed her beautiful deep brown eyes with mine.

“I understand, Tania, and the short answer is that yes, I do feel a twinge now and then, but there is something I want you to understand, and I think that, having loved Miriam, you may understand this.”

At the mention of her dead lover, a tear came to Tania’s eyes.

“Ana would allow me anyone I wanted, she places no limits on me, and in our time together, I have had other lovers. But such is the depth of what I have with her that I desire no other.”

She smiled, “yes, Miriam used to say the same.”

“When I was younger I was very submissive. It was part of a feeling that I was not worth loving, and I found that if I pleased others they would pay me attention. For the longest time I would do whatever my lover wanted. Only gradually did that change, and for that I have Ana to thank,”

I explained that there had been a moment with Jess when I had realised that I had to choose between personal pleasure and duty, and I had chosen the latter. The inner feeling of not being loveable had persisted, but I could cope with it. Then came Ana. As the depth of our love became clear, it allowed me to release that inner submissiveness into Ana’s care. Knowing I could trust her, I had been able to relax into our love.

I needed to be owned. It was as simple as that. It would have been awfully easy to have fallen under the control of someone who would have exploited that; but Ana had come to me, and made it safe to be myself. She was so wonderful that, of course, others wanted her, and if she needed to satisfy her lust, then I was secure enough in our love to allow of it.

Tania looked at me.

“That, Rahab, is the most wonderful testimony to your love, and know, always, that what we have is lust-based, and I would never do anything to harm your love, not that I ever could.”

She hugged me. Her big breasts engulfed me, and in her warmth, I could feel the connection between her and my wife. Physically they were the most perfect specimens of beauty I had ever seen; to this day that remains the case.

At that moment the alarm was raised.

Ana smiled as she saw us.

“I don’t know, can’t leave you two alone for a moment. This will have to wait until later, ladies!”

We both giggled. It was a tribute to our love that at this moment of peril we could laugh as though we had no cares.

Ana briefed us when the Commander and Jacob joined us for a last Council of War.

“This” I said, “is the trial. Let us pray.”

Jacob led us in prayer.

When we finished, Ana smiled.

“I have ensured that God gets all the help we can offer.”

Our dispositions had been made.

The Wahhabis were approaching peacefully and slowly, they had no reason to suppose there would be any problem; by the time they discovered their mistake I intended that it should be too late.

To defeat them was essential, but not sufficient; I had also to ensure that a message was sent out which told the Wahhabis that they should cease and desist their attacks on the Empire and on the People of the Book. If istanbul escort what I was wrong? What if at this last test I failed? Faith was necessary, it filled that gap between preparation and success. Everything that could be done had been done. Jacob opened the gates himself; I could not have wanted a better signal of his approval. The Commander, as ever, showed perfect faith in me, as did Ana. I looked at her. She put out her hands:

“My Rahab, I doubt not that what will be is God’s will. If it be His will to take you, so be it, but know this, I shall be not far behind.”

With more courage than I felt, I replied that I would not fail.

Then came the time of trial.

With the small part of men who carried the Ark, I stepped out alone. Events had conspired to destroy any plans I had for a more considered approach. Abdullah had been in a hurry to betray us, and our early seizure of the fort had created a problem for him; but I knew that a siege would be the wrong way to go.

As we walked from the fort along the dusty road there was a rumble like thunder. The approaching horsemen hesitated, but two of them rode on:

“You have come to submit?” The tall, thin man looked puzzled.

“There is one God and if you wish to survive you will not seek to harm this ancient gift of His.”

“It is a graven image and should be destroyed,” said the second, slighter figure.

With that, he raised his sword and brought down, meaning to slice me; but as his sword came within an inch of my collar bone, it dissolved. They sky above us grew suddenly dark. His companion, nothing daunted, rode straight at me, but at the last moment his horse shied and he found himself on the desert sand. The others hesitated.

I stood my ground. The sky was now the colour of pitch, and from the Ark one could see light emerging and then, with one sudden pulse, even as the sky grew black, the horsemen were struck by a beam of pure white light.

The bearers of the Ark knelt and hid their faces.

As the first band of horsemen staggered, unable, to judge from their comments, to see, a second wave rode at me. A second beam enveloped them, and like their fellows they fell away.

“You are a witch!”

The comment came from the leader of the group, who, alone, seemed untouched by the rays.

“Your tricks have no power on me, for I serve the One to whom this world has been given over!”

As I looked at him I seemed to see the likeness of a great serpent. As he came forward to seize the Ark, instinctively I threw myself on it. As I touched it a great warmth spread through my limbs, and it was as though I was filled with the Light. As the great Serpent touched me, what coursed through my veins to give me life did the opposite to him.

As Ana described it, it was as though in the black cloud there was One Light, and though the forces of darkness contended with it, he did not prevail. I saw him dissolve, Ana saw only that the Light prevailed and the darkness was shattered. I heard sounds, I knew they were Angelic, and there was a Hosanna in the highest. It was as though the Heavens had opened. Time seemed to stand still. In the whirlwind there came a still small voice:

“Your faith has healed you Rahab. You will have the span you need and, if you stay faithful, you will come to the Last Judgment with confidence. But beware of temptation.”

As the warmth spread through my limbs and I felt renewed, I saw her, again. The Blessed Theotokos was smiling, holding out her hands. It was as though I could touch them, and as I did, I felt whole once more.

“Thank you, Mama, I did it for you.”

Her smile was that of a thousand suns:

“You are running the great race, you are doing His will, and at the last my daughter, come to me and you will find rest.”

And I knew all would be well, and that all manner of things would be well.

As the Light faded and the darkness went with it, I looked around. Of the leader there was no sign, and his companions were rubbing their eyes. As their sight returned they looked at me and at the scattered remnant of their band. Saying naught, they departed. We later learned that they had said that the Monastery and its environs were protected by Allah and should not be approached with hostile intent. Mission accomplished.

As I looked around, taking in the revelation, I thanked God for His mercy to me, falling to my knees and saying:

“Thy will be done.”

As Ana and Jacob joined me, the latter was crossing himself furiously.

“I should never mecidiyeköy escort have doubted you,” he proclaimed loudly.

“You should never have doubted God,” I smiled.

Ana lifted me.

“Darling, what has happened? I feel and energy surging through you that I have not felt these many a month.”

Gazing into her blue eyes with love, I told her my story.

“I am healed, Ana, I am whole.”

She and Jacob fell to their knees, and I did, and we thanked the Living God.

Back at the fort we had Abdullah and Karim brought forth. For the first time ever, they were silent.

“Now,” I said, “we shall not serve you as you would have served us. Go in peace, but remember what you have seen.”

With no word they departed, and so we saw the last of them and, for a while, their kind.

Where I had walked with difficulty from the fort, I walked with ease back to it. My limbs felt whole, and the distemper which had haunted me had vanished.

Our small group gave praise for the blessings we had received, and we celebrated into the evening.

As the night fell, I saw Tania with the Commander, and it was clear that there was some recognition of a mutual attraction; it was the first time I had seen him show the tender passion and I liked it. I smiled at Tania, who smiled back broadly.

“Well, my darling,” I said, snuggling closer to Ana, “it looks as though your bed mate has found a new companion?”

She smiled and held me close.

“It looks as though I have found my wife again, and I think your energy needs testing!”

Her smile contained in it that hint of naughtiness which aroused us both. For the first time in months I felt my sexual instincts aroused, and I wanted Ana so badly that I could almost have taken her then and there.

It was typical of Commander Kunt that he should have noticed and have taken that moment to leave with Tania. Jacob smiled and bade us goodnight, retiring with one of the Amazons. That left Ana and myself.

She took me into her arms and I felt her hard nipples rub mine as her beautiful breast squashed against mine; a pulse passed through me and my sex felt warm and moist; it was good to feel that way again. I slid down, kissing those stiff nipples, my tongue licking her areolae. My soft lips fastened onto her nipples, and I sucked slowly, drawing them out and flicking them with my tongue. Her moans were music to my ears. They were, I told her “my” nipples, and I “want you,” I added.

Ana responded with vigour:

“Take me Rahab, as you are mine, so am I yours, take me!”

I smelt her arousal, and my hand slide between her delicious warm thighs as my fingers confirmed that she wanted me. There is no greater compliment. I slid down, playing with her aching nipples, kissing her tummy before cresting her mound and licking down the length of her juicy slit. She gripped my head, pushing it into her.

As Ana rubbed her cunt against my eager face, I felt myself grow wetter. My tongue swirled around her clit, teasing her, playing, wanting her to orgasm as I wanted to, but wanting to prolong this for as long as I could.

I had come close to forgetting what sexual desire was, and the feelings with coursed through me now felt like the lava of a volcanic eruption which had been long in the gestation. Her thickening juice on my tongue made me eager for more, but I slowed it down. I lapped, slowly and with determination, but Ana pushed into my face.

“I want to cum, cum with me!”

Oh, how I wanted it, but how, too, I wanted to prolong it.

Her thighs pressed against my head. My world was there. My tongue flicked and licked, responding to her moans, and my fingers rubbed her juices against her rosebud hole. And as my index finger began to penetrate her, she could hold back no longer and came, with a gush, into my face. She

As she climaxed, she came in a series of great shuddering orgasms.

“Your turn,” she exclaimed, pulling me up and fastening my lips to her breast.

As I sucked she made free with my aching cunt. I abandoned myself to the pleasure of our love. Her tongue had me quivering, and her fingers, curling into me, pressed where I needed it. She teased and pleasured me until, at the last, the volcano erupted. Until that moment I had thought that women squirting juice from their cunt happened only with women as sexually skilled as Ana; but I realised she had drawn it from me.

My orgasm shot through me, and I moaned into her breast. She held me, and I held her.

“Welcome back, my wife!”

“It was His will,” I replied, knowing in my heart that the events of that day had taught me a lesson about faith and love which I should never forget.

My energy sparked her lust, and for that night, we played and loved as only those brought back from the brink can.

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