Sleeping with the Enemy Ch. 01

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One one thousand. I saw a sea of red and black or blue and white everywhere I looked.

Two one thousand. The roar of the crowd rattled my bones.

Three one thousand. My heart started beating faster as I scanned all the unfamiliar faces.

Four one thousand. “Haven over here!” My step-mother Rachel yelled bringing me back to reality and out of my own head.

“Hey, where’s dad?” I asked taking a seat next to her.

“He’s on his way don’t worry,” she said and then started cheering with the rest of the crowd as the players started to stream out onto the field.

“M.V.P.!” the crowd around me started to chant as the red and black players took their places. M.V.P. stood for Mountain View Prep, which happened to be the school I would be attending along with my step brother Luca.

“Look there’s Luca,” Rachel grinned proudly pointing to number 68. I grinned remembering Luca’s joke involving that number.

“Let’s go Warriors!” the crowd roared, “Let’s go Warriors!”

Despite myself I began to chant along with everyone, the environment was intoxicating. People oozed excitement and energy; it was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I couldn’t imagine how the players must feel… but just saying they all probably had huge egos, I know Luca did.

When the game ended (we won 20 – 17) my dad, Rachel, and I pushed through the crowds exiting the bleachers to go congratulate Luca. It was a process, but with my dad’s large size (height not width) we were able to power forward until we were front and center where the players were coming off the field.

“Lucian!” Rachel yelled to get Luca’s attention.

He snapped his head to us and was prepared to yell at his mom for calling him Lucian, but then he saw me and a wide grin spread across his face.

“Have!” he yelled running at me, picking me up, and spinning me around.

“Hey Luca,” I grinned, “Sixty- eight and I’ll owe you one huh?”

“Damn straight! My joke, my number that’s how it goes,” he laughed.

“Shaddix put the girl down! Locker room now!” an older man, I assumed was his coach, yelled at him.

His teammates snickered as he sat me down, shooting the coach an apologetic smile.

“See you guys in a few!” Luca called to us as him and his teammates shuffled into the locker room entrance.

“Come on Haven let’s go wait at the cars,” my dad ushered Rachel and me towards the parking lot.

A few minutes later Luca joined us, freshly showered and in jeans and a t-shirt instead of his uniform.

“Hey so is it cool if I steal Haven tonight and we do family dinner tomorrow?” Luca gave his mom his best puppy dog face.

“Party?” she raised her brows.

“Maaaybe,” he grinned.

“Fine, we needed a little alone time anyways,” Rachel waggled her eyebrows at my dad.

“Gross,” I gagged and Luca nodded his agreement.

“You two are legal adults, cut it out,” my dad chuckled, wrapping his arms around Rachel.

“Alright, don’t wait up. Love you guys,” Luca said grabbing me by the arm and dragging me away from our horny parents.

“That was painful to watch,” I shuddered.

“They’re like that all the time, you’ll get used to it,” he shrugged, unlocking his car so we could get in.

“That’s nasty, parents shouldn’t have libidos anymore,” I joked.

“Stop, now I’m getting grossed out,” Luca laughed pulling out of his parking spot and heading towards the exit.

“So where are we headed anyways?”

“My friend Lincoln is having a party.”

“Luca,” I groaned, the last thing I wanted to do was hang around a bunch of drunk people who I didn’t know.

“Don’t ‘Luca’ me, we are going to have fun and get wasted and you can meet some really cool people,” he gave me his signature puppy dog look.

“Grrr fine,” I gave in. He was right, this would be a good way to meet new people and make some friends before I started school on Monday.

“Sweet! You don’t need to go home and change or anything?” he asked, I could tell he was hoping I’d say no.

“Nah I’m good.” I was wearing cute jean shorts, black ankle boots, and a grey tank top with one of Luca’s black and white checkered button ups over it.

He saw the button up and narrowed his eyes, “nice shirt.”

“Thanks, my awesome brother let me borrow it,” I batted my eyelashes.

“Borrowed my ass,” he laughed. I’d taken the shirt last summer when we were on a family vacation and never given it back, it looked better on me anyways.


When we got to Luca’s friends house we parked across the street in front of a huge house that sat right on the beach, people steadily streamed inside.

“Oh tonight is going to be kick ass,” Luca grinned like a little kid.

“You go in without me I’m going to call my mom.”

I knew if I didn’t do it now I wouldn’t at all tonight and then I’d wake up to hundreds of angry texts in the morning.

“Okay, I’ll probably be out back, text me if you get lost,” he ruffled my hair.

I rolled my eyes and we both hopped out of the car so he could Yozgat Escort lock it.

I dialed my mom and waved to Luca as he strutted across the street.

“Hey honey!” my mom’s familiar voice greeted.

“Hey mom, I was just calling to check in, I’m at a party with Luca.”

“Oh that’s fun, or is it? I mean you are on the phone with your mom,” she teased.

I laughed and started walking up and went and leaned against a tree in someone’s front yard.

“I haven’t gone in yet; I decided I’d rather call you first so I wouldn’t have to get a lecture when I was hung over.”

“Smart girl, I raised you right. Make sure you drink lots of water when you wake up, Luca too.”

“You’re so weird, most moms would not be encouraging underage drinking,” I laughed.

“Yeah but you love me.”

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too kiddo, you know you can always move to Arizona.” I could hear the pleading and the hope in her voice. We’d been arguing about this for months, my mom wanted me to move to Arizona with her, and I wanted to live with my dad. I figured that I was going to be uprooted anyway why not spend some more with Rachel, Luca, and my dad?

“Oh my gosh, okay I’m going to go get plastered before we start arguing again,” I groaned.

“Fine, fine… stubborn ass, love you shit head.”

“Love you too mom,” I chuckled.

“Call me when you are unzombified in the morning, tell Luca I say hi.”

“Okay bye!”

I frowned down at my phone after I pressed end call. I missed my mom a lot, but if I was being honest I moved to Mountain View in part to punish her. She’d accepted the job in Arizona without even consulting with me. She’d always preached about how she would treat me like an adult, with respect, but then she went and made a decision that affected us both with no input from me.

I heaved a sigh and walked back towards Luca’s car. I stopped dead in my tracks and hid behind another car when I saw two distinct male forms next to it. I watched them for a second and then started laughing when I realized what they were doing; the entire car was nearly wrapped in saran wrap.

“Excuse me, but what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I asked coming out of my hiding spot, they were just pulling a prank, I didn’t feel threatened.

“Fuck,” one of the guys cursed.

“What’s it look like we’re doing sweet heart,” the other guy said smirking at me.

I stifled a small gasp as I looked at him, this guy was gorgeous. He had dark wavy hair, a well defined jaw, perfect lips, amazing dimples, he was at least 6’2”, and in the light from the street lamp his eyes were a beautiful blue green color.

“He’s going to be pissed, you know that right?” I grinned at him.

“That’s the plan,” he shrugged.

“Dude, let’s go before she goes and gets them,” his friend urged.

“We aren’t done, besides she’s not going to tell.”

“I’m not huh?” I raised an eyebrow.

“No, you would’ve done it already.”

“True,” I winked, “don’t fuck it up though he’s my ride home, got it?”

“Got it Princess.”

“Don’t call me Princess.”

“What should I call you then?” he grinned and not so subtly checked me out.

“Haven,” I rolled my eyes and he just smirked at me.

“Well don’t worry Haven, we won’t hurt your boyfriends car,” he assured me.

“Alright have a nice night… and for the record I would never date Luca, that’s disgusting,” I laughed giving them a small wave before heading towards the party.

“My mom says hi,” I told Luca, stealing his beer and plopping down in the seat next to him.

“Hey what the fuck?” he growled.

“Snooze you lose,” I grinned tipping back the bottle and chugging the rest of it.

“You are such an ass,” he grumbled grabbing another beer from the cooler next to him.

“You still love me.”

“Yeah and you’re lucky I do,” he handed me another beer too. The people around us stared open mouthed like fish, glancing between the two of us.

“I think something is wrong with your friends,” I stared right back at them.

“Guys this is Haven and these ass holes are Lincoln, Jake, and Sean.”

“Nice to meet you guys, cool house by the way,” I said the last part to Lincoln.

They seemed to snap simultaneously back to reality.

“Thanks, and nice to meet you too,” Lincoln smiled, studying me.

“So how is Sarah?” Luca ignored his friends weirdness.

“Good, she said to make sure we both drink a lot of water when we wake up,” I rolled my eyes.

“Oh god, I love your mom,” Luca chuckled, slapping his knee.

“Okay, Luca my man, I’m confused as hell, but just tell me one thing… can I hit on her?” Jake asked finally breaking his silence as well as Sean’s as Sean began to snicker.

“She is most definitely off limits to you three,” Luca shook his head.

“Oh don’t even try to pull that shit with me, I can handle myself Luca,” I stuck my tongue out at him; Luca just shrugged and smirked at the confused expressions on his friends faces.

I knew right then what he was doing, Yozgat Escort Bayan “you are such an ass, quit jerking their chain.”

“What they jumped to conclusions, it’s funny,” Luca sipped his beer completely amused with himself.

“My name is Haven Shaddix,” I clarified. Yes Luca and I had the same last name, my dad had adopted him six years ago when we were twelve, he may not have been my brother by blood, but that didn’t matter to me.

All at once the confusion was wiped away.

“You are such a dick,” Lincoln gave Luca the finger.

“What it was funny watching you guys freak out!”

“I don’t even feel bad about your ca-,” I started, but then stopped realizing what I was about to say.

“Feel bad about what?” Luca raised his eyebrows.

“Your shirt,” I smirked. Fuck, that would have been bad. I don’t know why I felt the need to protect that guy he obviously wasn’t a friend of Luca, and I didn’t even know his name. I just felt the need to protect him and keep my mouth shut.

“Yeah well I’m just going to steal something of yours then.”

“Oh? Well I have this really cute denim skirt, it’d really show off those legs,” I snarked.

“I do have great legs,” Luca nodded.

The rest of the night Luca, his friends, and I just bull shitted, told stories, and mocked each other relentlessly. It was actually really fun, and I met a few cool people, which made me feel less nervous for Monday. Luca ended up drinking too much to be able to drive, and I didn’t want to risk it so we ended up crashing on Lincoln’s couches after the party ended. Lincoln made sure to let me know that his bed was always open if I decided the couch wasn’t comfortable enough. He was definitely cute with dark hair, honey colored eyes, and perfect plump lips, but I didn’t think getting involved with Luca’s friends was a good idea. Getting involved with anyone was probably a bad idea, Luca and my dad would probably try to scare the shit out of anyone I was interested in.


“WHAT THE FUCK????” Luca yelled at this sight of his car.

I fought the urge to giggle and pretended to be as horrified as he was, but I probably failed horribly. The car was covered completely in saran wrap and painted on top of the saran was ‘Warriors Suck!’ it wasn’t very original, but still funny.

“I’m going to beat the fuck out of those North Ridge ass holes,” Luca gritted his teeth.

Lincoln, Jake, and Sean look angry as well, but not nearly as mad as Luca. I grabbed the keys from Luca and started ripping off the saran wrap on the passenger side of the car. I noticed a little piece of paper with a number and a name written on it stuck in the corner of the window so I grabbed it before the guys could see it.

“Luca come help ass hat,” I yelled to him as I finish clearing my side of the car.

I let him finish up and hopped into the passenger seat, I was way too tired to do anything. I unfolded the contraband slip of paper and put the number into my phone under Aiden. I debated with myself for like five seconds before I bit the bullet and decided to text him.

Me: Should I be impressed or creeped out?

Aiden: Definitely impressed I mean I’ve got balls you have to admit 😉

Me: Well biologically that’s probably a fact lol

Aiden: Ha! Well it got you to text me so that’s all that matters ?

Me: How do you know this isn’t Luca?

Aiden: Well if it is Luca… I want your girl

Me: I am not his girl, I told you that last night

Aiden: Then what are you doing with Luca huh? He doesn’t have female friends… neither do I, but just saying

Me: Guess you’ll have to find out

Aiden: What are you doing tonight?

Me: Not you ;P

Aiden: We’ll see about that… but seriously there’s a North Ridge party tonight, you should come to… I can pick you up, or text you the address

This definitely had bad idea written all over it, and when Luca suddenly hopped in the car I dropped my phone like it was on fire.

“Alright, let’s get home,” Luca sighed glaring at the pile of saran wrap in Lincoln’s trashcan.

I shot Aiden one last text…

Me: Meet you there…

I definitely did not want to get in a car with a guy I didn’t know, but I was intrigued by him for some reason. When we got home I immediately crawled into my bed and passed out without bothering to say hi to my dad or Rachel.

I slept for most of the day before I decided I probably needed to get up and get ready for the party. I decided to wear a pair of black bandage leggings, black and studded ankle boots, and loose red tank top with a black lace bandeau. I pulled my long dark hair into a high pony tail and put on mascara, eyeliner, and red lipstick.

I tried to sneak downstairs so I could leave without anyone seeing me. Luckily it didn’t seem like anyone was home which I was very thankful for, I didn’t want any questions about where I was going.

I shot a text to Aiden for the address as I warmed up my car.

Me: Hey what’s the address?

Aiden: Escort Yozgat 1240 Rose Drive

Me: Okay cool I’ll be on my way soon ?

Aiden: What’re you wearing? 😉

Me: Clothes 😉

Aiden: That’s hot lol

Me: I’m rolling my eyes haha

Aiden: You can roll your eyes at me in person hurry up and get your sexy ass here ?

Me: Fine, text you when I get there

I typed the address into GPS and drove the short fifteen minute drive to the party. Aiden met me at the door and told me he approved of my outfit choice.

Just like the party last night there were tons of people mingling and drinking. I stuck close to Aiden and followed him to the kitchen where a group of three very cute guys, one of whom was the other guy from last night, were taking shots.

“Hey guys this is Haven, and Haven this is Kaden, Ethan, and Nate,” Aiden said grabbing a beer for him and I from the fridge.

“Nice to see you again,” I gave Nate a small wave and he returned it.

Nate was pretty cute now that I could actually see him in better lighting. His hair was a chocolate brown, his eyes hazel, and his skin was lightly tanned. When he smiled it was boy next door cute, and I couldn’t help but return it. Kaden had golden blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and basically looked like a male model… what teenager looked like that seriously? Ethan had red blonde hair, sage green eyes, and a splash of freckles on his nose.

“Aiden how did you get a date this gorgeous?” Kaden winked at me.

“Oh this is so not a date,” I laughed.

“It’s not?” Aiden asked ignoring Kaden.

“Not even close… you’re slightly interesting so I figured I’d come hang out, but this is not a date,” I explained.

“Only slightly interesting yikes,” Aiden fake winced.

“I have never seen you strike out man,” Nate taunted.

“He hasn’t struck out… yet,” I corrected which earned me a big grin from Aiden.

“Where did you find this girl?” Kaden laughed, “like seriously there is no way a girl that looks like her lives here and has escaped all of our attention.”

“We were vandalizing Shaddix’s car and she caught us, by the way did he freak the fuck out?” Nate asked excitedly.

“Luca, Lincoln, Jake, and Sean were all flipping out this morning,” I laughed, “you guys better watch your backs Luca isn’t just going to take it.”

“Okay you have to tell me how you know Luca, seriously it is killing me,” Aiden gave me a pouty face.

“Well you never asked me my last name,” I smirked and sipped my beer.

“Okay what is it?” Aiden asked.

“Shaddix,” I laughed.

“Lies, there is no way Shaddix has a sister as hot as you and we didn’t know,” Aiden rolled his eyes.

“Yeah I don’t believe it, where have you been? How come no one knew about you?” Kaden questioned me.

“He’s my step brother, but my dad adopted him and I lived with my mom, but she moved to Arizona so I moved here,” I shrugged.

“You brought a Shaddix to a North Ridge party seriously Aiden?” Kaden punched him in the shoulder jokingly.

“I didn’t know!” Aiden looked at me with an amused grin.

“So you let us fuck up your brother’s car? Jeeze I wouldn’t want to be your brother,” Nate teased me.

“It was funny and you didn’t do any damage so who cares,” I shrugged.

“Still a dick move, but it makes me like you more,” Aiden not so subtly put his arm around my shoulders.

“Thanks… I think,” I said letting Aiden leave his arm where it was at.

The five of us talked for a while, Ethan was actually pretty funny when he finally started talking. All the guys tried to get dirt on Luca, but I shut them down each time. After about an hour or so the guys wandered off in search of prey, leaving Aiden and I alone.

“I’m glad you decided to hang with us… even if you’re a Shaddix you’re a pretty cool girl,” Aiden laughed playing with my tank top strap.

“Yeah I’m actually having a lot of fun, even if your groupies are glaring me down,” I gestured to the group of girls who were shooting me death glares. They were all smiles however when Aiden glanced their way.

“Hey it is not my fault I’m so sexy,” Aiden acted like he was too cool or some shit.

“Eh you’re a solid seven,” I joked.

“God you’re mean,” he said giving me a wounded look that broke into a grin.

“Ah does your ego hurt?”

“Yeah I need a kiss to make it better,” he waggled his brows.

“Oh fine you little baby,” I laughed and stood on my tip toes to kiss him lightly on the cheek.

“You can’t tease a baby it’s not nice,” he pouted even more.

“Yeah that is not going to work sweet heart,” I rolled my eyes.

“Have,” he said increasing the pout.

“My word you don’t give up,” I giggled standing on my tip toes again. He cupped my face in his hands and I pressed my lips to his in a surprisingly tender kiss. I had butterflies going crazy in my stomach and my entire body tingled.

“Happy?” I grinned breaking our kiss.

“Very,” he chuckled. His hands moved from my face down to my hips where they stayed.

“It’s such a bad idea getting involved with you,” I sighed.

“Why’s that?” he grinned.

“You’re the enemy.”

“Well isn’t the saying keep your friends close and your enemies in bed?” he said with a very alluring and lustful expression.

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