Summer Love?

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Edited sun_sea_sky Thanks again.

Lyrics; Supertramp; Another man’s woman


Kelly arrived at the party late, the action being in full swing. He really wasn’t going to come, didn’t know many people that were here. His invitation had been at the instance of his hostess.

Margie was hot, she looked just like his ideal vision of a girlfriend. She was not too tall, about five seven to his six foot height, of slim build, dark short hair, an adorably cute face, what would be called flat-chested, but had the most delightful ass, firm, round, and it wiggled a little when she walked. Rumors went around that she was bisexual, a guy’s true fantasy.

He knew of her, but had only meet her once. She had been the girlfriend of one of his best friends. It was at a time when he and Grey weren’t hanging out, they were running in different circles.


His connection, and why he was here, was because of Hilde, who was good friends with Margie. He had been hanging with Hilde for the better part of the year, she had a rusted-out Ford Fairlane 500, and he had been between cars.

Hilde was hot for him, but he wasn’t interested in her that way, she was not his ideal girl. He did like Hilde a lot, just not in a sexual way. Being a male virgin made this sound ridiculous, you would think he should be hunting out sex wherever he could find it.

Everyone assumed he was self-confident, he put on his best cool “don’t fuck with me” attitude whenever he left the house. He drank Southern Comfort, smoked small rum dipped cigarillos instead of cigarettes, had a Honda 500 four that he had driven to the party that night. Little did they know that girls terrified him, he would go to pieces if he had to talk to one. Not the few girls that he hung out with, Hilde and her friends, but someone like Margie.

He was hanging out at Hilde’s house one night, while her Mom was at work.

“Margie asked me to ask you to the party that she and Lenard are throwing next weekend,” she had said.

“Yeah, ah OK, I guess I could go, you’ll be there, right?”

“Yeah, I’m going, Beth wants me to come.”

Beth was Margie’s little sister, she was a flirt of major proportion, physically the opposite of Margie, she was what was referred to as being built like a brick shit house. Though younger, she was more outgoing, and would flash her enormous breasts at him every chance she got. For some reason her flirtation embarrassed him only mildly.

Now Lenard, that was something else, quarterback of the football team, brown belt in Karate and, of course, Margie’s boyfriend. He envied Lenard.


Kelly stood in the driveway beside his motorcycle, pulled out a cigarillo, lit it up. His hands were shaking uncontrollably, he needed to steady his nerves.

Hilde came out the side door, headed up the drive to where he was smoking.

“Hey Kelly, I thought I heard you pull up.”

“Yeah. I thought I’d have a smoke before I came in. You want a puff?”

“Sure, you cold? You sure are shaking.”

“Ah, no. Just a little nervous. You know, I don’t like big crowds in small spaces.”

“Ok, well, why don’t we smoke something a little stronger, I brought a few joints with me,” whispered Hilde, as if there was a conspiracy going on.

“Yeah, I could use a toke right about now.”

They were passing the joint between them, when Beth sauntered out wearing very short jean shorts pulled up into her crotch, and her large breasts in a too small bikini top.

“Hey, let me have a toke!”

He passed her the joint, and stared a little longer than he should have.

“What? It’s hot out, you know you gotta show what you got, besides by the bulge in your jeans I’d say you were enjoying it,” flirted Beth.

He blushed a bright crimson, she could do that to him, but he could not think of anything witty to say in return.

“Margie’s been asking about you,” Beth said with seductive mirth in her voice.

“Yeah, OK, I guess it’s time to go in.”

Hilde flicked the stub of the blunt into the hedge by the front of house and they all went inside.

“Let’s go downstairs and I’ll introduce you,” said Hilde.

“Ok, let’s go,” said Kelly with a tremble in his voice.

“You know she won’t bite you, at least on first meeting you.” whispered Hilde.

Hilde laughed at her own joke, took his hand and led him down the stairs. They threaded their way through the crowd, over to the bar in the corner.

“Margie, Lenard this is Kelly; Kelly, Margie and Lenard.”

With that Hilde turned and left him standing there. Margie locked her eyes on his like a cobra on its prey.

“Hi, here sit beside me. What can Lenard get you to drink?”

“Ah, a Southern Comfort, if you have it.”

“We do, Hilde told me you like Southern Comfort, so we bought some. Len, why don’t you get me one too.”

Lenard filled two glasses with ice and poured Southern Comfort into each, handing them to Margie. Then he grabbed a couple of beers, heading out into the room, leaving Margie and Kelly at the bar alone.

“So fatih escort what do you do, Kelly, for a living I mean.”

“Ah, I’m a mechanic’s apprentice, I work on cars.”

She placed her hand on his thigh, Kelly almost bolted from the room, he knew Beth was forward, so maybe it ran in the family. His breath was rasping out, he was almost hyperventilating, he couldn’t think. Was she talking to him?


“I just asked if your drink was OK?”

“Oh, yeah, yeah it’s good.”

Kelly took a big gulp of his drink, and almost choked. He had been drinking since he was fifteen, was used to the liquid’s harsh burn. He didn’t like beer, he found it to be too bitter, after a couple of shots it was OK, it did last longer then a shot.

Margie slid her hand higher up on his thigh, brushing her finger against his balls. No, he just imagined that, she hadn’t really just stroked his balls.

“How you two doing?” asked Len as he returned to the bar.

Kelly spewed Southern Comfort out his nose, it burned so bad his eyes teared up.

“You OK,” asked Len with real concern in his voice.

“Yeah, yeah,” croaked Kelly. “Just went down the wrong pipe, I’m good.”

Kelly looked at Margie, her eyes were smiling back at him. God, he must be imagining this, her boyfriend is right across the bar. Margie’s hand grabbed his now erect cock under the bar, Kelly almost fell off the bar stool.

“Lenard just came into some money, he’s opening that new clothing boutique down at the mall. You have to come by for the grand opening next week.” Margie said as she stroked his cock through his jeans.

“Uh, yeah I guess we could come by,” implying that he would bring Hilde with him.

Margie smiled at him, a twinkle in her eye.

“Uh, I gotta go out have a smoke, it’s really hot in here,” he said.

Kelly headed out to the back patio, the cooler air of the evening felt good, as well as not having his hard-on stroked in front of this girl’s boyfriend. Was this really happening, on the one hand Margie, fucking Margie, was stroking his dick under the bar, on the other if Lenard caught on Kelly would be dead meat. He was so turned on.

He pulled out a cigarillo, lit it with his Zippo, taking a long hard drag. He choked as the screen door slid open and Margie stepped out closing the door behind her.

“Hi, you OK?” she asked innocently.

“Um, I’m not sure, ah just hot.”

“I’ll say you are.”

She came over and pushed him against the house, he almost came in his pants. He had never had a women be so aggressive with him, it turned him on so much, his cock was throbbing in his pants. She kissed him, driving her tongue between his lips, teasingly stroking his tongue with hers. He was not without sexual experience, he had been whacking off to smut since he was twelve. Oui, Playboy, Penthouse. Variations was his favorite, especially the letters. This was totally something else, he had never been with a girl, in the biblical sense. He, for all his bravado, was still a virgin.

She unzipped his jeans, and had his cock out in the breeze before he could object. He looked down into her eyes and groaned, he was so hard, she could hardly get her tiny hand around his cock.

“Oh you’re sooo big, wow,” she breathed.

He never thought of himself as more than average, had never seen a real cock other then his own. Well, he had seen the guys in the shower at school, but nobody had a hard-on. He had no real comparison, nothing to tell him if he really was big or not. He had watched porn, his cock was about the size of the average porn star. Now this girl was telling him he was enormous, and she seemed to truly mean it.

Kelly’s mind snapped back to reality, Margie was jerking him off in the back yard of her parents’ house, while a party was going on inside, not only that but Lenard her BOYFRIEND was in there too.

Kelly came, suddenly shooting a stream of cum across the lawn, he spurted more and more as Margie continued milking. Looking into his eyes, she smiled at his reaction, he leaned into the wall and groaned. She stood on tiptoe, kissing him full on the mouth, with her tongue.

She tilted his head down so she could look in his deep blue eyes. Pulling her hand from his cock, she licked the cum off her fingers. He groaned again, it was so fucking sexy. She tucked his cock back into his pants and led Kelly back into the party. He followed her around like a lost puppy all night, he would do anything for this girl. He even forgot about Lenard for awhile. When the night ended, he didn’t want to leave.

In the driveway Margie, kissed him goodnight, turned and went back into her parents’ house, to help Len clean up.

Hilde approached him. “Wanna go out to the highway and get a coffee at that 24 hour joint?”

“Yeah, sure I’ll meet you out there.”

Beth stuck her head out the door. “Where are you guys going? Can I come too?”

Hilde and Beth headed out toward the highway in Hilde’s old Ford, Kelly followed on his Honda. The cool night air felt istanbul escort good on his face. It was the beginning of a summer of promise, or so he hoped.

They got coffees and took over the booth in the front corner window. Kelly got up, jammed a quarter in the jukebox, selected his two favorite songs, ‘Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress’ and ‘Woman from Tokyo.’ He sat back down between Hilde and Beth. Beth grabbed his cock and gave it a squeeze.

“Hey! What’re you doing?” Kelly asked.

“Just grabbing some of what my sister had,” said Beth

“You’re pathetic!” Hilde scowled at Kelly.

Kelly’s head jerked, he could see the green eyed monster in her eyes, she was jealous of what her friend had done.

“What the fuck are you thinking, playing grab ass with Margie while Len was right there?” Hilde was pissed. “Then you follow her around like her puppy for the rest of the night.”

“It was that obvious?” Kelly blushed.

“Yeah, it was that fucking obvious,” Hilde fumed.

“But I didn’t do anything, she groped me.” He knew as the words came out of his mouth that he was pathetic.

“I don’t want to talk about it any more, you piss me off!”

Hilde got up and walked out.

“I better go with her, she’s my ride,” Beth said softly seeing the tear in Kelly’s eye.

Kelly grabbed his coffee and went out to where his bike was. He lit up a cigarillo, maybe tonight wasn’t such a good idea, but it wasn’t his idea. He got played, and he didn’t even know what the game was. Margie had come after him, it had turned him on so much, she had made the first move. She asked nothing from him and that’s what blew his mind.

He didn’t hear Hilde walk up and stand beside him. He saw her out of the corner of his eye.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t plan this, she came on to me. I couldn’t say no.”

“Typical guy, grab his dick and his brain falls out,” huffed Hilde.

At least she didn’t sound as pissed as she had been.

“What’s her game, I mean she invited me, right? She must have planned this, what game is she playing?”

“I don’t know. You want a blunt? I’ve got one left.” Hilde changed the subject.

“Yeah, OK, if you’re not too pissed at me.”

“Nah. I’m really pissed at Margie, not so much you, but you’re here and she’s not.”


The next week Kelly went looking for a car for the summer, he found a red MGB GT in the paper. He got home from work one day and his Mom said;

“You got a call from a Sargent Ben McClusky of the RCMP today.”

“What! He say what he wanted?” asked Kelly.

“It was about a car you called about.”

“Oh, oh, OK. He leave a number?”

“It’s by the phone.”

Kelly went over to look at the car, a 73 MGB GT, red with a dark blue interior and wire wheels. For the second time this summer, he fell in love, had to have this car. They came to an agreement and the car was his. He called Hilde to be sure she would be home later so he could show it off to her.

About seven he drove up to Hilde’s house, he was so excited. He took Hilde out for a ride, they ended up out by the highway in the 24 hour coffee shop.

“So what do think!” Kelly asked.

“It’s great, yeah, really great,” Hilde said.

“What’s going on? You don’t sound right.”

“I’m not, Margie called me. She wants to come over to my place so she can meet with you.”

“You’re not good with that, are you?”

He knew the answer before he asked the question. Why would Hilde hook them up? She had been so pissed after the party.

“Yeah! So anyway, come over about seven, Margie, Beth and I will be waiting. Oh and bring a bottle with you.”


He wasn’t sure what was going on, he was sure Hilde didn’t want this, why would she agree?


Kelly knocked on the door, Hilde let him in, the girls were laughing, watching TV.

“Hey, what’s going on?” asked Kelly.

“Sit here, beside me,” invited Margie.

“Let me get a glass so I can get a drink, anyone else want one?” Kelly asked.

“Mix mine with Coke,” said Margie.

“We got beer!” the other two girls shouted.

Kelly decided to make his with Coke as well, he wouldn’t get drunk too fast that way. He handed Margie her Southern Comfort and Coke, sat beside her on the couch. She immediately put her hand on his crotch and groped him. He was hard in an instant, he couldn’t help himself, but he did manage to stifle the moan that almost came out. His breathing was ragged, his mind short circuited. Hilde and Beth just stared. Margie left her hand in his lap, toying with him.

“Um. Did you want to see my new car? Well new to me anyway.”

“Yeah, let’s go,” said Margie

“I get to go for a drive first,” said Beth.

Kelly took Beth out for her drive first, he made it short, but not so short that Beth would complain.

“I thought your eyes were going to blow out of your head, when she grabbed you,” said Beth.

“You think this is funny?” he asked her.

“Yeah I do, she has you wrapped around her finger.”

“She kağıthane escort does not!” He didn’t sound too convincing.

Kelly dropped off Beth and Margie climbed in beside him. They took off down the road, heading out of town.

“That’s the last we’ll see of them for couple of hours.” said Beth.

“Yeah,” complained Hilde.

“Hey you didn’t have to hook her up, you know. She has you wrapped around her finger,” replied Beth.


They pulled into a secluded bush by the airport, Kelly shut the engine off.

“Wanna smoke a joint?” he asked.

“I want to smoke your joint,” she said with a smile.

“Not what I meant.”

“I know,” she smiled again.

Kelly lit the smoke and handed it to her, she took a couple long tokes and handed it back to him. He took a long drag on the joint, she grabbed his cock hard, he coughed and sputtered, choking on the smoke. He was rock hard in a instant, he couldn’t think straight. He took another drag on the joint, hoping it might clear his brain, it didn’t. Ahhh — why was she doing this to him? He wanted her so bad he could taste it, but this was so wrong, on so many levels. She kissed him, a long, deep, probing kiss, he was hers, he would do whatever she wanted.

Margie pulled her top off, stepped out of the car, pulling her jeans off and sat back beside him totally naked. His eyes just about left him, she was more gorgeous than in his imagination, and he a had a good imagination. Her pert breasts had pink nipples that stood out in the cool air. Her body was slim, sexy, her muff, trimmed, soft, silky. Her hand found his pants, pulling his erect cock out, then reached in for his balls. His pants were tight around the base of his cock, his balls resting on top of his jeans. She started to jerk him off.

Her tiny hand slowly pumped his cock up and down. She looked deep into his eyes, enjoying the reaction she was getting. She lowered her mouth on the tip and licked, running her tongue through his pee hole. He squirmed in his seat, but in the tight confines of the MG he couldn’t get away from her assault on his cock.

Kelly reached across her back, turn around was fair play, he dipped his hand between her legs, sliding a finger between her moist lips. She moaned into the head of his dick, started pumping him faster, licking and sucking the tip of his cock, so it was his turn to moan. He slid the tip of his finger up to her clit and gently rolled it around, she was soon swooning, moaning on his dick, sending shock waves through him. He upped the attack on her clit, she screamed as she came, then Kelly screamed. She bit him, but he got her back, he came on her face.

Kelly pulled the tissue box from behind the seat, handing her some tissue to wipe her face off. Margie started to laugh, he laughed too.

“I want to make love to you,” Kelly whispered.

“No, I can’t, I’m not on the pill,” she said.

Kelly groaned, he didn’t have a condom.

“We need to get back, let me get dressed.”


“You’re an idiot, you know, how could you?” Hilde was screaming at him. “You were gone two hours, you fucker.”

If only she knew how right she was.

“Hey you set this up, I still don’t know what’s going on, but she turns my brain to mush, I’d do anything she asked.”

“Aaaahhhh! You guys are all the same, a girl touches your cock and your brain goes crazy.”

“Sorry,” he didn’t know what else to say.

They sat there in silence, sipping their drinks, she a beer, he straight Southern Comfort. He squirmed in the seat beside her. It was good that she didn’t know exactly what had happened, she suspected but didn’t know for sure.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” Kelly asked.

“I don’t know. Call me.”

“Ok, I’ll see you,” he said meekly


Kelly didn’t go out for a couple of days, he had called Hilde, but she was still pissed, so he stayed away.

On Thursday he got a call from Grey’s brother.

“Hey, what’s going on?” asked Kelly

“I’m supposed to give you a message,” answered Bruce.

“A message? From who?”

“Margie wants you to drop by the school tomorrow at lunch, if you can.”

“Uh, sure, why did she ask you to call me?”

“We have the same last period, she knew Grey had your number, she couldn’t ask him for it.”

“Ok, well if you see her tell her I’ll be at the bar across the street, and Bruce, thanks.”


Margie sat beside him at the bar. He poured her a margarita from the pitcher he had ordered. He had lied to his boss, said he was feeling sick, it was going to cost him half a day, but what the hell. They ordered a couple of burgers, and by the time they were done he was feeling high, without the pot, she made him so happy.

They left the bar and went shopping. Shopping, he hated shopping. He would do anything for this girl, even kill if she asked him to.

She bought him a new tee shirt, for herself a new summer dress and a pair of “come fuck me heels” that she modeled for him. Deep down he knew she was buying them for Lenard, “What the hell am I doing?” he thought. She smiled at him and his brain melted.

He took her back to school, Lenard would pick her up in twenty minutes. She kissed him passionately, groping his cock, stroking it through his jeans. He was so turned on again.

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